• - Qualcomm's new CEO talks to Reuters about the company's plans to produce the best chips

    Qualcomm's new CEO talks to Reuters about the company's plans to produce the best chips
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    In late 2020, Apple introduced the 5-nanometer M1 chipset as an alternative to Intel processors. The chip is used in Mac computers and uses 16 billion transistors. Designed based on the Arm architecture, the M1 chipset has higher speeds and better energy efficiency, and currently no company products, including giants such as Intel and Qualcomm, can compete with it. But Qualcomm's new CEO Cristiano Amon has broad plans to compete effectively with Apple, especially in the performance of laptops.

     Qualcomm's new CEO talks to Reuters about the company plans to produce the best chips Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon

    As Reuters quotes him, Qualcomm's ability to produce The best chips in the world indicate that they will perform even better than the Apple M1. Of course, Qualcomm CEO has just started, and it is natural to hear many promises from him about the successful future of the company. But in his first official interview with Reuters on Thursday, July 1, 1400, he not only outlined his plans, but also seems to have begun planning for them. Prior to taking over as CEO of Qualcomm, Amon was the company's semiconductor director, and Nuvia bought $ 1.4 billion under his management. The startup was founded by several former Apple engineers who specialized in chip design and designed Apple A-series chips. By joining Qualcomm, their activities will focus on chip-making for consumer computers. However, according to Reuters, Qualcomm does not intend to stop licensing the use of its technologies to data centers. The American chipmaker hopes to start selling laptop chips based on Arm technology next year based on Nuvia design.

    " We need to make progress on battery-powered devices, "Amon said. "If Arm, with which we have been associated for years, eventually develops CPUs that perform better than what we can build ourselves, then we will always be able to get an Arm license."

    In an interview with Reuters, Amon also spoke not only about the challenges and opportunities the company is facing due to industry sanctions in China, but also about Qualcomm's efforts to become more effective in the home PC sector, such as Intel and AMD. . Mobile chips brought the company a total of $ 12.8 billion of Qualcomm's $ 16.5 billion revenue in the last fiscal year, and one of Qualcomm's best customers is Xiaomi. Interestingly, despite US sanctions against Huawei, the company estimates that it will increase sales of chips and customers of smartphone manufacturers to fill the vacancy of the Chinese giant.

    According to Qualcomm's new CEO, the company currently has no plans to enter the market for processors used in other areas, including data centers for cloud computing companies. But at the same time it will license Nuvia designs to cloud computing companies, which means competing with ARM.

     Qualcomm's new CEO talks to Reuters about the company plans to produce the best chips

    An important challenge facing Amon is its reliance on Apple as a major customer. Qualcomm modem chips are now used in all iPhone 12 series models, and this has occurred after a serious legal dispute between the two companies. In the dispute, which dates back to 2017, Apple and Qualcomm were involved in a legal dispute over patents and intellectual property for some time, and finally in 2019, following the unpreparedness of Intel's fifth-generation technology, signed a patent agreement. They brought. However, the Cupertino giant is now designing proprietary chips to replace Qualcomm products in the near future.

    Another difficulty for Amon, who appears to be a very experienced speaker presenter, is that Qualcomm is not as well known to consumers as Intel or Nvidia. So the new CEO of the American company has launched a new program to modernize the Qualcomm brand in order to introduce Snapdragon chips to the market more widely and change this situation.

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