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  • - Introducing the Red Magic 6S Pro Nubia gaming phone with Snapdragon +888 and 720Hz touch sampling rate

    In March of this year, Nubia unveiled the Red Magic 6 series gaming handsets as the first devices with a 165Hz display upgrade rate. The brand later introduced the Red Magic 6R gaming phone, which looked more common than the Red Magic 6 series, but still had some interesting features. Nubia recently unveiled a new gaming phone called the Red Magic 6S Pro on Monday, September 6, with a Snapdragon 8

  • - Apple hires RISC-V programmer - Will Apple abandon ARM architecture?

    The job posting, recently posted on Apple's website, has sparked speculation about the future of the chips used in the company's devices. In the ad, Apple announced that it is looking to attract programmers who have complete control over the RISC-V architecture and dominate the NEON micro-architecture in the ARM CPU cores. RISC-V is an open source or open source architecture and offers different t

  • - Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro in the eyes of the media - strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of professionals

    Xiaomi's Redmi Note series has been offering ideal value-for-money over the past few years, and this situation has been repeated this year (despite the confusing entries) for the Note 10 collection. Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of the most attractive phones in this series, which was introduced in March 2021 along with three other models, namely Note 10, Note 10S and Note 10 5G. The Redmi Note 10 Pro w

  • - Canalys report on wearable straps in the second quarter of 2021 - Xiaomi and Apple lead

    On September 2, 2021, the Canalys Institute released its report on the global market for wearable straps in the second quarter of this year. According to the report, in the last quarter, the supply of these products reached 40.9 million units with an annual growth of 5.6 percent. On the other hand, the decline in the simple bond market, which started in the fourth quarter of 2020, continued until

  • - Qualcomm unveils aptX Lossless audio codec

    2021 is a crucial year for the Lossless Audio codec. Apple recently announced its decision to change the Apple Music codec to Lossless. Amazon will no longer charge extra for streaming music with the Lossless codec. The Lossless codec, as its name implies, is of very good quality, but one of the main challenges with Lossless is how to play it with wireless headphones and earbuds. Qualcomm apparent

  • - Full Wireless Headset (TWS) Market Channel - Time to Slow Down

    The Canaliz Research Institute has released its latest report on the All-Wireless Headset (TWS) market in the second quarter of 2021; According to the report, after strong double-digit growth in recent seasons, the supply of these devices has reached its peak and during this period, with the presentation of 58.3 million units, it has experienced a growth of only 6.4%, which is the lowest amount in

  • - Introducing the Xiaomi Redmi 10 Prime with a stronger battery and a lower price!

    Just over two weeks have passed since the introduction of the affordable Redmi 10, which was unveiled to the global market on August 18; This model, however, has faced positive feedback in the short term, which, due to the low price of the phone, paints a bright future for it. Among the reasons for the Redmi 10's appeal are its 90Hz display and 50-megapixel camera, both of which are rare (if not r

  • - CINNO Research report on the Chinese smartphone market in July 2021 - Honor climbed to third place

    The ChinaDaily news website published a report on the state of the Chinese smartphone market in July 2021 on Monday, August 30, 2021. According to the report - compiled by CINNO Research - in July 2021, the supply of smartphones in the Chinese market grew by 28.6% year on year to 28.68 million devices. One of the highlights of this report is the development of the Honor brand. According to CINNO R

  • - SellCell predicts little Android users to welcome Apple's new iPhones

    According to rumors, Apple will introduce its new series of iPhones called iPhone 13 in the next two weeks and will continue the cycle of annual product upgrades. In this regard, the SellCell Institute on the last day of August this year (September 9, 1400) conducted a survey to measure the interest of Android users in the iOS platform. In the study, which was conducted using data from the respons

  • - Introducing ISOCELL HP1 The first 200-megapixel camera sensor for mobile with a combination of 16 pixels by 1 pixel

    As has been expected for a long time, Samsung has finally unveiled its first 200-megapixel camera sensor for smartphones on the second Thursday of September 2021 (September 11, 1400); This sensor is called ISOCELL HP1 and we can hope for its presence in the next generation of Samsung flagships. Samsung has also unveiled another 50-megapixel sensor called the ISOCELL GN5, which looks like a simplif

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