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    Wall Street Journal: The "transparency of app tracking" feature in iOS has led advertisers to turn to Android

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    In April of this year, Apple launched a feature called "App Tracking Transparency" (ATT), which allows developers to approve data collection for things like personalizing ads and disabling tracking. Provide ads to users. Now, according to The latest Wall Street Journal report on Monday, July 5, 2021 (July 14, 1400), the implementation of this feature has apparently caused advertisers to reduce The amount of money spent on The Apple platform. In fact, following The new rules, advertisers have decided to have a wider presence in The Android operating system. <b>Wall</b> <b>Street</b> <b>Journal:</b> <b>The</b>

    Although ATT in iOS 14.5 allows online privacy protection for iPhone and iPad users (with The same version iPad OS), but is a serious challenge for marketers and The advertising industry. Therefore, it seems that advertisers have started planning to transfer their marketing structure to Android a few months after the introduction of this system.

    According to figures released by Tenjin Advertising Analysts, which were seen by Wall Street Journal reporters, advertising spending on iOS fell by about a third between June 1 and July 1 this year, and at The same time, advertising In The Android operating system, it has gone up by almost 10%.

    Of course, in The case of The Tenjin report, it should not be forgotten that advertisers within The new Apple framework can not offer targeted ads based on user activity on iOS devices, and this will improve The demand for targeted ads on Android devices and increase That led to 46 percent annual growth in May to 64 percent in June.

    Andy Taylor, research director at Tinuiti Advertising Agency, followed a similar pattern. It reported that iOS advertising spending fell from 42 percent in May to 25 percent in June. Of course, The amount of advertising on both major platforms has grown on an annual basis, but since The introduction of Apple ATT, this growth rate has been changing in favor of Android. Android excels in this regard, while according to Taylor, The average cost of advertising on The Google platform is 30% higher than The cost of advertising on iOS. <b>Wall</b> <b>Street</b> <b>Journal:</b> The

    Analysts believe that The lack of targeted advertising is the main reason for these changes, because less information is provided to advertisers about consumers who want to receive targeted advertising. According to statistics released by Branch Metrics, less than one-third of iOS users choose to track and agree to it. Thus, The number of user-traceable devices by applications is severely limited. "The data of other companies is usually unreliable and does not represent our business," said a spokesman for Facebook, a company that is one of The main critics of The ATT system and considers it a non-competitive method. . This means that advertising using alternative data sources is more difficult than direct tracking of users. However, Facebook is not in trouble due to advertising difficulties, as its impact on Facebook's business will be manageable, despite The expectations of The company's executives that iOS 14.5 and Apple's new advertising framework will be problematic in The remaining months of this year.>

    According to people familiar with Facebook's functionality, most users in countries other than The United States use Android, which means that The social network will be able to use higher pricing of the Android operating system (and other platforms other than iOS). Was.

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