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    What is the Right to Repair and why is it important?
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    According to CNN, on Thursday, August 5, this year (August 14, 1400) a plan is under consideration in the United States, according to which smartphone users will have a right called "right to repair" or Right to Repair And devices in the future should be designed so that they can be repaired faster and cheaper. If approved by the US government, it would force manufacturers such as Apple to pave the way for corrective action, contrary to the company's current practice, which makes it difficult for independent repairmen to repair devices such as the iPhone. What is the Right to Repair and why is it important?

    Its movement has recently accelerated. This demand should be seen in the broader context of the conflict of interest between technology owners and consumers, which has accelerated in order to remove existing barriers to the consumer's full use of the purchased product, as well as potential environmental benefits. The "right to repair" movement first began in the field of vehicles and has now spread to electrical and electronic devices.

    Of course, large technology companies, including Microsoft and Apple, are actively resisting the right to repair. This is an issue that is well understood by looking at the revenues and profits of these companies. In addition, the need to provide instructions for repairing devices may lead to the disclosure of certain technical and commercial information and secrets, which is why large companies oppose regulatory pressure to grant repair rights.

    Did you know that Apple and a number of other smartphone manufacturers use special adhesives, non-replaceable batteries and memories, and so on? Claiming that doing so will ensure the proper repair of smartphones. Now US President Joe Biden has called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pass new laws to prevent such restrictions on smartphone repair by independent activists, allowing users to choose a phone repairman of their choice. . The FTC was established in 1914 to protect the rights of consumers and enforce competition law by preventing or eliminating unprofitable business activities.

     What is the Right to Repair and why is it important?

    One week after Biden's comment about a month ago, the Federal Trade Commission pledged to expose users Get rid of these illegal restrictions on repair for many products, including smartphones. In this way, if new regulations are enacted and approved, manufacturing companies will be required to provide parts, tools, troubleshooting methods and repair guides to independent businesses.

    According to Kyle Wiens, The CEO and founder of iFixit (the American company that publishes online free repair guides for consumer electronics) will not be affected by the design of the device in any way by changing the current repair rights rules, but will focus more on repair opportunities. This encourages manufacturers to change things like how to close the device or replace the battery for simplicity. But David McQueen, director of research at ABI Research, points to the corporate approach to the manufacturing process, noting that even the addition of a new screw or hole may affect the degree of protection or IP of the phone. be influential. According to McQueen, manufacturers have made great efforts to protect their devices from water and dust. In his view, "smartphone vendors have worked hard to achieve this high level of protection, but if the devices were to have more screws and be easier to open, wouldn't these rankings be compromised and their position degraded?" Apple iPhone 12 Pro

    This difficulty leads to another question that McQueen raises: "Will some companies use first-class parts in all their models, knowing that machine parts are easy to repair or replace?" He added that if the manufacturer sells products with low quality components to counter this possibility, it will ultimately damage the value of its brand.

    The manufacturers' current strategy is to make phone repair more expensive for the user than to buy a new device, and this is exactly what people like Pedro Pacheco, the manager, think. Gartner's senior must change. According to him, manufacturers should choose a design method that reduces the cost of repairing the device. Consumers will. As Louis Rossmann, a repair rights activist and owner of the Rossmann repair group with 1.6 million followers on YouTube, puts it: "If a $ 12 chip fails with a broken computer battery, I can get a few hundred dollars." Fix it; But Apple receives $ 1,500 from the device owner to repair the same chip. What is the Right to Repair and why it's important? According to Rasman, the new rules will mean that if companies plan to use a particular chip, repairmen can also buy the same chip to repair it if the device owner needs it. </p> <p> While smartphone makers aren't the only ones facing criticism for preventing standalone device repairs, these new regulations specifically target them for doing things that make repairs What is the Right to Repair and why is it important?

    including ambiguities and effects of the new regulations, how the Genius bar works Apple technical support) is in the company's stores, the fate of which will be shrouded in ambiguity if people go to other centers for repair. In addition, the more important question is how companies like Apple will henceforth persuade customers to buy a new device; However, repairs will be cheaper than spending money to buy a new model.

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