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    The state of the mobile game industry after activating "Transparency Tracking App" in iOS
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    The iOS 14.5 update in April 2021 brought some new features to the iPhone. These changes include the "App Tracking Transparency" feature, which undoubtedly changed many relationships in the mobile industry. In simple terms, Apple changed the advertiser ID, or IDFA, from opt-out to opt-in. On the one hand, this strengthens Apple's position as the smartphone brand that pays the most attention to user privacy, but on the other hand, due to this feature, personalizing and targeting ads in iOS has become difficult for advertising companies (especially Facebook). . The state of the mobile game industry after activating

    In-App Ads

    Those games that hoped to monetize in-app ads are not having a good time right now. Under the "Transparency of App Tracking" feature, iOS users will have the option to allow the app to use or revoke the app's IDFA or personal tracking number. Without permission, the application can no longer show targeted and personalized ads to users, resulting in reduced publisher revenue.

     The state of the mobile game industry after activating

    One of the ways to deal with this phenomenon - which is currently used by many applications - It is to offer a much higher volume of ads to each user. This increases the likelihood that the user will see ads related to their interests and needs, but on the contrary, the quality of the user's game will be drastically reduced (certainly no one likes to receive a large amount of ads while playing).

    Publishers therefore face a dilemma: on the one hand, the publisher must be able to strike the right balance between in-app ads and gameplay so that the user does not leave the game when they see this amount of ads. But on the other hand, the publisher must maximize revenue for the company that owns the game.

    In-App Purchases

    In order to counter the drastic reduction in targeted ads, many developers plan to increase the number of in-app purchases in their games instead of increasing the volume of ads. . Of course, this solution also has its own consequences. For example, this puts the game in the category of pay-to-win games and discourages many gamers who are not willing to pay, because people who have not paid feel the rules of the game for They have become unfair. The state of the mobile game industry after activating

    Of course, in-app purchases are an important element of the game and should be attractive to gamers who want to pay, so these payments should not have a significant impact on the gameplay process. For this reason, the developers are trying to direct in-app payments to benefits such as having new skins and characters in the game so that the integrity of the game is not compromised. Achieving such a balance is now more important than ever. Battle Pass

    After the "Transparency of App Tracking" was activated in iOS, the sale of Battle Pass boomed for each season of different games. By purchasing Battleplaces, the gamer can enjoy some side benefits in the game, such as the opportunity to complete more missions to earn points or use special skins. Here, too, the developers, in order to maintain the integrity of the gameplay, do not allow the nature of these side benefits to be such as to advance the gamer in the gameplay.

     The state of the mobile game industry after activating SKAdNetwork Alternative to IDFA

    The most important alternative provided by iOS for IDFA tracking is called SKAdNetwork. SKAdNetwork is, in fact, an Apple-approved way for advertisers to make their ads more effective. SKAdNetwork's main job is to provide a 24-hour window for the advertiser to receive postback installation credentials from the user's device. One of the benefits of SKAdNetwork is that if the gamer makes significant progress in the game (or even makes a purchase) it is a signal to the advertiser that the gamer is worth the investment and as a result more ads will be shown to him. . That's why, after the changes in IDFA, the developers are adjusting the game layout so that the initial stages of the game go faster so that the developer can make the most of the initial 24-hour window. The state of the mobile game industry after activating

     The state of the mobile game industry after activating This is just the beginning

    of applying the" Transparency Tracking App "feature in iOS and changes Not more than 3 months have passed since IDFA. Therefore, we are expected to see more development in the field of mobile gaming industry in the coming months and years. The points mentioned in this article are just a small part of the solutions that developers have used to develop games since the iOS 14.5 update, and we'll have to wait and see what other ideas will help developers in the future. p>

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