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    The best apps for online meetings and video conferencing

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    With The proliferation of smart tools and The development of communications, a significant portion of face-to-face meetings and conferences have gradually given way to online meetings and webinars, The start of The Corona epidemic has accelerated this process and made video conferencing a choice It has become a necessity. The continuation of this epidemic has created a situation in which The use of video calling and video conferencing applications has become widespread among many sections of society, regardless of age, occupation and level of education. At The same time, providers of this type of service have also developed unprecedented quantitatively and qualitatively and have offered several options to users. Due to The great variety and multiplicity of this type of software, in this article we try to acquaint you with some of The best and most efficient options for holding webinars and online video conferences. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing Microsoft Skype: The best free solution for simple video conferencing

    Undoubtedly Skype is one of The oldest and most reputable apps in The field online voice and video calls. Since its inception in 2003, Skype has been so successful internationally that The brand name has gradually become synonymous with The concept of video calling and is even recognized as an English verb in many reputable dictionaries. With The obsolescence of Skype for Business and its replacement by Microsoft Teams, Skype can be considered a free service for online audio and video conferencing. Of course, by charging The wallet and receiving Skype Credit, users can use the possibility of direct contact with landlines, mobile phones and even sending text messages through The Skype application. Apart from these special features, Skype services in The field of video conferencing and video calling are now provided for free. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    One-to-one video call It's almost unlimited with Skype, but like most apps on this list, there are limitations to video conferencing that Skype refers to as fair usage policies. The maximum number of simultaneous participants in a Skype video conference by 2020 was 50, which will increase to 100 in 2021 due to The needs of the Corona epidemic. Each video conference on Skype can last up to 4 hours non-stop. This time limit is very generous compared to similar (being free) applications and will meet The needs of most users. But if more time is needed for a meeting, there is no choice but to take short breaks to restart The conference. Also, every Skype user is allowed to use group call or video conferencing services up to 10 hours a day and 100 hours a month. It should be noted, however, that these time limits do not include direct or one-to-one voice and video calls between users. With these limitations, Skype can meet most needs for personal or even commercial use in small and medium-sized companies. But large companies and collections whose business is dependent on video communications and remote teamwork, it is better to go for services with more features and fewer restrictions. For example, Microsoft offers another product called Microsoft Teams for this type of need; A service with many features for teamwork, unlimited meeting time and support for 10,000 simultaneous participants in video conferencing, which we will introduce in The following.

    Like most Microsoft software products, One of Skype's strengths is its user interface. This user interface, while simple and beautiful, is designed to make working with The application easier and without confusing The user. Skype can be used on most popular operating systems and platforms, and despite maintaining the overall structure, its user interface has been somewhat modified and customized depending on The operating system and host device. Skype has not been very successful in providing new and diverse features, and its peripherals have not always been of good quality. For example, this application still lacks a whiteboard and is weak in some peripherals such as emoticons and waves.

     <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> <b>conferencing</b>


    Provide completely free video conferencing services

    User interface Simple, beautiful and efficient

    Appropriate audio and video quality

    Free support for a relatively large number of simultaneous participants in video conferencing

    Ability to share photos, documents , Mobile screen, desktop, etc.

    Ability to record meetings and keep them for up to 30 days


    No whiteboard (whiteboard) </ p>

    The need to switch to The Microsoft Teams service to use high-end business features

    Supported operating systems and platforms:

    Web, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS, Xbox, and Amazon Alexa

    Microsoft Teams: Beyond and video conferencing The Microsoft Teams service cannot specifically bring you a video conferencing application. The service is part of Microsoft's 365 tools and services for teamwork and business interactions. This Microsoft product can be considered a competitor for platforms such as Slack rather than acting in The field of video conferencing services and video calling. At The same time, considering that video meetings, voice calls and text messages are an essential element in team interactions and collaborations, Teams application has provided a good set of services for users in this field. This application integrates well with other Microsoft services and applications and is therefore an ideal choice for individuals and organizations that have previously been customers of The company's products.

    Microsoft Teams users can easily schedule their desired audio and video sessions with a specific person or team. The complete integration of Teams with Microsoft 365 platform makes it easy to schedule and inform meetings among The employees of the organizations and The guests will be able to participate in the meetings through their browser. The platform also provides the opportunity to host large webinars and events online with up to 10,000 participants simultaneously. Unlike Skype, this service does not have any restrictions on The duration of video conferencing. All The expected features of a high-end video conferencing software can be seen in Microsoft Teams. From sharing The page to changing the background of The image, recording and keeping sessions, live subtitles, high security, file sharing and live text messaging (chat). <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    Perhaps The most important and special feature of Microsoft Teams is a complete integration with The unique collection of Microsoft 365 services and applications. A collection of well-known Microsoft products for personal and corporate work, including Planner, PowerBI, Project, SharePoint, Skype, Visio, Access, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and many more, including The Windows operating system. Currently, The only way to make full and unlimited use of Microsoft Teams is to get one of the company's 365 service subscriptions. Subscriptions start at $ 5 per month and in The most complete form go up to $ 20 per month. The amount that is very attractive and cost-effective if you use other valuable tools in this collection, and otherwise it will be somewhat more expensive than other video conferencing applications. Of course, Microsoft has made it possible for users to use Teams video conferencing services for free, with some restrictions. In the free mode, The maximum number of simultaneous participants in one session was 100, which, of course, increased to 300 during the corona outbreak. The maximum uninterrupted duration for a free video conference on this platform is set at 60 minutes, which has been lifted due to The requirements of The epidemic and has been increased to 24 hours. Users will also not be able to record or record sessions for free.

    As one might expect from a commercial product at this level, the Teams platform has good performance and mentality, and there is no particular technical problem with The performance of its various features. Of course, this service had experienced two important outages in The first three months of 2020 and was out of reach. If you have a good internet connection, The quality of audio and video is desirable even in meetings with a high number of participants. The user interface of this service is more or less similar to other 365 platform tools in terms of appearance and structure and has a good quality. However, The many features included in this application, along with The large number of applications that are integrated with or related to it, have made learning to work with it time consuming and somewhat difficult. In general, unlike Skype, which is designed for The general public and has a very simple and easy user interface, this Microsoft product is more for professionals and business environments and has a more sophisticated user interface. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    One of The special points about this Videoconferencing is the provision of hardware capabilities along with its software capabilities; Equipment that helps users to participate in video conferences with ease and quality in different situations and situations. Some of The Teams compatible and optimized devices offered by Microsoft include: Interactive panels such as Surface Hub 2S, desktop speakers with microphone, a variety of webcams, telephones, Bluetooth headsets, desktop displays, and packages of teams called Rooms Which includes all The necessary facilities for a video conference room so that some members can attend the meetings in person and some in person. To view these devices and learn more about them, you can visit The official website of Microsoft in this regard. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    In general, Microsoft Teams can be considered a great platform for video conferencing for individuals and companies that currently use The 365 platform or intend to change The digital work environment and Communications have their own specialized teams. But for those who do not intend to use other Microsoft cloud and commercial products, Teams application, which is highly dependent on The company's software platforms and The full use of its features depends on The provision of one of The 365 subscriptions, will be an inconvenient and expensive option. Of course, The good features of this application in free mode, can make it a suitable solution for users who intend to hold webinars with a high number of participants and a long time. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing


    Excellent integration with Microsoft applications and services

    Free support for a large number of simultaneous participants in video conferencing without significant time limit

    Ability to host meetings and video conferences with 10,000 concurrent participants

    Good and extensive set of capabilities for video conferencing and work interactions

    Benefit from a set of special hardware equipment to improve the user experience and ease of communication

    Ability to share a shared whiteboard and share Office files


    Require a Microsoft 365 subscription for free

    Relative complexity and Time-consuming learning process Advanced features

    Lack of ability to record and maintain meetings for free

    Supported operating systems and platforms:

    Web, Windows, Linux, Android , MacOS, and iOS

    Google Meet: Simple, high-quality products Google's system

    If you've been confused about Google's messaging apps and video communication, you're not alone. If you've known apps like Google Duo or Google Hangouts as Google 's video calling tools, and you're surprised to see The name Google Meet, do not worry. The multiplicity and changes in this group of Google applications in recent years have been so great that, for example, in late 2018, a Google employee in an attempt to solve this confusion, published a table on Twitter to The nature and relevance of each of these Specify applications. There was no news of Google Meet at that time. Google now offers 3 different applications for simultaneous call and video communication to users. The oldest of these is Google Hangouts, which has been around since 2013 and aims to meet the communication needs of teams and workgroups. The company also introduced The Google Duo app in 2016 for simple video calling and as a competitor to Apple's FaceTime or Microsoft's Skype app. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    Google for The first time in 2017 Google Hangouts Meet introduced its business video conferencing service as part of the GSuite Business Services package. The service was initially only available by invitation and supported up to 30 simultaneous video conferencing participants. Until last year (2020), Google's business services package was renamed Google Workspace and its video conferencing service was named Google Meet. Of course, it is interesting to know that The Hangouts application is still active along with Google Chat, Google Meet and Google Duo and is available to users as a messaging application with video calling capability. But it is likely that this strange situation in Google's messaging services will be somewhat resolved with The extinction of Hangouts in The near future.

    Like most Google products, Google Meet is a simple, high-quality application that fits well into The Google ecosystem It is located and integrated with other services. Schedule meetings and invite attendees through integration with Google Calendar and Google Contacts, and recorded sessions can be saved in Google Drive. Like most high-end video conferencing services, Google Meet allows users to share The entire screen, a specific application, or a specific browser tab. Other features of this application include changing the background image of The participants, using a whiteboard and automatically displaying subtitles for conversations in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Google makes The use of the Google Meet service conditional on having a Google account, and unlike many other applications on this list, guests will not be able to participate in The meetings just by having a session link and without logging in to a Google account.

    In March 2020, Google made Meet available to The general public through free Google accounts. Previously, only Google Workspace business subscribers were able to use this video conferencing platform. However, as expected, there are limitations for ordinary users to subscribers of Google Commerce Services. For example, the maximum number of participants in free sessions is 100. If these Google Workspace users are able to host meetings with up to 250 participants on this platform and invite up to 100,000 people to watch their conferences live. In addition, The time allowed for group meetings in The free mode is a maximum of 1 hour, and these users will not be able to record and maintain meetings. In accordance with The policies announced by Google, The company reserves The right to collect information about participants, their IP addresses, as well as The duration of meetings for free. <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    Like Microsoft, Google also tried In addition to its video conferencing platform software services, it has also offered special hardware to commercial users. In May of last year (2020), Asus unveiled a video conferencing hardware package for Google Meet users. The various components of The package included a mini PC called The "Meet Compute System" along with a separate camera and microphone that made it possible to equip a small conference room. Also in September 2020, Google introduced its special hardware package for The service called Meet Series One. This hardware package is manufactured in collaboration with Lenovo and its equipment includes: Meet Compute System with special Edge TPU chip, a smart camera or Smart Camera, a smart audio system with noise reduction called Smart Audio Bar and also optionally A remote control or touch screen with Google Assistant support to control and manage The conference room. In general, it can be said that in the field of video conferencing room hardware, Google is still at the beginning of The road and in terms of quantity and quality is a significant distance from a competitor such as Microsoft.


    Speed and ease of use

    Optimal integration with Google applications and services

    A set of good features and Extensive for video conferencing and business interactions

    Utilizes a set of special hardware equipment to improve The user experience and ease of communication


    Lack of recording capability And keeping meetings free

    Weak privacy for free users

    Requiring to have a Google account even for meeting guests

    No dedicated app for Desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS)

    Supported operating systems and platforms:

    Web, Android and iOS

    RingCentral Meetings: Hand in hand with adults <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> <b>conferencing</b>

    Our experimental experience on RingCentral meetings showed the good quality and stability of audio and video communications in the context of this application. It is possible to use this service with The help of its special application or through The web. The user experience on both platforms is similar to each other and there is no significant difference in features, communication quality and user interface. . . meetings RingCentral . RingCentral . : .

    . RingCentral MVP Message video Phone Open API 20 50 . RingCentral video (message) (video) . 100 7 . 2 3 100 40 . (Video Pro+) 12 200 1 . <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing




    (macOS) (iOS)

    Jitsi Meet: !

    Jitsi - (open-source) VoIP 2003 W ebRTC . Jitsi Meet . - Jitsi Meet . Jitsi 8x8 Jitsi . <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    Jitsi Meet . . Jitsi Meet . . . Jitsi . Microsoft Teams Google Meet . Jitsi Meet . - . Jitsi Meet . . (end-to-end) Jitsi . ( DocxPDF PPT) .

    Jitsi Meet (freelancers) . Jitsi . .

    Jitsi . Jitsi Meet JaaS Jitsi as a Service . Jitsi Meet . JaaS Jitsi . . Jitsi Meet . JaaS . 25 . JaaS 3 Basic Standard Business 99 300 499 1500 999 3000 3000 Enterprise . <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing



    Jitsi JaaS

    ) Dropbox)





    : Jitsi

    . . "" . - Jitsi 1399 . . . <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    Jitsi . Jitsi Meet . 3 . 3 100 50 . . 100 . 180 3 PDF . (SLA) . <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

    . 10 . . 390 6 .




    : <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing <b>The</b> <b>best</b> <b>apps</b> for <b>online</b> <b>meetings</b> and <b>video</b> conferencing

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