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  • - News sources have announced the possibility of launching an augmented reality headset by 2024 by Google

    The virtual reality augmented hardware market, which is booming with Meta, along with Microsoft and Apple, has not seen a serious presence from Google (at least in recent years). Now, the website The Verge announced on Thursday, January 20, this year (December 30, 1400) that Google will release an AR headset. According to two informed sources who did not want to be named, the American search giant

  • - App Annie announces: $ 170 billion in revenue for apps in 2021

    On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, the App Annie Research Institute released its comprehensive report on the 2021 mobile app market. The report - published under the title State of Mobile 2022 - shows interesting statistics on mobile applications, including the cost and time spent by users for applications, the number of downloads and their growth rate. It is now a few days since the beginning of 202

  • - Introduction to UltraRAM - RAM and storage integration technology

    Researchers at the Department of Engineering and Physics at the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom published an article on January 5, 1400, detailing the mass production of UltraRAM and the innovations that have taken place. This group of researchers has been working on this new type of memory for several years, and it seems that now with the achievement of a complete solution, it is po

  • - Introducing Honor Magic V - the world's first clamshell phone with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor

    According to the pre-arranged schedule, Honor Company unveiled its first clamshell phone called Honor Magic V on Monday, January 10, 2021 (December 20, 1400) during an online event in China; This phone has a book form and it should be placed in the line of phones such as Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G, Xiaomi Mix Fold, Oppo Find N and Huawei Mate X2, which have more similarities to the last one, the Huaw

  • - Introducing the GT2 relay with Snapdragon 888 and the flagship GT 2 Pro relay phone with SD 8 Gen 1 mobile platform

    After a long wait and during the first conference to introduce its product on Tuesday, January 4, this year (December 14, 1400), the Rilemi brand unveiled the GT2 series smartphones. The set, which includes the GT2 and GT 2 Pro, is equipped with advanced Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors and a 5,000 mAh battery, respectively. The two-color design of these two smartphones, like the t

  • - CES 2022 - Introducing the Nokia C100 and C200 along with the Nokia G100 and Nokia G400

    HMD Global, the franchisee of the Nokia brand, unveiled four new handsets in the C and G series during CES 2022 in Las Vegas, USA; These four models include the Nokia C100 and Nokia C200 along with the Nokia G100 and Nokia G400. The first three models in this family, the C200, C100 and G100, as their name suggests, are at the bottom of the market, but the fourth model, the G400, with its 120Hz dis

  • - The Wall Street Journal: Semiconductor industry manpower crisis exacerbates global chip shortage

    Analyzes show that there is no prospect or even a sign that the global chip shortage will stop or decrease in the near future, and that the situation is getting worse. According to experts, the lack of qualified manpower, especially skilled engineers to design new chips and solve the problem of producing advanced products, is one of the reasons for the lack of resources needed in this industry. Th

  • - Doctors talk about the Apple Watch's shortcomings in becoming a

    The Apple Watch, or Apple Watch, which was once marketed as an assistant for the iPhone and a fancy accessory, has now (at least in Apple's view) become more of a health-tracking tool, with the Apple Watch 6 Series and later Apple The 7 Series Watch has features such as height detection, pedometer and heart rate monitor, the ability to measure blood oxygen or VO2 Max, and most interestingly, all E

  • - Bloomberg: Apple hires Meta Public Relations Manager and launches AR & VR headset

    Rumors have long been circulating about Apple's design and production of augmented and virtual reality headsets as part of the company's mixed-reality product line, and now speculation about the introduction of hardware tools in this area in The year 2022 has become more colorful. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the American supercomputer has taken new steps in this direction before the

  • - Introducing iQOO U5 - Vivo 5G mid-range with Snapdragon 695 processor and 50-megapixel camera

    Vivo's iQOO subsidiary, which unveiled the Neo5S and Neo 5SE corners a few days ago, has now unveiled a new phone called the iQOO U5, which ranks low or, in the most optimistic case, low in the middle. The U5 should be considered an updated version of the iQOO U3x, which was released in March 2021 with the same display and battery similar to the U5. The phone, of course, uses the Snapdragon 480 5G

  • - Microsoft at the heart of portable games: Android games on Windows 10 and 11, bargaining with Apple over Xbox

    The ability to install Android apps was one of the most exciting news announced when Windows 11 was introduced in June 2021. This feature, which of course was not possible with the Play Store, but with the Amazon Store, apart from Android applications, also provided access to the games of this operating system, making Windows 11 a more exciting option than its predecessor. Now, during the Game Awa

  • - Nikkei Asia: iPhone production stopped for the first time in more than a decade!

    At the beginning of October, when most parts of China stopped working for the Golden Week holiday, the situation was reversed in Apple product lines, and factories such as Foxconn, Pagatron and the like went into overtime and shifts to speed up production of Apple's latest iPhone. The clock is ticking. This year, however, not only is there no overtime, but the workers are on leave! For the first t

  • - Revolution in DNA Storage - Storing All Internet Information in a Shoe Box!

    Magnetic data storage devices, which are used in a wide range of applications today, have a long history, but do not occupy a high position in terms of durability and strength. Researchers are now talking about using a new method for one of the most advanced methods of information storage, namely DNA storage, which could change the future of the industry; Storing information in the form of DNA mol

  • - Xiaomi 11T Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Less than a month ago, Xiaomi unveiled two new high-end phones, the Xiaomi 11T and the Xiaomi 11T Pro; These two flagship phones have undergone changes compared to their previous counterparts, the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro, although not all of these changes (at least at first glance) seem in favor of the 11T and 11T Pro. Of course, these two models have close similarities, but there are some small and b