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    Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals
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    The new generation of 5G smartphones is slowly conquering the mobile market at all price levels from low-cost models to advanced flagships. Some of these models have been distinguished from others by relying on specifications that are sometimes only seen in high-end handsets, and have attracted the attention of a wide range of buyers. Xiaomi Poco F3 is one of these phones, which is one of the most popular mid-range smartphones in the Iranian domestic market with its 120Hz AMOLED display, Snapdragon 870 processor and fast and bulky internal memory. This time, we will review the views of reputable technology sites about this model and its strengths and weaknesses.  Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals Techradar

    "The Poco F3, with its class-leading performance, a super-bright display, and a neat and tidy design, may force you to ignore [the search for [flagships]," the media outlet said. New] in the near future. "Only a mediocre camera and common MIUI problems threaten a great deal." Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Repeatedly summarizes the pros and cons of Poco F3 as follows:


    + Excellent processing performance in this class

    + Sturdy and first-class construction

    - MIUI is full of negative and annoying points

    - Medium camera

    - Lack of wireless charging

    Sony's 48-megapixel IMX582 camera performance is a bit disappointing, where despite the "ok" results, the image quality It does not match what the other components of this phone create in mind. According to the media, the main camera images of the day are suitable with good lighting and resistance to unrealistic color enhancements, and its artificial intelligence or AI mechanism also seems satisfactory in some situations. Comparing the F3 with the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, the Detective speaks of less detail in the Poco, and its HDR performance is not well defined. The phone's 8-megapixel ultraviolet camera performs poorly in the eyes of this medium, and ranks low due to overly soft subjects and unrealistic colors.

    Tech Adviser

    Tech Advisor has started talking about this phone in such a way that F3 presents the Poco brand as an undeniable power in the middle class, but some negative points prevent the absolute superiority of this practice. They bring. The media introduces the F3 as one of the best mid-range phones available right now, but the issue of battery life and UI problems slightly diminishes the sweetness of the deal.

     Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Tak Advisor summarizes the pros and cons of this phone in the following cases Is:

    + Superb performance

    + Excellent OLED display

    + Stunning cameras

    - Disappointing battery life

    - MIUI UI Problems

    The author of the Poco F3 review in Single Advisor, unlike the duplicate media, is satisfied with the quality of the main camera of the phone and says about it: "Generally, the images I took with the Poco F3 are very They were impressive. The phone performs perfectly well, especially in landscape subjects, and offers excellent dynamic range and vivid colors. "This is where the ultraviolet lens specializes, although it [the camera] is also useful in a variety of situations." Tech Advisor is also pleased with the camera's night mode, and finds its performance in "turning a very dark subject into something more useful" acceptable. Pocket-lint

    According to the author of the Poco F3 review on the Pocket-lint site, which has the caption "Exciting phone at a great price" on it, finding a prominent and different mobile phone these days is a rarity. It seems that Poco F3 has succeeded in doing so. In describing this phone, Pocket-Lint mentions high speed, excellent screen, battery that lasts completely during the day and low price of the device, which from the author's point of view, nothing can be said better than them! Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    The pros and cons of Poco F3 Lints include:

    + Powerful processor that results in fast performance

    + Superb battery life

    + Large, bright flat screen

    + Low price as a key point in sales

    - The possibility of better cameras, especially ultraviolet camera

    - The presence of some strange points in the MIUI user interface, such as problems in announcing applications <"Even [the camera] is good considering the price of the F3," says Pakt-Lint in a review of F3 cameras. You certainly won't find the same quality you get in something like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Oppo Find X3 Pro, but the main camera in this three-camera structure on the back is too powerful to take sharp, crisp photos. Among the negative points mentioned in the article Pocket-Lint for the main camera in this phone, we should mention less light and more contrast when taking close-ups and close-ups and more color saturation when using artificial intelligence. From the media's point of view, the F3 main camera is not in the position of the best camera in this price range, and for example, it is lower than the OnePlus Nord CE. This camera does not provide realistic images and is lower than its competitors in terms of natural depth of field, however the Pocket-lint does not see it as a bad camera.

    Notebook Check

    The review of Notebook Check once again emphasizes the issue of high features and low price of the device, and this issue has been confirmed by choosing the title "Powerful smartphone with low price". "With the Poco F3, Xiaomi once again has a powerful smartphone in its portfolio that includes a fast Snapdragon processor, a bright AMOLED display, a powerful 5G battery and a triple camera set. Enjoys. However, the starting price of 350 euros [for this phone] is very small. "

     Xiaomi Poco F3 in The eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    The pros and cons of the Poco F3 from the point of view of the Czech notebook media include: p>

    + High battery life

    + 120Hz OLED display

    + 5G connection

    + High performance of the device for the price paid

    - Unsatisfactory quality of the camera set

    - Unspecified performance of the camera called telephoto-macro

    The Czech notebook refers to the Poco F3 main camera images in daylight as beautiful looking images, but He also sees the auto-sharpening process in it too. In the case of the ultraviolet camera, the media mentions the right details in the center of the image, which reduce their quality and sharpness by moving to the sides. The macro telephoto camera, which covers a large part of the space in the back, is useless, according to the author of the Czech notebook, because both zoom and macro capture are done with the main camera itself, and even when it is covered, there is no difference between the previous images. And then it will not be seen!

    Android Authority

    Android Authority article finds Poco F3 with amazing hardware that has been pulled down with low-level software; The idea is very similar to other media views on this phone. "The Poco F3 offers an incredible set of hardware for the low price you pay," says the Android Authority. However, all quality hardware in the world makes no sense if the software is not compatible with them, and this is what degrades the Poco F3 by one degree. Ultimately, this phone is for people who value processing power and display quality more than anything else. Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    The Android Authority article lists the pros and cons of this phone as follows:

    + Superb display

    + Powerful chipset in this price range

    + Sturdy build quality

    - Crowded software full of bugs and ads

    - Medium camera

    - Battery life could have been better

    Author Android Authority Poco F3 main camera as expected from a phone under $ 400, which is neither too great nor too He knows quite poorly and lowly. In the best light conditions, good results are obtained from this camera, and in lower than ideal conditions, we see poor images of this model. The performance of the main camera at night, even after activating Night mode, is not very great from the point of view of this media, and although we naturally face better conditions with Night Fashion, the amount of this improvement is not at a high level. From the Android Authority's point of view, the performance of the tele-macro camera is good in terms of detail (looking at the low resolution of this camera), and the results of the Ultraviolet camera, although not so bad, have lower color quality than the main camera.

    Trusted Reviews

    The author of the Trusted Review article at the beginning of the Poco F3 review raises the question of whether the F3 is the advanced mid-range phone that has long been sought after, with some flagship features in the presence of a low competitive price. Were you looking for it? "The Poco F3 is a great mobile phone by most standards, and it gets even better when you look at its low price tag," the model reads. The display of this jewelry model offers specifications that are rarely seen even in phones with double the price [of this phone], and the processor is not only powerful enough to perform any task, but also provides a 5G connection, preparing this phone for a little more durability in the future.

     Xiaomi Poco F3 in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Trusted Reviews categorizes the pros and cons of the Poco F3 as follows:

    + Excellent display

    + Powerful processor

    + Extraordinary value for money p>

    - Suitable but not great camera

    - Disappointing software

    In the description of the main camera of this phone, the phrase suitable but not great images is mentioned again; The author of the article considers the photos taken with the main camera to be bright and vivid, which have good details, but the level of these details does not exceed the usual. Images taken in low light in Night Mode have less radiation and light reflection, colors are recovered more than normal, and noise is reduced to a certain extent (not too much). The author of Trusted Reviews describes the Poco F3 triple cameras in three sentences: Proper main camera performance, lack of ultraviolet camera detail, and rarely useful macro camera.

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