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    SellCell Survey: iPhone owners are more loyal than Android users

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    If you always choose one smartphone brand and you can not think of another brand, it means you are loyal to your smartphone brand. But if when buying a new phone, you no longer go to the previous brand and would like to try other brands, it can be said that you have betrayed your brand and have not been loyal to it! It may seem a bit ironic to say that, but the truth is that brand loyalty is an important concept in the business world. According to a survey conducted by the SellCell Institute - the results of which were recently published on the institute's website - iPhone users 'loyalty to Apple is greater than Android users' loyalty to Android brands. �

    In a SellCell survey conducted March 3, 2021 (13 As of March 11, 2017, more than 5,000 American users aged 18 and older who had experienced a variety of smartphone models were surveyed. Among the participants were 2,000 iPhone users, 2,000 Samsung users, 400 Pixel users and 600 Motorola or LG users. The results of this survey show that iPhone users are more loyal to Apple and are less inclined to change the brand of their smartphone compared to Android users.

    According to SellCell, Apple's brand loyalty has risen from 90.5% (in the same period last year) to 92% in the most recent poll, which is currently the highest level of loyalty to the American brand in its history. It is considered a company. Simply put, 92% of iPhone owners who took part in the poll will now choose to buy their next smartphone. In contrast, opinion polls suggest that Samsung brand loyalty has dropped from 85.7% in 2019 to 74%. Interestingly, iPhone owners are up to 18% more loyal to the Apple ecosystem than Samsung users. �

    Only 8.1% of iPhone users who took part in the survey were intentional They announced to migrate to another brand. Also, 26% of Samsung phone users announced that they will switch to another brand when buying their next smartphone. Interestingly, 53% of Samsungs who wanted to change their brand said that their next phone will be the iPhone. �

    Of course, it's not just Samsung that has lost its loyalty. According to a SellCell poll, the loyalty of users of Google (Pixel), LG and Motorola brands has also decreased. For example, the loyalty of Pixel phones has decreased by 18.8% in the last two years.

    When iPhone users were asked why they were loyal to the Apple brand, 45% said they were simply interested in the Apple brand. 21% said it was due to over-reliance on the Apple ecosystem, 10% said moving from iOS to Android was a hassle, and 8% said they preferred to work with what they knew. 16% said they saw no reason to migrate from iPhone to Android phone.

    On the other hand, those iPhone users who wanted to buy an Android phone, the main reasons for their decision better technology of Android phones such as display, camera, battery, etc. (38%) as well as interest According to the design of other manufacturers (26.4%). 12.9% also believed that the latest model of other brands has more features compared to the latest model of iPhone. �

    Among dissatisfied iPhone owners, about half of people (46%) tend to They bought Samsung phones and a third (35%) planned to use pixel phones in the future. In contrast, the majority of Samsung users (53%) prefer their next phone to the iPhone. Among these people, almost a third (31.5%) better describe the security and privacy of the iPhone, and a quarter of them (25.2%) believe that the iPhone is worth buying for a higher price. .

    The survey asked participants to choose their favorite smartphone from the flagships that hit the market in August 2020 and beyond. 46.6% of people consider the iPhone 12 series to be the best smartphone, while 30.4% of the participants chose the flagship Galaxy S21 series. The ranking of the best flagship phones from the point of view of the participants in this survey is as follows:

    - iPhone 12: equal to 17%

    - iPhone 12 Pro Max: equal to 12.7%


    - Galaxy S21: equal to 11.4%

    - iPhone 12 Pro: equal to 10.6%

    - Galaxy S21 Ultra: equal to 10%

    - Galaxy S21 Plus: equal to 9%

    - Pixel 5: equal to 8.1%

    - iPhone 12 mini: equal to 6.3%

    - Other Smartphones: equal to 5%

    - Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G: equal to 3.1%

    - Galaxy Z Flip 5G: equal to 2.5%

    - LG Wing : Equivalent to 2.3%

    - Motorola Razr 5G: Equivalent to 1.2%

    - Motorola Edge: Equivalent to 0.8%

    Source: SellCell

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