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  • - Galaxy A52s 5G - Samsung's new smartphone with Snapdragon 778G mobile platform and 25-watt charger

    On Tuesday, August 17, 2021 (August 26, 1400), Samsung officially unveiled a new member of the Galaxy A family in the upper middle class. Called the Galaxy A52s 5G, this is the new version of the Galaxy A52 5G, which was introduced in March of this year alongside the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72. In fact, the Korean giant has made three changes to the new phone by adding the s extension, one to upgra

  • - Video review and a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

    Samsung A52 5G is currently considered one of the most popular and popular fifth generation phones on the market; Compared to its numerous competitors, the model offers unparalleled superiority in a few special cases, and at least on sample paper it looks full of possibilities. Among the very positive and rare points of this phone, first of all, we should mention the 120Hz Super AMOLED full HD dis

  • - Comparison of Galaxy A51 and A52 - a difference beyond two generations

    The Galaxy A51 is one of Samsung's most popular and popular phones of 2020, and its popularity continues after nearly a year and a half of its presence in the market. In March 2021, the family introduced a new dual in the A52 series, which differed significantly from previous members of the Samsung A5x series. In addition to changes in design and appearance, the A52 series also comes with signific

  • - Introducing the Samsung Galaxy A52 in two screens, 4G and 5G along with the Galaxy A72

    On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, Samsung unveiled three new mid-range A-series intermediates, all of which were featured in unconfirmed news and information from the company several days ago. The Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G, along with the Galaxy A72, are three of Samsung's new products, all of which are in the mid-range, regardless of connectivity options, and more than their predecessors, the Gala