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    Take a look at Huawei Advanced Audio Lab
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    In 2020, Huawei unveiled the FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones, the company's new generation of stereo and fully wireless headphones (TWS). Huawei's successful trend in providing quality products at this level has been directly linked to the company's advanced audio lab, which has recently been seen by enthusiasts in this category. True Wireless Stereo Headphones, abbreviated as TWS, allow you to listen to your favorite music away from cumbersome wires. Take a look at Huawei Advanced Audio Lab

    Also some of the more advanced examples of TWS headphones have Activated noise canceling (ANC) feature that allows you to receive clear sound even in the busiest places. For the first time, Huawei has released details about its anti-reflective lab, which shows how to achieve superior sound in their headphones.

    Huawei's anti-reflection room, located in the company's research and development laboratory, in addition to resisting external noise, also prevents the formation of internal sound echoes, thus creating an interesting simulation environment. Attention is given to the designers of this company to analyze and test the sound and its parameters.

    In this anti-echo compartment, there are no ordinary walls or ceilings, and instead all parts of the room are covered with noise-canceling and sound-absorbing panels. These protruding and recessed panels are made of sound-absorbing material and, when they receive sound, they prevent reflection. Take a look at Huawei Advanced Audio Lab

    Another interesting point is the design of a modern simulator in this collection, which is made with the aim of reconstructing the human ear and the processes performed on sounds before they are heard. In that part, the effect of the tulip and ear canal on the received sound is simulated. Inside the simulator, two pairs of miniature multifunction microphones are used, which are placed near the eardrum to record the sound well after simulating the effect of the ear structure on it.

    This lab uses different speakers in different directions that support audio playback with different frequency ranges. In this way, with the possibility of completely reproducing different sound noises in the real world, this noise is received and recorded in the human ear simulator to study its audio properties, and finally, the information obtained is used in the development and improvement of noise cancellation technologies. . Take a look at Huawei Advanced Audio Lab

    Huawei has six R&D departments It has audio in several different parts of the world, and this anti-echo laboratory is just one of them; More than 300 engineers work in various Huawei laboratories. Among these laboratories is the German Acoustic Research Center, whose main tasks are noise analysis and the development of anti-noise algorithms based on artificial intelligence. The Finnish Multimedia Audio Lab is another example of this area, which conducts noise reduction experiments on audio products. In the last three years alone, Huawei's product list has released more than 30 audio products in five different categories, which shows the company's investment in research and innovation in areas such as increasing product usability, reducing noise, Improves sound quality and wireless communication. Take a look at Huawei Advanced Audio Lab

    Among Huawei's flagship products in the field of TWS headphones, we should mention the FreeBuds Pro headphones, which will be released in 2020, and the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, with its Open-fit design, has set a new pattern in the field of noise cancellation.

    Finally, we should mention the FreeBuds 4i wireless headphones, which are considered by some media as the best TWS headphones in terms of noise cancellation.

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