• - Introducing the vivo Y72 5G for the Indian market with Snapdragon 480 and 90Hz display

    Introducing the vivo Y72 5G for the Indian market with Snapdragon 480 and 90Hz display

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    Last March, vivo unveiled a mid-range smartphone called the Y72 5G for the global market, which uses a Dimensity 700 processor, a 6.58-inch LCD display and a 64-megapixel main camera. The company has now unveiled a new phone in this category for the Indian market, which will be offered with the exact same title as the Y72 5G, but some of its most important points such as processor, screen refresh rate and main and selfie camera resolution have changed. The Y72 5G, of course, still does not leave the mid-range market, and as you can guess from its appearance, it does not look very advanced and modern by today's standards.  <b>Introducing</b> the <b>vivo</b> <b>Y72</b> 5G for the <b>Indian</b> <b>market</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> <b>480</b> and <b>90Hz</b> <b>display</b>

    The first different point in the new Y72 5G is its design in the rear camera section, which from The linear and vertical structure of the Y72 5G International Edition has now been transformed into a square-shaped structure, and the number of cameras has also been reduced. The dimensions of the device, of course, are not much different from the past, and with 8.4 75.3 164.1 mm, it has changed from a few tenths to a few hundredths of a millimeter. The phone weighs less and at 185.5 grams, a decrease of 7.5 grams. <b>Introducing</b> the <b>vivo</b> <b>Y72</b> 5G for the <b>Indian</b> <b>market</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> <b>480</b> and <b>90Hz</b> <b>display</b>

    The screen of the device without change in manufacturing technology, dimensions and resolution is still a 6.58-inch LCD with a resolution of 1080 2408 pixels, which is a drop notch on top It can be seen. Of course, this screen is not quite the same as before, and as a new and interesting point, we should mention its 90Hz refresh rate, which will bring a smoother experience on paper. Other mention of the new Y72 5G display, which the manufacturer claims covers 90.61% of the device, covers 96% of the NTSC range.

     <b>Introducing</b> the <b>vivo</b> <b>Y72</b> 5G for the <b>Indian</b> <b>market</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> <b>480</b> and <b>90Hz</b> <b>display</b>

    At the top of the screen and in the V-shape of this part, I can see an 8-megapixel selfie camera with Although its resolution is halved compared to the international version of this model, but with f/1.8, it has a wider aperture and will perform better on paper in low light environments.

    Larger variations of this set compared to its international counterpart should be sought in rear-view cameras; Where not only has the resolution of the main camera been reduced but also the ultraviolet camera has been completely abandoned; The only camera capable of shooting in this area is a 48-megapixel model with f/1.79, which is accompanied by a 2-megapixel depth-of-field sensor to blur behind the main subject when taking portraits. An LED flash can be seen in this part and the fingerprint sensor is located on the side of the device and on the power button as usual.

     <b>Introducing</b> the in <b>vivo</b> <b>Y72</b> 5G for the <b>Indian</b> <b>market</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> <b>480</b> and <b>90Hz</b> <b>display</b>

    Another important point that sets the Y72 5G offered in the Indian market apart from its international counterpart; The new Y72 5G is powered by an 8nm Snapdragon 480 5G processor equipped with two 2GHz A76 cores and six 1.8GHz A55 cores. Processing in the previous version of this phone was done with MediaTek's 7-nanometer Dimensity 700 chip, which again uses 2 2.2 GHz A76 cores and 6 2 GHz A55 cores, so we will not face a big difference, at least in terms of processing. In terms of graphics, however, the story is different, and on paper, the Adreno 619 graphics on the Snapdragon 480 are a significant advantage over the graphics on the Mali-G57's only two cores in the Dimensity 700. <b>Introducing</b> the <b>vivo</b> <b>Y72</b> 5G for the <b>Indian</b> <b>market</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> <b>480</b> and <b>90Hz</b> display

    The phone has 8 GB of unchanged RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. It can be expanded via a hybrid microSD slot. The 5,000 mAh battery capacity is another constant point in this set, and the not-so-powerful 18-watt charger is still present. Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo satellite routers, 3.5mm headset jack and USB-C port are other notable features of this phone, and NFC has no place in it. <b>Introducing</b> the <b>vivo</b> <b>Y72</b> 5G for the <b>Indian</b> <b>market</b> with <b>Snapdragon</b> <b>480</b> and <b>90Hz</b> display

    vivo Y72 5G new to color Gray and a color combination called Prism Magic with Android 11 operating system and Funtouch OS 11.1 user interface priced at Rs 20,990 (at the current exchange rate of close to US $ 282) are available on the vivo site in India and there is still information about its availability. Not available in other markets.

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