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  • - Initial production of the 4-nanometer chip at TSMC from the third quarter of 2021

    Taiwan Semiconductor, abbreviated TSMC, is the largest semiconductor contract manufacturer in the world, responsible for manufacturing chipsets designed by major companies such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple and many other big names in the tech world. has it. The company, which is currently manufacturing advanced 5- and 6-nanometer chipsets for various companies, recently announced at its annual mee

  • - Abandon app tracking - a feature that Google will add to Android 12 by the end of 2021

    Google recently announced in an email to Android app developers that it will allow users to stop sharing their ad ID. Advertiser ID is a unique identifier for each device that can be reset, and marketers use it to track movement between apps by users. Google's move comes about six weeks after Apple introduced a similar change in its new iOS 14.5 update to boost user privacy. In fact, given the upc

  • - Introducing the flagship Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders - a joint product of Qualcomm and Asus

    Qualcomm has partnered with Asus to unveil a new and different smartphone that goes by the weird name Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders; As the name implies, this phone is apparently designed for the 1.6 million community of Qualcomm fans and developers in the Snapdragon Insiders program, but as we will see below, it will be widely distributed in the near future. Qualcomm's new smartphone is a di

  • - Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    Undoubtedly, Google is one of the most important names in the field of software, but the company's performance in the field of hardware - including Pixel phones - has not been as successful as software services. In 2017, Google entered the field of wireless aviation with the production of Pixel Buds headphones. Of course, this product was not literally wireless, because despite the Bluetooth conne

  • - Introducing the new Huawei nova 8i smartphone with Snapdragon 662 and 66 watt fast charge

    Huawei has so far unveiled four examples of the nova 8 series handsets, the nova 8 SE, nova 8 Pro 5G, nova 8 5G and nova 8 Pro 4G. The Chinese giant recently unveiled the fifth smartphone of this family, the nova 8i, for the Malaysian market on Tuesday, July 6, this year (July 15, 1400). The new product is in a lower category in terms of technical features compared to the nova 8 5G and Pro version

  • - Introducing the Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A22 5G - Cheap ‌ Samsung's new low-end prices

    On Thursday, June 3, 2021 (June 13, 1400), Samsung unveiled two new phones, the Galaxy A22 and Galaxy A22 5G, the latter of which can be considered the lowest Samsung 5G phone. The A22 and A22 5G have similarities to the Galaxy A32 and A32 5G, and here, despite the same naming, we come across different handsets that differ not only in size, resolution and display technology in the processor, but a

  • - Introducing Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro - Huawei's new smartwatches with HarmonyOS and eSIM support

    On Wednesday, June 2, 1400, Huawei unveiled two smartwatches along with the MatePad Pro 12.6 and MatePad Pro 10.8 advanced tablets along with the MatePad 11. Called the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro, they are Huawei's first smartwatches to ship with the company's proprietary HarmonyOS operating system. As you know, older AirWatch smartphones were equipped with Google's Android Wear operating system (now

  • - Introducing Meizu Watch - Meizu's first smartwatch

    In 2016, Chinese company Meizu unveiled a hybrid watch called the Meizu Mix. This product had no display and, like ordinary watches, had an analog dial with physical hands. Of course, the presence of some smart features - such as vibration alert, LED notification and connection to the phone via Bluetooth - distinguished this watch from analog watches. Now, after a long hiatus, Meizu unveiled its f

  • - Introducing the Galaxy F22 - Samsung mid-range with 6,000 mAh battery for the Indian market

    Samsung unveiled a new smartphone for the Indian market on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. This smartphone is called Galaxy F22 and it is the fifth device of Galaxy F series that enters the Indian market. The specifications of the Galaxy F22 are almost identical to the specifications of the Galaxy A22 4G - which was introduced about a month ago - except that the F22 is in some cases lower. Highlights of th

  • - Explore the evolution of Samsung Android skins, from TouchWiz to One UI

    Manufacturers of Android smartphones prefer to deliver their hardware product to customers with a software shell (based on the main Android operating system). It can be said that this skin or user interface is a signature that the manufacturer puts on its product to distinguish it from other Android devices. Meanwhile, Samsung is perhaps more sensitive to this issue than any other brand, as the Ga

  • - AMD announced the design of the next generation of Exynos flagship chips with RDNA2 graphics architecture

    It was in early June 2019 that Samsung announced that it had entered into a "multi-year strategic partnership" with the American company AMD to develop and produce mobile graphics chipsets (for use in its smartphones). Earlier this year, Samsung announced the use of proprietary AMD technology (called Radeon graphic architecture) to build Exynos processors. Apparently, after this long hiatus, it is

  • - Introducing HarmonyOS 2.0 - Huawei's new software platform

    On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Huawei unveiled the second version of Harmony platform called HarmonyOS 2.0, which will be present in a wide range of the company's devices, from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and IoT devices. This platform, which is apparently based on the open source version of Android (at least in the version for phones and tablets), has some differences from normal Android

  • - Introducing MatePad Pro 12.6 and MatePad Pro 10.8 with MatePad 11 - Huawei new tablets

    On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Huawei unveiled a series of new products at a special event, topped by the brand's HarmonyOS 2.0 software platform. The event also introduced products compatible with the operating system, including the first Huawei Harmony tablets. Huawei's three new tablets this time around include two advanced models, the MatePad Pro 12.6 and MatePad Pro 10.8, along with the MatePad

  • - An overview of Huawei's new products and everything that happened at the June 12 event

    Huawei unveiled its latest achievements in the field of hardware and software in a special event that was broadcast online on Wednesday, June 3rd. The company unveiled its new products at the event, which include the Watch 3 and its Pro version, the new MatePad Pro family of tablets, the MatePad 11 tablet, MitView monitors and, of course, the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system. At this ceremony, the s