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  • - Introducing the vivo X60t Pro - the same as the + X60 Pro with the new telephoto camera

    From the Vivo X60 family, several different phones have been released to date, including the X60 and X60 Pro with the X60 5G, X60 Pro 5G and, of course, the X60 Pro + 5G; The X60 Pro + 5G was unveiled in mid-January last year, making Zeiss one of the market's best headphones based on its advanced cameras. Vivo today unveiled a new phone in this family called the X60t Pro +, which is a very similar

  • - Kantar report of China's top 50 brands: Huawei among the top three brands

    Contar Market Analysis, in partnership with Google, recently released a list of China's top 50 brands, with Huawei among the top three companies on the list. Called the "Top 50 Chinese Brand Builders", the list uses the influence of a company on its users and customers on a global scale as a ranking factor, which is a more valuable factor compared to a company's capital and revenue. It seams. Anot

  • - Introducing Dongwoo Antenna On Display technology to place a mmWave antenna under the display layer

    Today, fifth-generation communication technology has become one of the most attractive areas in the smartphone space, and many companies in this field are looking to offer 5G with low price and high performance. In this regard, and according to published reports, a Korean company has recently developed a new technology called abbreviated AoD Antenna on Display, which is expected to significantly i

  • - Huawei Matebook D14 Ultrabook with high purchase value

    The new series of Huawei Matebook laptops should be considered the product of changes in the company's strategy from 2020 onwards to be present in various markets. Huawei Matebook series laptops have distinctive elements, including careful design of the body, a small margin around the screen, high processing power and adequate battery charging. MateBook D14 is one of the newest members of this fam

  • - Introducing Dimensity 900 MediaTek 6nm Intermediate Processor with Cortex-A78 Cores

    On Thursday, May 13, 2021 (May 23, 1400), MediaTek introduced its latest intermediate processor called Dimensity 900; The Dimensity 900‌, as its name implies, is a product between the Dimensity 820 and the Dimensity 1100, and (at least) in single-core processes with A78 cores, a major change from MediaTek's previous three-digit Dimensions, all with A76 cores in a stronger cluster. Were presented,

  • - Asus Zenfone 8 - Miniature flagship

    Making Android flagships with small screens has long been off the agenda of large manufacturers, and single stars such as Sony's Xperia 5 III do not look very exciting given the aggressive pricing policy. Asus, however, apparently intends to revive this forgotten category and provide an Android equivalent for the iPhone 12 mini, and with the display of the Zenfone 8, it has attracted attention; Un

  • - Asus Zenfone 8 Flip - Rebirth of Zenfone 7 Pro with Snapdragon 888

    On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, along with the introduction of the Zenfone 8 small flagship phone, Asus unveiled another flagship of this family called Zenfone 8 Flip, which follows the Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro of rotating cameras in the section. Backs benefit; These cameras can be used as a selfie camera with a 180 degree rotation. The Zenfone 8 Flip thus comes with an all-screen screen without no

  • - Xiaomi removed from US Department of Defense blacklist

    In the last days of his tenure in the White House, former US President Donald Trump barred investment and securities companies from working with Xiaomi and several other Chinese companies; The move was prompted by the companies' dependence on the Chinese government, prompting Xiaomi's reaction. The company filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Defense and the Treasury on the last day of Jan

  • - Introducing Y12s 2021 - Vivo's new low-end with Snapdragon 439 processor and 5,000 mAh battery

    In November 2020, Vivo unveiled a low-end phone called the Y12s, which featured a 6.51-inch HDTV display, a 13-megapixel main camera and a MediaTek Helio P35 processor; The company has now released an updated version of this phone called Y12s 2021, the main difference with the same name of this device last year should be sought in the processing section; The phone comes with a Snapdragon 439 chip,

  • - Huawei FreeBuds 4i airbag will be introduced in the Iranian market soon

    Real-time wireless headphones, or TWSs, are one of the best-selling and most popular smartphone accessories these days, providing wired music for an immersive music listening experience. Among the salient features considered by buyers in this area, apart from the beautiful design and light weight, we should mention the possibility of eliminating noise, high battery charge and, of course, most impo

  • - Introducing V21e 5G - Vivo's new midrange for the Indian market

    Vivo introduced the V21e smartphone with 4G connectivity in April this year. Now, two months later, the Chinese company on Thursday, June 24, 2021 (July 3, 1400) unveiled the fifth generation version of this phone called vivo V21e 5G. Despite the nominal similarity, the two devices differ in some of the most important hardware specifications (such as the processor and the camera). Highlights of th

  • - Apple to increase investment in Corning and speculate on the possibility of releasing curved iPhones by 2023

    Apple, which reportedly invested $ 450 million in its Advanced Manufacturing Fund with Corning over the past four years, reportedly invested more than $ 45 million on Monday, May 10, this year. In this company has reported. According to the American company, the new investment is aimed at expanding Corning production capacity in the United States and directing research and development to new and i

  • - Xiaomi patent for making a smartphone with a rotating camera inside the display

    Xiaomi is still on the move. This Chinese company knows very well how to offer its cheap and expensive phones. For example, the flagship Mi 11 Ultra or the Mi Mix Fold clamshell smartphone clearly demonstrate Xiaomi's high capability. It was early in 2021 that Xiaomi unveiled a 4-edge curved concept smartphone with a front-facing camera embedded in the display. By that account, Xiaomi is one of th

  • - Simultaneous display of two windows of an application with the Huawei App Multiplier feature and the presence of Iranian apps

    Simultaneous opening of two applications together is one of the features that has long been provided thanks to the extensive multitasking capabilities of smartphones in many models, but when it comes to opening two different windows of an application, the story is different and a comprehensive solution in this The context is not provided by most operating systems. The solution to this problem, how