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  • - Familiarity with Samsung's new panels - Korean art with folding, sliding and UDC displays

    Before the launch of the SID, which is held annually by the Information Display Association, Samsung unveiled its latest display panels on Monday, May 17, 2021 (May 27, 1400) during a virtual event called Display Week 2021. The OLED panels - the brainchild of Samsung specialists - herald the future of the Korean company's various types of devices. Among the panels on display at the event were the

  • - Huawei smartwatch with blood pressure measurement on the way to market in the second half of the year

    Medical and health capabilities have become an integral part of smartwatch features among all brands, so that other common features of these watches, such as communication with smartwatches, display of notifications, music playback and even the ability to answer calls independently from the phone have often become ancillary features. . One of the newest health-related features that is likely to be

  • - Preview of the One UI Watch skin for the next generation of Samsung smartwatches based on Wear OS

    Recently, in mid-May 2021, during a conference of software developers, Google announced its partnership with Samsung to combine the two operating systems Tizen and Wear OS, which, according to Google, will lead to faster implementation of applications and better battery consumption. The collaboration has recently come closer to reality with rumors that the upcoming Galaxy Watch4 will be unveiled a

  • - Video review and a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

    Samsung A52 5G is currently considered one of the most popular and popular fifth generation phones on the market; Compared to its numerous competitors, the model offers unparalleled superiority in a few special cases, and at least on sample paper it looks full of possibilities. Among the very positive and rare points of this phone, first of all, we should mention the 120Hz Super AMOLED full HD dis

  • - Check Freebuds 4i Airbus TWS Huawei equipped with active noise cancellation

    Over the past several years, wireless headphones have been an integral part of the popular mobile phone accessories, and due to the available technology and high profitability, apart from reputable and reliable companies, a large number of anonymous brands have also entered this field. Is. The world of wireless headphones, however, underwent a major transformation with the introduction of Apple Ai

  • - Introducing the FlipBuds Pro - Xiaomi's first TWS headphones with active noise cancellation

    In recent years, the demand for all-wireless headphones - called TWS - has increased. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has also tried to become one of the contenders in the TWS market by offering different types of these headphones. The Chinese company announced on Thursday, May 13, 2021 (May 23, 1400) the production and launch of its latest all-wireless headset for the Chinese market. This new headset is called

  • - Introducing the Vive Pro 2 and Focus 3 - HTC Advanced VR Headset, suitable for the workplace

    No matter how much HTC has regressed in the mobile segment, it has been successful in the field of virtual reality (VR) headsets and will not let the whole market be in the hands of Oculus. It's true that the Oculus Quest 2 performed brilliantly as a low-cost headset, but HTC has largely focused on professional headsets. In this regard, HTC on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 (May 21, 1400) unveiled two new

  • - Introducing the realme C20A - an economical smartphone for the Bangladesh market

    The Riley brand - which split from Oppo in 2018 - initially started out with affordable, high-end handsets. Of course, the real estate business has been very successful in recent years, and the brand's flagship phones - the latest of which is the realme GT - are no less than competing brands. But Rilmi mainly seeks to capture the lower and middle ranks of the market. Following the introduction of

  • - Introducing a 5nm Snapdragon 888 Plus processor with a 3GHz core and an improvement in artificial intelligence

    As expected, Qualcomm unveiled the new Snapdragon 888 Plus processor at MWC 2021 Barcelona, ​​which is considered to be an improved version of the Snapdragon 888. This new chipset is thus no different from the previous SD888 in terms of the type and number of processing and graphics cores, and in the meantime we only encounter some changes such as the maximum core frequency of Cortex-X1 and the im

  • - Introducing the vivo X60t Pro - the same as the + X60 Pro with the new telephoto camera

    From the Vivo X60 family, several different phones have been released to date, including the X60 and X60 Pro with the X60 5G, X60 Pro 5G and, of course, the X60 Pro + 5G; The X60 Pro + 5G was unveiled in mid-January last year, making Zeiss one of the market's best headphones based on its advanced cameras. Vivo today unveiled a new phone in this family called the X60t Pro +, which is a very similar

  • - Kantar report of China's top 50 brands: Huawei among the top three brands

    Contar Market Analysis, in partnership with Google, recently released a list of China's top 50 brands, with Huawei among the top three companies on the list. Called the "Top 50 Chinese Brand Builders", the list uses the influence of a company on its users and customers on a global scale as a ranking factor, which is a more valuable factor compared to a company's capital and revenue. It seams. Anot

  • - Introducing Dongwoo Antenna On Display technology to place a mmWave antenna under the display layer

    Today, fifth-generation communication technology has become one of the most attractive areas in the smartphone space, and many companies in this field are looking to offer 5G with low price and high performance. In this regard, and according to published reports, a Korean company has recently developed a new technology called abbreviated AoD Antenna on Display, which is expected to significantly i

  • - Huawei Matebook D14 Ultrabook with high purchase value

    The new series of Huawei Matebook laptops should be considered the product of changes in the company's strategy from 2020 onwards to be present in various markets. Huawei Matebook series laptops have distinctive elements, including careful design of the body, a small margin around the screen, high processing power and adequate battery charging. MateBook D14 is one of the newest members of this fam

  • - Introducing Dimensity 900 MediaTek 6nm Intermediate Processor with Cortex-A78 Cores

    On Thursday, May 13, 2021 (May 23, 1400), MediaTek introduced its latest intermediate processor called Dimensity 900; The Dimensity 900‌, as its name implies, is a product between the Dimensity 820 and the Dimensity 1100, and (at least) in single-core processes with A78 cores, a major change from MediaTek's previous three-digit Dimensions, all with A76 cores in a stronger cluster. Were presented,