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    Trendforce announced the production of the iPhone 12 Mini
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    In October last year, Apple unveiled the 12 Series iPhone. Unlike years ago, this time we saw the addition of a new member to the family, called the iPhone 12 Mini. The smartphone - as the name implies - was smaller than the rest of the family with a 5.4-inch display. Apple had announced its intention to produce this phone to revive the small smartphone market, but the evidence shows that Apple has not succeeded in achieving this goal, and maybe in a short time, the life of the iPhone 12 mini will officially end. Apple has reportedly stopped production of the iPhone 12 Mini, according to a report released by the TrendForce Research Institute on Monday, June 21, 2021. 2106/95-1.jpg "alt =" Trendforce announced the production of the iPhone 12 Mini ">

    Following numerous reports of poor performance of the iPhone 12 Mini in sales, it seems that Apple has removed the production of this product from the agenda . The iPhone 12 Mini ended its life cycle in the second quarter of this year, according to the Taiwanese Trendforce Institute. Of course, until the iPhone 12 Mini is out of stock in Apple warehouses, sales of this product will continue on Apple's website.

    According to the report, unlike other 12 Series iPhones, this little iPhone did not live up to expectations, so Apple has no choice but to stop production. If this decision is true, it should not be surprising, because previous reports indicated that the iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 5% of total sales of the 12 Series iPhones, and in the same reports the production may stop in the second quarter ( If sales do not improve) was mentioned.

    The iPhone 12 Mini's main audience was users who preferred smaller devices but did not want the small size of the phone to negatively affect the performance or quality of its camera. The iPhone 12 Mini holds the record in some ways because it is the smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G smartphone on the market. Plus, at $ 699, the phone is the cheapest member of the iPhone 12 family (compare to the iPhone 12 for $ 799). Apple had high hopes for this product, and even in April, it introduced a new version of the iPhone 12 mini in purple, but this move did not significantly change the sales of this device. Trendforce announced the production of the iPhone 12 Mini

    According to some rumors, in addition to the iPhone 12 Mini, the production of several other products, including The iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and also the iPhone XR will be discontinued soon. Assuming these rumors are true, in the last quarter of 2021, in addition to the new iPhones to be introduced this fall, Apple will have the following smartphones on the market: iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. Not to mention, Despite the failure of the iPhone 12 Mini in sales, it seems that Apple plans to produce a replacement for this product soon with the possible name of iPhone 13 Mini.

    According to TrendForce, this year we have seen a reduction in corona restrictions in the US and Europe (the main iPhone markets) and we expect economic recovery for these areas. In addition, with Huawei losing a significant portion of its high-end handset market, Apple has more room for breadth, which could improve its sales of the company's iPhones in the second half of 2021.

    Despite the continued decline in production capacity in the chip industry - which will inevitably have an adverse effect on iPhone's production and Apple's market share in the future - Trendforce still has a positive view of Apple and, according to the institute, iPhone production. In 2021, with an annual growth of 12.3%, it will increase to 223 million units. Trendforce announced the production of the iPhone 12 Mini The annual production volume of the iPhone from 2016 to 2021

    Traditionally, new Apple iPhones will likely be unveiled this fall. The official name of these iPhones has not been revealed yet, but Trendforce refers to this new series (which may have 4 members) as the iPhone 12S. Meanwhile, speculation about the design and retail price of these new iPhones has been the most debated. According to the Trendforce report, due to the reduction in the size of the sensor housing, it is possible that the notch above the screen will be smaller in the new iPhone models. Other possible changes will mainly focus on optimizing existing capabilities, and in general, no significant innovation in the design of new models is expected.

    Given what has been said, TrendForce believes that Apple will continue the same active pricing strategy that it started in 2020 in order to maintain its share of the high-end smartphone market. It should be noted that the price of some key parts has risen due to reduced supply, but apparently instead of raising the price of the iPhone itself, Apple intends to count on revenue from iPhone peripherals. This means that the base price of Apple's new iPhones is likely to be about the same as the base price of the 12 Series iPhones.

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