• - Strategy Analytics report on the video sensor market in 2020 - Samsung in pursuit of Sony

    Strategy Analytics report on the video sensor market in 2020 - Samsung in pursuit of Sony

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    Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, the smartphone market returned to growth in the final quarter of 2020, which in turn led to the growth of the video sensor market. As you probably know, Sony and Samsung are the most important players in the field of video sensors, with the difference that in this market, Sony is a better known company and has always been at the forefront, and Samsung usually has a share of less than 20%. Is in the next rank. But a recent report from the Institute for Strategy Analytics suggests that Samsung has made good progress in the production of video sensors and is increasingly gaining Sony's share.  <b>Strategy</b> <b>Analytics</b> <b>report</b> on the <b>video</b> <b>sensor</b> <b>market</b> in <b>2020</b> - <b>Samsung</b> in <b>pursuit</b> of <b>Sony</b>

    According to Strategy Analytics, global video sensor market revenue in 2020, with growth 13% year-on-year to $ 15 billion. This growth comes at a time when the supply of smartphones in 2020 compared to 2019 was accompanied by a decline of 5.9 percent. Sony still ranks first with 46% of the market share. The Japanese company managed to increase its share to 44% in the first half of 2020, but the company's position is threatened by the Koreans. Samsung has a 29% market share of video sensors, ranking second after Sony. AminVision is in third place with 10% market share. Together, these three companies will account for 85% of the global image sensor market by 2020. Samsung recently accounted for less than 20 percent of the video sensor market, while Sony accounted for more than 50 percent. This means that Samsung - thanks to the introduction of various high-resolution sensors and newer technologies - has slowly narrowed its gap with Sony. Among Samsung's successful products in this field, we can mention the company's 64 and 108 megapixel sensors, which are very popular among smartphone makers. But the most important thing in this competition is that Samsung managed to receive orders that Sony had rejected. <b>Strategy</b> <b>Analytics</b> <b>report</b> on the <b>video</b> <b>sensor</b> <b>market</b> in <b>2020</b> - <b>Samsung</b> in <b>pursuit</b> of Sony

    Demand for video sensors from smartphone makers has been high, according to Jeffrey Mathews, chief strategist at Strategy Analytics; Companies that ordered high-resolution sensors as well as more sensors for their smartphones, which prevented the Corona epidemic from growing the global video sensor market by 2020. Last year, Samsung, Amnivision and SK Hynix each took a share of Sony's market share, as Sony lost one of its best customers due to sanctions against Huawei. <b>Strategy</b> <b>Analytics</b> <b>report</b> on the <b>video</b> <b>sensor</b> <b>market</b> in <b>2020</b> - <b>Samsung</b> in <b>pursuit</b> of Sony

    In contrast, Samsung provided sensors required by brands such as Motorola, Oppo, Riley, Vivo and Xiaomi. Matthews believes that fierce competition in the video sensor market will increasingly threaten Sony's leading position in the market. According to some experts, the 50-megapixel ISOCELL GN2 sensor - which will probably be the largest video sensor of 2021 - as well as the 200-megapixel (or higher) sensor, which will apparently be produced by Samsung in the near future, could be a good position for Samsung. . Needless to say, there are rumors that Samsung plans to design and build a 600-megapixel sensor, which may not be for use in smartphones.

    Stephen Entwistle, vice president of Strategy Analytics, believes that the proliferation of multiple cameras and advanced photography capabilities in smartphones has boosted demand for video sensors, leading to market growth. Guarantees. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the shortage of semiconductor products can challenge the demand for video sensors.

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