• - Xiaomi bids farewell to the Mi brand after 10 years

    Xiaomi bids farewell to the Mi brand after 10 years

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    It's been nearly 10 years since Xiaomi first used the Mi title for one of its products; This product, which of course was the MIUI user interface instead of a smartphone, started a proud era for the company, which has continued to this day with strength. The Mi brand, however, is apparently nearing its end, and as a Xiaomi spokesperson confirmed in an interview with XDA-Developers, the Chinese company will no longer use the prefix in its future products. The first signal of Mi removal was felt with the introduction of the company's new Mix series phone, where, contrary to expectations, there was no news of a Mi Mix combination, and this phone was simply called Xiaomi Mix 4.  <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>bids</b> <b>farewell</b> to the Mi <b>brand</b> <b>after</b> 10 <b>years</b>

    The dramatic growth of Xiaomi in the smartphone market these days is less hidden from anyone; The company, which ranked fourth in the smartphone market last year in the second quarter of 2020 with a 10% market share after Samsung, Huawei and Apple in the Trendforce report on the smartphone market, grew in the following quarter, according to IDC report on the smartphone market in the third quarter of 2020. 42% climbed to third place, behind Apple. According to IDC, Samsung once again topped the list of smartphone suppliers in the second quarter of 2021 with 86.6% growth, one step ahead, and nearly two weeks ago Counterpoint made it the number one smartphone maker in June 2021 and above Samsung and Apple. Contract. <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>bids</b> <b>farewell</b> to the Mi <b>brand</b> <b>after</b> 10 years

    Xiaomi success time It becomes more prominent to speak of its absence from an important and decisive market such as the United States, where the company's American website shows only a limited list of the brand's products that do not contain Xiaomi's most important output, the mobile phones. Outside of the US market, however, Xiaomi has a large presence in most countries of the world and has attracted the attention of many buyers, especially by offering very valuable devices for the price paid. Xiaomi's diverse products are divided into several categories at a glance, including independent Redmi and Poco brands with distinct internal categories, the Black Shark gaming series, and, of course, the high-end Mi-expensive handsets. To this day, the Mi series is a place to present the latest technological achievements of Xiaomi, and its different generations from Mi 2 and Mi 3 in the distant past to Mi 10, Mi 9, Mi 8 and Mi 11 (with different types of extensions from Lite and i to Pro and Ultra) are the important phones of this brand. According to Xiaomi, the term Mi stands for Mobile Internet, and the other meaning given to it, "Mission Impossible," refers to challenges that seemed impossible to overcome in the early days of Xiaomi's life. <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>bids</b> <b>farewell</b> to the Mi <b>brand</b> <b>after</b> 10 years

    Xiaomi's philosophy of name is also remarkable in its kind ; The word translates to millet or millet in English, and Xiao means small in Chinese. Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun ties the company's name to an interesting concept in which a grain of rice is as big and important to a Buddhist as a mountain; And that means Xiaomi is focusing on smaller things before moving further forward. <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>bids</b> <b>farewell</b> to the Mi <b>brand</b> <b>after</b> 10 years. It is one of the first notable examples in this regard. Of course, <b>Xiaomi</b> has already started this trend in the Chinese market for some of its products such as <b>Xiaomi</b> 11 Ultra, <b>Xiaomi</b> Mix Fold and <b>Xiaomi</b> 11 Pro, all of which are introduced only with a simple prefix (Xiaomi), and we can expect this strategy soon. Apply to products offered in global markets. </p>

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