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  • - Introducing the cheap ‌ Huawei Enjoy 20e ear with two different chipsets!

    Huawei on Thursday, October 28, 2021 (November 6, 1400) unveiled a new phone called Enjoy 20e, which, as its name suggests, belongs to the lower echelons of the market. The Enjoy 20e is in many ways similar to the company's previous phone in the family, the Enjoy 10e, which was introduced early last year with features such as a 6.3-inch HD Plus display, Helio P35 processor and a 5,000mAh battery.

  • - Introducing the Oppo A54s with a 50-megapixel camera and Helio G35 processor

    To date, Oppo has launched two different phones in the A54 series, including the original Oppo A54 with a 6.51-inch HD panel and the Helio P35 processor, and the Oppo A54 5G with a 6.5-inch full HD display and Snapdragon 480 5G processor. The company on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 (November 5, 1400) unveiled a new phone in this family called A54s and it should be placed between the other two model

  • - Meet Honor Play5 Youth - the latest Honor smartphone

    The Honor Play5 5G is a convenient and affordable mid-range smartphone introduced by Honor in mid-May. Now, after about 5 months, we learned that it has decided to expand the Play5 series and another version of this phone is ready to enter the market. On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 (November 4, 1400), the Honor brand unveiled its latest product called Honor Play5 Youth. The new phone has outperforme

  • - Introducing the Oppo A56 5G - Update with one less camera!

    With the introduction of the fifth-generation Oppo A55 5G smartphone in early 2021, Oppo showed that low-end, not-so-powerful devices can also be equipped with 5G communication technology. Now, after 9 months, the Chinese company has introduced a newer version of this phone. Oppo unveiled its latest smartphone in China, the Oppo A56 5G, very quietly on Monday, October 25, 2021. Apart from a small

  • - 50% reduction in Google Play Store commission for subscription-based applications from the beginning of 2022

    According to SlashGear, Google has a plan in place to halve its commission on subscription-based businesses in the Play Store. The American company, following in Apple's footsteps, had previously reduced its commission rate for the first $ 1 million in annual program owner revenue from 30 percent to 15 percent, and will now apply this reduction to developers who generate revenue through in-app sub

  • - Introducing four new Qualcomm chipsets: from Snapdragon 778G Plus 5G to SD695, SD480 Plus 5G and SD680 4G

    Qualcomm has a large market for advanced mobile processors and its unique 800 Series chipsets. At the intermediate level, however, a powerful competitor called MediaTek emerges, offering cheaper and more cost-effective solutions. Qualcomm's position, especially in the mid-range advanced chipsets with the Snapdragon 780G and Snapdragon 778G, has strengthened in recent months, but MediaTek's shadow

  • - Introducing the Xperia PRO-I - Sony's 1800 € camera in the form of a mobile phone!

    On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 (November 4, 1400), Sony unveiled a new smartphone called the Xperia PRO-I, which is a continuation of the Xperia Pro introduced last February, and here more than an advanced phone with a different camera We have to talk about a modern camera with the ability to make calls and install Android applications! The letter I on the Xperia PRO-I apparently means Imaging and r

  • - US gives the green light to Huawei and SMIC suppliers despite a ban on the sale of semiconductor components

    According to documents released by the US Congress on October 21, 2021, suppliers of Huawei and SMIC (China's largest chip maker) received billions of dollars worth of licenses between November 2020 and April 2021, despite official US sanctions. United States to be able to buy American products and technology. According to the documents, which first reached Reuters, 113 export licenses worth $ 61

  • - Introducing the vivo Y71t - the expansion of the Y series with beautiful midrange

    Vivo is going through busy days. The Chinese company officially established the T-Series on October 20, 2021 (October 28, 1400) with the introduction of the T1 and T1x intermediates in China. A day later, we learned that Vivo had also unveiled a new member of the Y family. Vivo unveiled its latest smartphone, the vivo Y71t, on Thursday, October 21, 2021. This phone is more or less similar to the T

  • - Introducing the iQOO Z5x - a new intermediary in the Z family

    Last month, the iQOO brand (a subsidiary of Vivo) unveiled an advanced midrange called the iQOO Z5. Now, the Chinese brand unveiled its latest smartphone called iQOO Z5x on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (October 28, 1400) with the aim of expanding the Z series. The nominal similarity of this device with the iQOO Z5 indicates a lot in common between the two smartphones, with the difference that the s

  • - Introducing T1 and T1x - the first Vivo products in the T series

    Vivo officially unveiled the first T-series smartphones with the letters T1 and T1x in China on Wednesday, October 20, this year (October 28, 1400). Both phones are in the middle of the market, and the IPS LCD display, the presence of 6-nanometer processors (from two different manufacturers), a massive 5,000 mAh battery, fast charging capability and 5G connection are their common features. The mai

  • - Familiarity with third-generation AirPods - Enjoy space sound and more powerful batteries

    More than two years have passed since the release of the current generation of Apple AirPods - called AirPods 2. Now, after much anticipation, Apple has finally decided to update this product. The American company on Monday, October 18, 2021 (October 26, 1400) unveiled the new generation of this device, namely AirPods 3. These airbags are all-wireless headsets (so-called TWS) and, like the previou

  • - Introducing the Oppo K9s with a Snapdragon 778G processor and 120Hz display

    Oppo has unveiled a new phone called the Oppo K9s in the Chinese market on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, just in time. The K9s, as its name implies, sits between the K9 and K9 Pro and looks like a mid-range upscale mid-range. The K9s has a more powerful processor than the K9, offering a screen refresh rate and higher battery capacity. It is also important to note that the K9s is Oppo's first phone

  • - Unveiling of the Vivo S10e - Vivo Economic Intermediary

    In mid-July 2021, Vivo officially unveiled the Vivo S10 family with the unveiling of two smartphones, the Vivo S10 and Vivo S10 Pro. This series of phones have powerful selfie cameras and can be placed in the upper middle category. Now, about 3 months later, Vivo has started updating the series. The Chinese company unveiled its latest smartphone called vivo S10e on Monday, October 18, 2021 (Octobe