• - Microsoft Financial Report for the quarter ending March 2021 - 44% increase in net profit

    Microsoft Financial Report for the quarter ending March 2021 - 44% increase in net profit
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    On April 27, 2021, Microsoft released its financial report for the quarter ending March 31, this year, in accordance with the third quarter of fiscal year 2021. According to the report, Microsoft's total revenue in the last quarter increased by 19% to $ 41.7 billion. Operating profit was $ 17 billion, up 31 percent from the same period last year. In the last quarter, Microsoft also performed positively in terms of net profit, so that the company's net profit according to the accepted accounting principles (GAAP) amounted to 15.5 billion, which indicates a growth of 44%. > Microsoft Financial Report for the quarter ending March 2021 - 44% increase in net profit

    Satya Nadella ( "More than a year after the [Corona] epidemic, digital acceptance curves are not declining, they are accelerating, and this is just the beginning," said Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. "We have built [cloud] technology for the next decade and expanded our target market and innovation across layers of technology to help our customers with flexibility and digital transformation." Microsoft Financial Report for the quarter ending March 2021 - 44% increase in net profit Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

    Amy Hood "Microsoft Cloud, with its end-to-end solutions and significant customer value, has generated $ 17.7 billion in revenue," said Microsoft's chief executive officer and chief financial officer. "It shows a 33% growth compared to last year."

    Microsoft divides its vast business into three main divisions: Business Processes and Productivity, Smart Cloud, and Personalized Computing, which are described in more detail below.

    Revenue from Business Processes and Productivity in the quarter ending March this year was $ 13.6 billion, an increase of 15% over the previous financial period. According to Microsoft, revenue from Office Office products and cloud services grew by 14%, much of it in recent seasons following a 22% increase in Office 365 Business revenue. Microsoft Financial Report for the quarter ending March 2021 - 44% increase in net profit

    Microsoft's revenue from non-Commercial Office products and related cloud services also increased by 5%. According to the published statistics, the number of subscribers of Microsoft 365 Consumer service has reached 50.2 million, which is one of the main factors for the growth of this sector. In addition, Microsoft not only saw a 25 percent increase in LinkedIn revenue, but also a 26 percent increase in Dynamics products and related cloud services, largely due to Dynamics 365 and 45 percent growth. Search. Also, Microsoft Teams should not be forgotten that the number of daily active users has reached about 145 million people.

    In the past quarter, Microsoft's revenue in the smart cloud segment, including server products, Azure and GitHub, was $ 15.1 billion, up 23 percent from the previous fiscal period. Accordingly, revenue for server products and cloud services grew by 26 percent, thanks to a 50 percent increase in Azure revenue. This segment includes Windows, Bing search engine, Xbox and Surface PCs, and in the last quarter, it provided about 31% of Microsoft's total revenue of $ 41.7 billion. According to the report, revenue from more personal computing was $ 13 billion, up 19 percent from the previous financial period. Revenue from Windows commercial products and related cloud services grew 10 percent. Also, revenue from the sale of windows offered to OEM companies increased by 10% compared to the same period last year. Thus, it can be concluded that despite the global shortage of chips, the growth rate of the PC market has not slowed down, and Microsoft has once again taken advantage of this.

    In fact, the increase in revenue in the Windows sector is one of the highlights of Microsoft's financial report, and well reflects the growing demand for laptops and PCs due to the global corona epidemic. According to the CEO, there are currently 1.3 billion active Windows 10-based devices in the world, and the American company is expected to detail some future changes in the operating system over the next month in order to "visually and extensively rejuvenate Windows." Offer the market. Microsoft Financial Report for the quarter ending March 2021 - 44% increase in net profit Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

    Surface and search-based advertising sectors (excluding traffic-related costs), like other sectors, experienced revenue growth of 12% and 17%, respectively. Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled the latest Surface prototype called the Surface Laptop 4 and its accessories. It also introduced the Surface Pro 7 Plus to businesses and schools last season. The Surface Pro is the most popular device among Surface products, and its latest models feature a larger battery, 11th generation Intel processors, interchangeable SSD memory, and the ability to connect to They use LTE network.

    Microsoft has once again raised revenue in the Xbox hardware and gaming segment by 232 percent. This is the second quarter that the X and S series consoles are sold, and the successful sale of these two products has been one of the most important factors in increasing Microsoft's revenue in this segment.

    Content and service revenue The Xbox is up 34 percent from the same quarter last year. In fact, computer games have become a major pastime for many people during 2020, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021.

    Microsoft recently returned $ 10 billion in stock repurchases and dividends to shareholders, up 1 percent from the third quarter of fiscal 2020. Source: Microsoft

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