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    Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless audio codec
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    2021 is a crucial year for the Lossless Audio codec. Apple recently announced its decision to change the Apple Music codec to Lossless. Amazon will no longer charge extra for streaming music with the Lossless codec. The Lossless codec, as its name implies, is of very good quality, but one of the main challenges with Lossless is how to play it with wireless headphones and earbuds. Qualcomm apparently has a new solution to this problem. The American company on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 (September 10, 1400) unveiled a new standard called Qualcomm aptX Lossless. Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless audio codec

    In 2021, Qualcomm unveiled the company's existing technologies, including aptX Adaptive, to stream quality music via Bluetooth by launching a program called Snapdragon Sound. aptX Lossless is actually a new feature of aptX Adaptive that, according to Qualcomm, can stream audio with a Lossless codec on what is called CD quality, which actually means 16-bit, 44.1 kHz audio on a Bluetooth platform.

    This technology is new and no device can play this codec yet. Apparently, the first devices equipped with this new technology will enter the market in early 2022. Proper performance of the Snapdragon Sound program depends on a complete hardware chain. Therefore, to play audio with the aptX Lossless codec, both the Android smartphone and the user's headphones (or earbuds) must support this standard. Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless audio codec

    According to Qualcomm, if this condition is met, Snapdragon Sound automatically detects the Lossless audio source and can play it at a much higher rate than the previous aptX HD codec. Not bad to know, Qualcomm surpasses Sony's LDAC codec in terms of bandwidth or bandwidth with the development of the aptX Lossless codec, as the bit rate of the aptX Lossless codec can reach 1 Mbps, while the bit rate of the LDAC codec exceeds 990 kbps. Seconds do not exceed.

    Despite all this, despite the high bit rate of aptX Lossless audio, we still see compression in this codec. Usually the bit rate of CD quality music is around 1.4 Mbps. But Qualcomm has used lossless compression in this new codec to achieve mathematically accurate bit-to-bit sound reproduction.

    According to Qualcomm, in environments with high wireless traffic, the aptX Lossless bitcode rate can be reduced to even 140 kbps in order to maintain the best audio performance (based on connection quality). If you encounter LDAC codec audio under similar conditions, it may be low. So it's no surprise that Qualcomm is working to improve this experience.

    The aptX Lossless codec plays a key role in CD quality. Of course, with this codec, it is still possible to play cracks with hi-resolution sound, but this leads to a loss of quality. To prevent this phenomenon, if you are dealing with 24 kHz 96 kHz files, it is better to avoid streaming aptX Lossless content on a Bluetooth platform and use wired solutions.

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