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    SellCell predicts little Android users to welcome Apple's new iPhones
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    According to rumors, Apple will introduce its new series of iPhones called iPhone 13 in the next two weeks and will continue the cycle of annual product upgrades. In this regard, the SellCell Institute on the last day of August this year (September 9, 1400) conducted a survey to measure the interest of Android users in the iOS platform. In the study, which was conducted using data from the responses of more than 5,000 users over the age of 18 on Android phones in the United States, about 81.7% of respondents were not interested in switching their Android smartphone to iPhone 13 and only 18.3% were likely to buy. Apple's new product announced. SellCell predicts little Android users to welcome Apple's new iPhones

    These numbers are a good indication of the increasing loyalty of American users of Android devices, as in a similar survey last year by SellCell, nearly 33% of users mentioned a possible plan to buy the iPhone 12 Series. A figure that shows a 15% drop in the desire to buy newer iPhones among Android users compared to last year. In addition, surveys on the same website have previously shown that 44% of current iPhone users want to upgrade their device and get a prototype of the iPhone 13 Series.

    This is where the new iPhone series is expected to feature the new A15 processor, larger camera sensors, new image capture features, a larger battery, up to 1TB of storage space, and a 120Hz refresh rate on Pro models. Was.

    According to the report, nearly 32% of Android users said they did not want to buy a new iPhone because they did not have a fingerprint sensor. This becomes important when we consider the conditions associated with the corona epidemic and the need to wear a mask. This way, even if Face ID performs well, the fingerprint sensor will still have a noticeable advantage. Earlier this year, however, rumors surfaced that the new iPhone series would be equipped with Touch ID in-screen; But apparently it remains speculative. SellCell predicts little Android users to welcome Apple's new iPhones

    In addition, 16.7% of respondents cited limited features and options for customizing the iOS operating system as a reason for not wanting to change their Android phone. 12.8% of users cited Apple OS restrictions on installing apps from unofficial sources as reasons for their loyalty to Android, and 12.1% of those surveyed believed that Android phones provided them with better hardware overall.

    About 10.5 percent of those surveyed had difficulty scanning photos in iCloud, which uses encrypted hashs to detect child sexual abuse. In this way, if the amount of content in this area reaches a certain level, human observers will take action and the case may be referred to the National Center for Missing and Abused Children (NCMEC).

    Other reasons for the lack of luck in switching Android device to iPhone can be affordable and cost-effective Android phones, Google Assistant to Apple Siri, lack of multi-task function by dividing the screen into separate sections and lack Bent models such as the Galaxy Z Fold3 pointed out.

    On the other hand, of those who raised the possibility of replacing their device, about 51% were affected by the long-term support of Apple software. Although Samsung and OnePlus have already promised three updates to the Android operating system for some of their new handsets, the major Android makers offer only two updates of this platform for some of the product handsets, which is often not very regular and timely. Apple, meanwhile, has been supporting its devices for five to six years, which is an important strength. About 24 percent of Android users were also interested in the integrity of the operating system, while 11.4 percent were more confident in Apple's privacy performance.

     SellCell predicts little Android users to welcome Apple's new iPhones

    Based on the findings of this report, it seems that among the various iPhone 13 series models, the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display With 39.8%, the iPhone will be the most popular among potential Android immigrants, followed by the iPhone 13 with a 6.1-inch display with 36.1% and the iPhone 13 Pro 6.1-inch with 19.5%. SellCell predicts little Android users to welcome Apple's new iPhones

    Percentage of users have expressed interest in the iPhone 13 Mini with a 5.4-inch display, and among all those who may be considering migrating to the iPhone, there is a slight preference for the Apple Watch 7 Series and AirPad 3 (14.7% for the Apple Watch and only 6.2 Percentage for AirPads).

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