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    Samsung patent for a curved device with 3 displays and fast wireless charging capability

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    Samsung seems to be working hard on a variety of clamshell devices. The company has already unveiled products such as the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Fold 5G, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and Galaxy Z Flip, and there are reports that this summer the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be unveiled. Will introduce. Last week, the company announced news of a new product that can be folded three times, and now, according to the website LetsGoDigital, the Korean giant has registered the patent of another bending device. <b>Samsung</b> <b>patent</b> for a <b>curved</b> <b>device</b> with 3 <b>displays</b> and <b>fast</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> capability

    Samsung in September 2020 The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) filed a petition for a "folding electronic device with an electronic pen," which issued a 52-page patent on Thursday, April 22, 1400. Has been registered in the name of a Korean company. Samsung refers to this tablet or phone as a "multiplayer device" and the images show that this product has the ability to fold three times and thus has three screens in the middle, right and left. The center screen is twice the size of the other screens, and when the left and right screens of the phone are bent outwards, they are placed on the center screen so that the user can easily open and close the device. However, according to the published images, it seems that Samsung is looking to design a version of this device that can be bent inwards.

    Interestingly, in early 2019, images of the clamshell phone from Xiaomi has released what could be the first practical example of a device that could be folded three times, and now it looks like the smartphone described in Samsung's new patent is very similar in design. The Korean company has also included the S Pen magnetic pen for this curved product, which sits somewhere between two side folding screens. The remarkable thing about this patent is that as soon as the pen is in place, the device's fast wireless charging mode will be activated. Of course, the standard charging mode will be active when the phone is not fully bent, but the pen is in place. The user can also completely fold the phone without fully inserting the S Pen. This design has several advantages; On the one hand, it takes up as little space as possible, and on the other hand, being between two folded screens prevents it from being damaged. In addition, this pen is apparently an optional accessory and can not be supplied with the device. In this case, based on the images, the two screens of the phone can be folded so that there is no distance between them. <b>Samsung</b> <b>patent</b> for a <b>curved</b> <b>device</b> with 3 <b>displays</b> and <b>fast</b> <b>wireless</b> <b>charging</b> capability

    It should be noted that this pen has similar features to the pens that have been the distinguishing feature of Samsung Galaxy Note series phones for years and this year also seen use in Galaxy S21 Ultra We were them. Experts predict that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 clamshell phone, which will probably be introduced later this year, will also be equipped with the S Pen.

    The patent document also mentions two selfie cameras inside a dual punch hole. Are. The product fingerprint sensor is also located under the display layer. In addition, Samsung has placed a piezoelectric speaker under the flexible display of this product, and a dual camera with horizontal arrangement with flash is installed on the back of the device.

    Experts say the patent design looks ambitious overall and it cannot be guaranteed that it will eventually be put on the production line by a Korean company. In fact, it is very possible that Samsung will be content with some aspects of the design of this device, but its release can inform us of the innovations and efforts that companies are making to design new examples of folding devices. Source: Lets Go Digital

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