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    Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals
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    The importance of the Poco brand in Xiaomi products is growing every moment; Where, after a stormy start with the Poco F1 in 2018 and a year of silence thereafter, Poco has returned to the competition this time as an independent brand with good-looking models in the X, M and F series. Poco X3 Pro is one of the most popular and affordable products of this brand, which despite the absence of 5G, relying on more than expected items such as Qualcomm 8 series processor, large 120Hz screen, high internal memory and bulky battery with fast charge, attracted many fans. Has attracted itself. This time, we will review the views of reputable technology sites about this model and its strengths and weaknesses.  Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals Android Central

    "There is no other phone in this category that comes close to the performance figures of the X3 Pro," it said. In short, this [phone] is one of the best cheap Android phones you can get. "

     Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Android Central has summarized the pros and cons of this phone in the following cases: 33 watts

    + Leading performance in this class

    + Bright 120Hz LCD screen

    + Stereo sound, 3.5mm headset jack

    + IP53 resistance to water splashing

    - Too big and heavy

    - No NFC (on some versions of the device)

    The main camera of the device mentions a balanced dynamic range and accurate colors in sufficient light and acceptable performance in low light, but with little detail and excessive image processing. Android Central puts the phone below the camera of the Redmi Note 10 Pro and Poco X3, and considers the lack of support for 4K resolution at 60 frames per second when shooting video as another negative point in this regard.


    In a monotonous review, the Poco X3 Pro is a reasonably priced gaming monster, and the author mentions it as the best gaming phone for its impressive price, with a sharp, smooth screen whose camera is impressed by the price of the device. Is.

    Repeater in the positive and negative points of this model has mentioned the following:

    + Excellent performance in the game

    + High battery life

    + 120Hz impressive display

    - Relatively weak camera

    - Absence of 5G

    - Large and heavy Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Duplicate specifically for the camera "The performance of the Poco X-Tri Pro main camera is significantly worse than some of its alternatives, including the Poco X3 NFC and the Redmi Note 10 Pro," it said. Decreased image texture details, worse contrast tonnage in the middle colors, and overuse of noise reduction algorithms, which also obscure the original details, are other negative points mentioned by the monotone about the phone's main camera. The sharpness of the images is low and they have moved towards softness, which has been exacerbated in the ultraviolet camera. Tech Adviser

    Tech Advisor At the beginning of its review, while introducing the Poco X3 Pro as a more powerful version of "last year's great Poco X3 NFC", Tech Adviser raises the question of whether this will add more power to the best budget phone. Will it change this year? From a single Advisor perspective, the Poco X3 Pro is an economical choice for Android gamers or high-power users; Where we find the processing power close to the flagship category in one of the cheapest phones on the market. It's a big, bulky phone, and its camera isn't great, but it's still amazing that Xiaomi has introduced this model.

    The pros and cons of this model from the point of view of a single adjuster include the following:

    + Excellent performance

    + Large 120 Hz display

    + Highly durable battery

    - Large and bulky

    - No 5G

    - Medium camera Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Single Advisor about the main camera of this phone "The main camera is not bad if we are fair," he says. "The lower resolution and smaller size of the sensor are ineffective to the extent of the improved f/1.8 aperture, and in daylight, [the camera] results are honestly excellent." Tech Advisor complained about the lack of OIS in the main camera, but was pleased with the bright colors and image detail of the tool. In low light, according to the media, the camera shows its limitations, details and sharpness are reduced, and a noticeable fading will be visible in the image. Nightmare is helping to improve the situation, but it is still lower than the results of its peers.

    Android Authority

    Android Authority introduces Poco X3 Pro in its article title as a Power packed, but no all-rounder product with a major focus on performance and hardware performance Located and the share of the rest is quite small. Describing the X3 Pro, the Authority says: "The Poco X3 Pro has delivered on its promise to deliver impressive performance without incurring high costs, although certain sacrifices have been made to achieve this goal. "This [model] is still a great choice for aspiring mobile gamers and power enthusiasts [high-hardware], but it may be considered by most buyers [as a model] focused on one aspect." Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    The positive and negative points of this phone Android Authority tips are summarized as follows:

    + Excellent performance

    + Extraordinary battery life

    + Low price

    - Cameras Inconsistent [with the whole phone class]

    - Unrealistic design taken from others

    in the eyes of the Android Authority despite the switch from 64 and 13 megapixel cameras (original and The ultraviolet present in the regular Poco X3 to the 48- and 8-megapixel cameras in the X3 Pro has saved Xiaomi costs, but in reality, this change has not led to a big difference in the final results. The author of the Android Authority review considers the images obtained from the Poco X3 Pro camera to be in line with the Poco X3, and at the same time does not consider these images to be the "most stable" and best results. Excessive color saturation, especially in blue and red, and the involvement of the image processing mechanism in sharpening the sharpness and contrast are the other two negative points mentioned in relation to the performance of the Poco X3 Pro main camera against the Android Authority.

    Unlike other media outlets, this media outlet is satisfied with the performance of the main camera indoors and in low light environments, and speaks of more control over noise in these conditions, although it further emphasizes that by examining more closely the negative effect of a powerful mechanism Noise reduction is clearly visible in the image.

    Android Police

    In the article Android Police, which is a different review based on a long-term use of the quarter, the processing power of this device is emphasized again and it is mentioned as the most powerful phone in this category. "The Poco X3 Pro may not follow the same naming procedure, but it's the real successor to the F1 we've all been waiting for," Android Police said of the phone. "Everything [about the X3 Pro] is about [processing] power, and the Snapdragon 860 [at the top of this model] manages to beat phones that have much higher prices." According to this media, not everything is positive about the X3 Pro and there are some negative points in its structure, but these negative points are not enough to dissuade people interested in high specifications from making this model. Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    points positive and negative This phone is summarized in the following points of Android Police:

    + Good performance thanks to Snapdragon 860

    + Durable battery lasting more than one day

    + Supports 26-watt battery charge based on USB-PD technology

    + 120Hz display with 240Hz touch sampling rate

    + Presence of 3.5mm headset jack and infrared port

    - Medium cameras

    - High volume

    Android Police says about the quality of the main camera of this phone: "48-megapixel camera images are quite good in daylight scenarios. There's really good dynamic range on the screen, and there's a lot of detail. It does a remarkable job of recognizing even the edges when taking [portrait] portraits. Reproduction of color tends to be saturated, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Night images are decent, but the Poco X3 Pro reduces noise so aggressively that it reduces [also] detail. " In describing this model, the media introduces it as similar to the Xiaomi Redmi series with excellent price-performance ratio, with a fast Snapdragon processor, a 6.7-inch IPS display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, RAM 6 And 128 GB of UFS 3.1 memory is in the top position. Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals. This, of course, does not mean giving up the rest, and the IPS display with high refresh rate, quad-camera layout, good RAM and memory, and high battery capacity prove it. </p> <p> The pros and cons of this model from the Czech notebook point of view include: </p> <p> + powerful Snapdragon 860 processor </p> <p> + 120Hz IPS display </p> <p> + High battery life </p> <p> + Fast UFS 3.1 memory </p> <p> + Good images of the main 48-megapixel camera in daylight </p> <p> - Low quality 2-megapixel macro images Due to low resolution </p> <p> - Lack of 5G </p> <p> - OLED Lack of display technology </p> <p> The Czech notebook media comment on the camera performance of this phone is as follows: Pocket-lint

    The Envelope article on the Poco X3 Pro raises the question of whether being bigger means being better. To create a great attraction. But the X3 Pro, according to Pocket-Lint, is in some respects inferior to its competitors, including software and user interface, and of course the size and weight of the device. Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    In the conclusion section of this media, Poco X3 Pro Suitable for users who are looking for high battery life and do not care about the size of the device and the lack of 5G.

    The pros and cons of this model from the point of view of Pocket-Lint media include the following:

    + Ensure smooth operation with Snapdragon 860

    + 5G option does not affect battery life due to its absence in this phone

    + High battery life in the distance between each charge

    + Experience a large screen

    + Cheap price range

    - Larger and heavier than the specs of the device

    - Somewhat undesirable design

    - Normal cameras

    - No 5G connection

    - Software problems, especially with program notifications

    Envelope- Lint considers the quality of the main camera of the phone in the default resolution of 12 megapixels to be relatively suitable in various situations, including in night mode, and speaks about the usefulness and limitations of the 8-megapixel ultraviolet camera, which is quite expected in this price range. It is considered normal.

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