• - Support for the App Bundle format will be added to the Amazon App Store

    Support for the App Bundle format will be added to the Amazon App Store

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    It was almost three weeks ago in late June 2021 that Google announced its decision to force the use of the new AAB or Android App Bundle format, which will change the APK to the default format of Google Play Store apps from the beginning of August. . App Bundle, which has a smaller volume and therefore faster download, allows the modular installation and the waiting time and the volume of the package provided in it is formed according to the user's needs. The future of Huawei's HarmonyOS operating system was one of the topics around AAB after the introduction of AAB, and now it's Amazon's turn to talk about adding this feature to the company's software Store in the near future. <b>Support</b> for the <b>App</b> <b>Bundle</b> <b>format</b> will be <b>added</b> to the <b>Amazon</b> <b>App</b> Store

    App Bundle As mentioned, a new way to distribute the App by splitting the file The end result in different pieces and providing it to users depending on their needs, which will save a lot of download volume and storage space of the phone. This new format, despite the mentioned advantages, also caused many concerns, including the concern of developers. And mentioned security issues related to the application signature key. Despite Google responding to some of these concerns over the past few days, some of the most important ones still stand out, including how the App is distributed on other platforms other than Google Play, which by not supporting this format, Developers will be required to create a separate APK file.

    After Huawei responded to concerns about the HarmonyOS operating system in this regard, Amazon today announced its Support for the App Bundle on the Amazon App Store in a short blog post today. . Amazon did not specify the exact time of the incident, but spoke of a roadmap that provides step-by-step benefits of the customer experience over time. Although the Amazon Store is at first glance in terms of importance to many users (at least users outside the United States and Europe), one important point will make its position quite different; Amazon App Store According to Microsoft, it will be the default Windows 11 operating system Store for installing Android applications, and with the official presence of this operating system in the home PC market, the Amazon App Store will certainly take a different position than in the past. <b>Support</b> for the <b>App</b> <b>Bundle</b> <b>format</b> will be <b>added</b> to the <b>Amazon</b> <b>App</b> Store

    In this respect it differs from Google in one important way, where, unlike Google, Amazon does not require developers to use the App Bundle, and the APK format can still be used to register new applications. In addition, unlike Google, Amazon does not have a plan to get the developers' private key to sign applications, which will address another major concern for developers.

    It goes without saying that the old APK format will remain with the Android operating system for a long time, and not just the various software stores, but even Google Play itself, for months and maybe years until AAB is accepted and pervasive. Need time; In the meantime, such moves and the joining of big brands such as Amazon and Huawei to AAB supporters to achieve this important and transition to a lighter and more efficient format for Android applications seems to be essential and important in the coming months. Will be turned on in advance.

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