• - Production of Samsung's 3-nanometer chips will begin in 2022

    Production of Samsung's 3-nanometer chips will begin in 2022

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    After the Taiwanese company TSMC, Samsung is the second independent manufacturer of semiconductor products in the world. According to a recent report from the AnandTech website, Samsung has apparently made changes to its new 3nm lithography. Competition has erupted over which of the two companies will launch their 3-nanometer chips sooner, but according to some rumors, Samsung's first chipset to be built with 3-nanometer lithography, called 3GAE, is a year late. The Production stage will be reached. Also, the removal of 3GAE from Samsung Roadmap may confirm that this lithograph will be for internal use only.

     <b>Production</b> of <b>Samsung's</b> <b>3-nanometer</b> <b>chips</b> will <b>begin</b> in <b>2022</b>

    Before the release of Samsung's new roadmap, concerns were raised about the safety of Samsung's 3-nanometer lithography; Initially, risk Production was set to take place in 2020 and mass production in 2021 using this lithography. But the evidence shows that this has been delayed for at least a year. It is interesting to note that Dr. Chidi Chidambaram, Qualcomm's Vice President of Engineering, estimates that GAA lithography technology will be operational between 2023 and 2024.

     <b>Production</b> of <b>Samsung's</b> <b>3-nanometer</b> <b>chips</b> will <b>begin</b> in <b>2022</b>

    According to a Samsung official, the company is negotiating 3GAE lithography with its customers and chips with this lithography are expected to reach mass Production by 2022. Lithography after 3GAE - for which Samsung has chosen the name 3GAP - is still on Samsung's roadmap, and mass Production (as scheduled) will begin in 2023. Not bad to know, the roadmap we are talking about was unveiled during the Foundry Forum 2021 event in China. Of course, Samsung has updated its technology roadmap and republished it on Baidu and Weibo. <b>Production</b> of <b>Samsung's</b> <b>3-nanometer</b> <b>chips</b> will <b>begin</b> in 2022

    The older FinFET architecture, Samsung has added 5LPP and 4LPP lithographs to its roadmap, which are expected to be operational in 2021 and 2022, respectively. When unveiling the 3GAE and 3GAP lithographs in May 2019, Samsung announced that these lithographs could improve the performance of the chipset by up to 35% and reduce power consumption by up to 50% compared to the 7LPP (now the lithography of the previous generation). . In the same year 2019, Samsung predicted the start of mass Production of the chip using 3GAA lithography for the end of 2021, but due to the postponement to 2022, it can be delayed by Samsung or attributed a mistake in the company's calculations. In either case, the break did not matter much to Samsung, as Samsung's Early Lithographs have not yet been widely used by manufacturers.

    A few days ago, Samsung unveiled a 3-nanometer chip with 3GAA lithography in the tape-out phase. tape-out is actually the last step in the design cycle of a chipset, which results in one of two consequences: either the chip works well with the design or the design fails. When the design fails, making some small corrections and, if necessary, a general overhaul of the design can be helpful.

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