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  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the Samsung Galaxy M22 with a 90Hz OLED display, 5,000 5,000mAh battery and Helio G80 processor

    Samsung has quietly unveiled the new Galaxy M22 on its German website on Tuesday, September 14, 2021; The M22, which should be considered a sequel to Samsung's previous Galaxy M21, is still a mid-range model with acceptable features such as a large OLED display, a relatively high-resolution camera and a large battery, which also bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy A22. The only noticeable d

  • mobiletony.com - Counterpoint Forecast: Apple to Hold One-Third of 5G Phone Market in Fourth Quarter 2021

    The 12 Series iPhones were the first fifth-generation iPhones and accounted for a significant portion of the 5G device market. Now, estimates suggest that Apple will be able to capture a third of the fifth-generation smartphone market alone after the release of the iPhone 13 series. Counterpoint Research, which was recently published on the institute's website, expects the total number of iPhones

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the Galaxy Wide5 - Samsung's economical smartphone with Dimensity 700 and 6 GB of RAM

    Samsung Electronics recently unveiled the Galaxy Wide5 smartphone on Friday, September 10 this year (September 19, 1400), which is currently to be launched in South Korea with SK Telecome operator. According to Bluetooth certifications, this model will probably be offered in other countries with names such as Galaxy F42 5G and Galaxy Buddy. The Galaxy Wide5 is an affordable phone with a large 6.6-

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing 20 R 5G - The fifth generation TCL phone with Dimensity 700

    TCL unveiled the TCL 20 series handsets earlier this year with the introduction of the TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE during CES 2021. The Chinese company has since added several other smartphones, including TCL 20L, TCL 20S, TCL 20 Pro 5G and + TCL 20L, to the product portfolio of this series, and on Tuesday, September 7, this year (September 16, 1400) in complete news silence Has introduced a new membe

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the vivo X70 Pro with a Snapdragon 888 + processor and a new V1 video signal processor

    Vivo also unveiled the advanced X70 Pro + flagship on Thursday, September 9, 2021 (September 18, 1400) at the same time as introducing the vivo X70 and vivo X70 Pro mid-range handsets; Unlike the other two models, the X70 Pro is equipped with the most advanced processing solution on the market today, the Snapdragon 888 + processor, and also features Vivo's new Video Signal Processor (ISP) called t

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the vivo X70 and X70 Pro - Vivo Advanced Flagships with Improved Cameras and the Continuation of Zeiss

    In December of last year, Vivo unveiled two flagship smartphones, the X60 and X60 Pro, which, apart from all the advanced features in the series, appeared different from other German products in the field of cameras in collaboration with the German company Zeiss. The series was unveiled last January + vivo X60 Pro and now on Thursday, September 9, 2021 (September 18, 1400) the second generation of

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing Realme 8s 5G and Realme 8i intermediates with a beating heart of MediaTek

    On Thursday, September 9, 2021 (September 18, 1400), the Riley brand unveiled two new handsets, Realme 8s 5G and Realme 8i, both of which belong to the middle of the market, but the former, according to its name, supports the 5G network and has higher specifications. . Both phones come with MediaTek processors, and a massive 5,000mAh battery is another common denominator between the two. The Realm

  • mobiletony.com - Counterpoint announces: MediaTek the largest chipset supplier in the second quarter of 2021

    Last year, when it was announced that MediaTek had achieved for the first time in history as the largest supplier of smartphone chipsets, the Taiwanese company made headlines in technology news circles. The growing trend of MediaTek shows that this success was not accidental. A report released by the Counterpoint Research Institute on Monday, September 6, 2021, states that MediaTek, with a 43% sha

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the Red Magic 6S Pro Nubia gaming phone with Snapdragon +888 and 720Hz touch sampling rate

    In March of this year, Nubia unveiled the Red Magic 6 series gaming handsets as the first devices with a 165Hz display upgrade rate. The brand later introduced the Red Magic 6R gaming phone, which looked more common than the Red Magic 6 series, but still had some interesting features. Nubia recently unveiled a new gaming phone called the Red Magic 6S Pro on Monday, September 6, with a Snapdragon 8

  • mobiletony.com - Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Xiaomi's Redmi Note series has been offering ideal value-for-money over the past few years, and this situation has been repeated this year (despite the confusing entries) for the Note 10 collection. Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of the most attractive phones in this series, which was introduced in March 2021 along with three other models, namely Note 10, Note 10S and Note 10 5G. The Redmi Note 10 Pro w

  • mobiletony.com - CINNO Research report on the Chinese smartphone market in July 2021 - Honor climbed to third place

    The ChinaDaily news website published a report on the state of the Chinese smartphone market in July 2021 on Monday, August 30, 2021. According to the report - compiled by CINNO Research - in July 2021, the supply of smartphones in the Chinese market grew by 28.6% year on year to 28.68 million devices. One of the highlights of this report is the development of the Honor brand. According to CINNO R

  • mobiletony.com - IDC Forecasts for Global Smartphone Market - More than Twice as iOS Grows Android 2021

    IDC Analytical Portal in its latest report on the global smartphone market, published on Monday, August 30, 2021 (September 8, 1400) has announced a forecast of 7.4% growth of this market by the end of 2021; According to IDC, although the current supply chain situation has not changed significantly, the smartphone market has shown positive signs in recent seasons, and it can be announced that grow

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the FFALCON Thunderbird FF1, a joint product of TCL and Huawei!

    The TCL brand, which is mainly known as one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, joined the ranks of smartphone manufacturers almost two years ago with the introduction of Plex, officially and independently; The company, of course, had already experienced this situation to some extent with the privileges of brands such as Alcatel and BlackBerry, and the introduction of Plex and then the T

  • mobiletony.com - Introducing the Moto G50 5G - an affordable Motorola Dimensity 700 smartphone

    In late March of this year, Motorola introduced a low-cost smartphone called the Moto G50, equipped with fifth-generation communications. The company has now unveiled a new smartphone called Moto G50 5G for the Australian market on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (September 3, 1400). The phone is very similar to the Moto G50 in terms of screen size and resolution, battery and main camera resolution, an