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  • - IDC and Counterpoint report on the market of wearable products and smart watches in the first quarter of 2021

    Demand for wearable devices remained strong in the first quarter of 2021, although slightly lower than last season's record, according to the latest reports from IDC and Counterpoint. The IDC report shows that companies have entered the market with a total of 104.6 million wearables in the last quarter, which shows a growth of 34.4% compared to 77.8 million wearables sold in the first quarter of 2

  • - Wall Street Journal: The

    In April of this year, Apple launched a feature called "App Tracking Transparency" (ATT), which allows developers to approve data collection for things like ad personalization and disabling ad tracking. Users put. Now, according to the latest Wall Street Journal report on Monday, July 5, 2021 (July 14, 1400), the implementation of this feature has apparently caused advertisers to reduce the amount

  • - Introducing and comparing cheap to mid-range 5G phones in the Iranian market - Part 2: The most valuable

    In the previous part of the introduction and comparison of 5G phones in the Iranian market, we went to cheap models that used interesting options such as high-resolution cameras and sometimes screens with a refresh rate of more than 60 Hz. Examples include the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G with a large 120Hz display, two layers of Gorilla Glass 5 sturdy glass on the back and top of the device, a modern pr

  • - Xiaomi Fireworks with HyperCharge Technology - Unveiling of 200 Watt Wireless Charger and 120 Watt Wireless Charger

    Battery technology - especially smartphone batteries - has not evolved much in recent years, and smartphone makers have tried to upgrade components that have more control over it, rather than focusing on the battery itself; And it is nothing but battery charging technology. This technology has advanced significantly in recent years and the acceleration of this technology has been so rapid that it

  • - IDC forecasts 1.38 billion smartphones in 2021 - the highest level since 2015

    In a report on May 26 this year (June 5, 1400), the IDC Research Institute upgraded its forecast from the short-term outlook for the global smartphone market. According to the statistics provided by the quarterly survey of the mobile phone market of this institute, it is predicted that the total supply of smartphones in 2021 will reach 1.38 billion units, which will increase by more than 7.7% comp

  • - Qualcomm's new CEO talks to Reuters about the company's plans to produce the best chips

    In late 2020, Apple introduced the 5-nanometer M1 chipset as an alternative to Intel processors. The chip is used in Mac computers and uses 16 billion transistors. Designed based on the Arm architecture, the M1 chipset has higher speeds and better energy efficiency, and currently no company products, including giants such as Intel and Qualcomm, can compete with it. But Qualcomm's new CEO, Cristian

  • - Introducing Red Magic 6R - Nubia's new gaming phone with a more ordinary look

    Nubia brand (ZTE subsidiary) is mainly known for making gaming phones. It was early March 2021 that the brand unveiled the Red Magic 6 gaming smartphone and its Peru version in China. Now, after about three months, Nubia on Thursday, May 27, 2021 (June 6, 1400) unveiled the newest phone in the series called Red Magic 6R. In terms of specifications, this phone is lower than the Red Magic 6, but in

  • - Take a look at Huawei's HarmonyOS‌ June event with two tablets, two watches and a flagship family?

    There are only a few days left until June 2, 2021, when the Huawei HarmonyOS event will take place; The event, as its name implies, focuses more on providing the company's Harmony software platform for different devices, and will likely feature a variety of devices equipped with the operating system (at least two tablets, two watches and possibly a flagship family). In the few days left until the

  • - Introducing and comparing cheap to mid-range 5G phones available in the Iranian market - Part 1: The cheapest

    Until the last one or two years, it was enough for most users to pay attention to things like screen size and technology, camera sharpness and battery power when buying a mobile phone. It has some previous points; Support for the fifth generation or 5G mobile network, although currently due to the lack of this network in the country's mobile network does not offer a special advantage to the users

  • - By abandoning the APK, Google has officially introduced AAB as the standard Play Store format

    Ever since Android was created, Android apps have always been available in APK format. APK stands for Android Package and means "Android Package". In 2018, Google unveiled a new format for Android apps called AAB - abbreviated Android App Bundle - at the Google I / O event. Since then, thousands of applications in this format have reached Google Play. But according to the news that was published o

  • - Introducing Reno6 Pro, Reno 6 and Reno6 Pro + - Oppo 5G triple with 90Hz display

    On Thursday, May 27, 2021 (June 6, 1400), after offering several phones in the Reno5 series, Oppo has finally left the family and introduced the first members of the Reno6 series (who will certainly not be the last members of this series). The first three members of the series include the Reno6 Pro, Reno6 and Reno6 Pro +, the first of which is a 6.43-inch midrange with the newly introduced Dimensi

  • - Introduction to the technology of the first micro-LED elastic display, produced by the Chinese company Royole

    Undoubtedly, Samsung is the world leader in clamshell smartphones today, but it is interesting to know that the world's first clamshell smartphone was called FlexPai and was launched in early 2018 by Royole. The Chinese company recently presented its new research findings at the Display Week 2021 symposium (May 16-21, 2021, corresponding to May 26-31, 1400). Displaying a flexible 2.7-inch panel at

  • - Xiaomi Financial Report for the First Quarter of 2021 - 163% Growth in Net Profit!

    On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, Xiaomi released its unaudited financial report for the first quarter of 2021, which ended March 31. The company's total revenue during this period, according to the report, reached 76.9 billion Chinese yuan, which compared to last year's statistics shows a growth of 54.7%. This extraordinary statistic in the net profit sector has continued completely, and the company's

  • - Introducing Galaxy Tab S7 FE - Samsung's latest tablet

    In early August last year, Samsung unveiled the flagship Galaxy Tab S7 and its Plus version. These two devices - with their flagship chipset, high-speed display and other advanced features - are at the top of the list of the best Android tablets in the world right now. As you know, the Android tablet market has been booming for a long time and the first choice of many users when buying a tablet is