• - Introducing the Exynos W920 - the first dedicated 5nm chip for wearables

    Introducing the Exynos W920 - the first dedicated 5nm chip for wearables
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    On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, the day before the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung announced the production of a chipset for wearable products. The chip is called the Exynos W920 and, according to the manufacturer, is the first proprietary chipset for wearable devices to be made with advanced 5-nanometer lithography and the EUV process. According to Samsung, the CPU and GPU performance of this new chipset has been significantly improved over the previous generation. It is worth mentioning that this chip will be used in making Galaxy Watch4 series smartwatches as well as other wearable Samsung devices in the future.

     Introducing the Exynos W920 - the first dedicated 5nm chip for wearables

    They are not "cool or classy" and are becoming part of people's lifestyles due to the variety of possibilities in areas such as fitness, health and safety. He adds: "Future wearables, thanks to the Exynos W920, are able to run applications with attractive [visually] user interfaces and a more active user experience, and keep you connected with high-speed LTE."

    chipset The Exynos 920 is made up of two Cortex-A55 cores and is powered by Mali-G68 graphics. Samsung claims that compared to the Exynos W9110, the CPU performance of this new chip has been improved by up to 20% and its graphics power has been increased 10 times. According to Samsung, thanks to these upgraded cores, the Exynos W920 runs faster, and the 3D graphical user interface on devices equipped with the chip - which can have QHD displays (540 x 960 pixels) - becomes more attractive and interactive. Was.

    The "Always-On-Display" feature is very useful for wearable devices (especially smartwatches), because it allows the user to know the time with just a glance at the screen. Notify notifications, missed calls, etc. without turning on the display. The "always-on display" management of this new chip is entrusted to a dedicated Cortex-M55 co-processor, which can reduce the display's power consumption. Introducing the Exynos W920 - the first dedicated 5nm chip for wearables

    Introducing the Exynos W920, Samsung noted that despite the improvements in specifications and features Thanks to a technology called FO-PLP, this chip has the smallest packaging among wearable chips. Using this technology, Samsung has integrated the Exynos W920 chip, power management IC (PMIC), RAM (LPDDR4) and internal memory (eMMC) in a small package.

    Exynos W920 with 4G LTE Cat 4 modem allows the wearable device to connect to the fourth generation network and with support for the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) can be used during outdoor sports activities, in addition to Also announce the user's location, speed, distance traveled and altitude above sea level. It should be noted that in introducing this chip, Samsung mentions its support for "a new integrated wearable platform" and notes that this platform was designed as a result of cooperation with Google. Samsung probably means the same software as Tizen and Wear OS.

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