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  • - The best apps for online meetings and video conferencing

    With the proliferation of smart tools and the development of communications, a significant portion of face-to-face meetings and conferences have gradually given way to online meetings and webinars. Made a substitute. The continuation of this epidemic has created a situation in which the use of video calling and video conferencing applications has become widespread among many sections of society, r

  • - Introducing the sturdy Nokia XR20 with 5G connectivity and wireless charging support

    On Monday, July 26, 2021, the HMD Globlal series unveiled a new and different phone called the Nokia XR20, which is Nokia's first Android experience in the field of making rugged phones. The XR20, from which scattered information has been published over the past few weeks, features a sturdy body with a military standard and is resistant to shocks and water penetration (with specific degrees and de

  • - The best features of Wi-Fi 6 technology in Huawei modems and routers; More speed, quality and security

    Due to its expertise in the telecommunications industry, Huawei is also active in the field of home and office modems and routers. In the following, we will discuss the presence of the latest WiFi standard, namely Wi-Fi 6, and its capabilities in Huawei modems and routers. WiFi 5, or 802.11ac, is now the most common Wi-Fi standard and is supported by most electronic products, from modems and route

  • - Introducing OnePlus Nord 2 5G with Dimensity 1200 AI processor and 50-megapixel OIS camera

    OnePlus unveiled the new OnePlus Nord 2 5G on Thursday, July 22, 2021, which is a continuation of last year's OnePlus Nord; This model is similar in size and weight, size and technology to the screen and ultraviolet and selfie cameras, but it has a more modern processor and its main camera is 50 megapixels. Battery capacity has been significantly improved and charging speed has been increased. The

  • - Introducing PlasticARM Plastic Arm microchip - processing from lettuce leaves to milk bottles!

    Small, miniature processing chips are present in almost every electronic device these days, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, such as smartphones and computers, and even the idea of ​​life seems impossible without them. Arm, whose processing achievement can be seen on all mobile devices from mobile phones and tablets to countless wearable devices, is set to take the microchip experience

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  • - The state of the mobile game industry after activating

    The iOS 14.5 update in April 2021 brought some new features to the iPhone. These changes include the "App Tracking Transparency" feature, which undoubtedly changed many relationships in the mobile industry. In simple terms, Apple changed the advertiser ID, or IDFA, from opt-out to opt-in. On the one hand, this strengthens Apple's position as the smartphone brand that pays the most attention to use

  • - Qualcomm plans to expand Snapdragon Wear chip line - Wear OS against competitors?

    The wearable market is growing rapidly and its products are effective for all ages and uses in both consumer and organizational sectors. In this regard, Qualcomm announced its comprehensive plan for the wearable market. During a press conference on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, Qualcomm unveiled its growing investment, introducing the company's new program called the Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Prog

  • - Introducing GT Master Edition and GT Master Exploration Edition - Advanced Riley Intermediate Category

    The Riley brand typically produces Master Edition versions of its flagship handsets. This model is usually a model with a more advanced design, which is also different from the regular version in terms of construction. We have already seen this trend of the Chinese company in the mid-range X50 5G smartphone and the flagship product of X2 Pro, whose Master Edition version has been designed and disp

  • - Introducing the Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition - maintaining features with a new design

    On Wednesday, July 21, 2021 (July 30, 1400), Samsung unveiled a new phone called M21 2021 Edition in the Indian market, which is a continuation of the company's previous M21, which was introduced in March 2020. The M21 2021 Edition is not much different from the previous M21, and with some design and camera changes, we come across virtually the same handsets that still have a large OLED display, a