• - Official introduction of HarmonyOS in April - Mate X2 first receiver phone

    Official introduction of HarmonyOS in April - Mate X2 first receiver phone

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    Huawei's efforts to counter US sanctions, led by restrictions on access to the Android operating system, began in May 2019, until a few months later, in mid-summer 2019, the company's new HarmonyOS operating system, called HongMeng in China. The OS is known to have been unveiled. The platform has been available in various preview versions over the past year or two and is now preparing for its first final version. According to information released by Huawei, the latest beta version of the HarmonyOS operating system will be available on March 31, ie 3 more days, and the first final and stable version will be released in April.

    This was previously reported by Yu Chengdong, CEO of Customer Section Huawei announced the business hub last February and announced the introduction of an Android replacement for Huawei smartphones in April. This version of the Harmony operating system, of course, was not initially offered for the various handsets of the company, and the flagship clamshell phone Mate X2 was mentioned as the first recipient. Mate X2, which was recently introduced in February 2021 with Android 10 operating system, now apparently will have a chance to enjoy the power of Huawei's new operating system. This, of course, is not the end of the HarmonyOS‌ story, and according to Huawei executives, nearly 90% of Huawei phones and of course the Honor brand will be able to use this platform. In the list that was published in November 2020, in addition to the flagships of the Mate and P series introduced in the last few years, the advanced phones of the Nova 8 and Nova 7 series are seen along with several mid-range and advanced phones of the Honor brand. Tablets and even smartwatches are not excluded from this list, and for example Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 2e are mentioned as two smartwatches that support HarmonyOS. Huawei Mate X2

    as other news in this regard also from the flagship P50 series phones as The first devices that are introduced by default and so-called out of the box with this operating system have been mentioned. This issue, of course, has not been confirmed by Huawei and its affiliated news sources, but the distance remains until the introduction and presence of these flagships in the market. The latest news has been postponed from March to May. According to news sources, Huawei has announced its intention to install the Harmony operating system on 200 million phones in 2021, which, if implemented, would be a big step to alleviate the difficult conditions of the company's sanctions.

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    Talk about the Huawei P50; It is better to talk a little about this flagship; New images from the series have recently been made available that reaffirm past designs for the giant camera area on the back and the selfie camera punch hole in the center of the screen. Image attributed to Huawei P50

    Normal version of Huawei P50 with new images attributed to it Recently released three simple camera lenses and what the ToF time sensor or ToF looks like. From the same source, some time ago, images were released about the P50 Pro +, in which one of the 5 cameras on the back was periscopically located at the top. It goes without saying that such plans, of course, have not yet been fully and 100% approved, and to ensure their accuracy, there will be no choice but to wait for the unveiling of the handsets.

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