• - Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Quantum2 - Safe Background for the Galaxy A82

    Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Quantum2 - Safe Background for the Galaxy A82

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    On Tuesday, April 13, 2021 (April 24, 1400), Samsung unveiled a different phone called Galaxy Quantum2 for the Korean market, which apart from the usual hardware specifications, is also equipped with a special security chip called QRNG, which has its complete security uses. Will strengthen. Quantum2 should be considered a replacement for last year's Galaxy A Quantum, which uses a similar security chipset and was developed by the Swiss subsidiary ID Quantique of Korean operator SK Telecom. The Quantum 2 is also important in that it looks like it will be launched in the near future as the Galaxy A82 without the QRNG chip. <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Samsung</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Quantum2</b> - <b>Safe</b> <b>Background</b> for the <b>Galaxy</b> A82

    News about Quantum2 It has been on the tongues for a week or two, and in addition to the hardware specs, a few photos attributed to it have been made available in the past few days. Quantum2, however, was officially unveiled today in partnership with SK Telecom. The highlights of this model belong to the QRNG security chip of the device, which stands for Quantum Random Number Generator, and with its 2.5 mm square design, it is apparently the smallest example of its kind in the world. The task of this chip, as its name implies, is to generate random numbers and codes for use in banking applications and related services, and thus the penetration in this set will probably be minimized. <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Samsung</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Quantum2</b> - <b>Safe</b> <b>Background</b> for the <b>Galaxy</b> A82

    How this chip works It also seems interesting where the random codes of this program are obtained through LED noise and CMOS sensor and it goes without saying that we will be faced with a series of completely random codes at any moment. Samsung has partnered with some Korean banks to support the security system, including Shinhan Bank and Standard Chartered Bank Korea, and it can also be used for some applications such as SK Pay, T World and 11Street. The chip will reportedly be used in the future for Samsung's proprietary credit card. Excluding the QRNG chip, the Galaxy Quantum2 is a fairly acceptable mid-range phone with a 6.7-inch 1440p display with Super AMOLED technology and a 120Hz refresh rate. Its 10-megapixel selfie camera is also located in a hole in the center of the top of the panel. The main camera of the 64-megapixel f/1.8 phone is equipped with OIS, which makes it a 12-megapixel ultraviolet camera. The third image sensor on the back of the device is not a real camera and is a 5-megapixel depth-of-field sensor. <b>Introducing</b> the <b>Samsung</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Quantum2</b> - <b>Safe</b> <b>Background</b> for the <b>Galaxy</b> A82

    Processing on this phone Made with a two-year-old Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, it has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The device's battery has a capacity of only 4,000 mAh and its fast charger is 25 watts. Other notable features of this model include in-screen fingerprint sensor, WiFi 6, NFC connection and of course 5G support. The Quantum 2, which will likely enter the global market under the name A82, is not very large and heavy despite the large screen of the phone, and news sources report that it measures 8.1 x 73.8 x 161.9 mm and weighs 176 grams. Pre-orders for the Quantum2 lasted from today until April 19 (April 30, 1400), and the handset will officially launch on April 23 at a price of 699,600 South Korean won (at the current exchange rate, close to US $ 623). This country is available.

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