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    Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price
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    Undoubtedly, Google is one of the most important names in the field of software, but the company's performance in the field of hardware - including Pixel phones - has not been as successful as software services. In 2017, Google entered the field of wireless aviation with the production of Pixel Buds headphones. Of course, this product was not literally wireless, because despite the Bluetooth connection to the phone, the earbuds themselves were connected with a single wire. But their next generation, Pixel Buds 2, unveiled last year, was truly wireless and solved many of the problems of the first series. We recently learned that Google has unveiled its latest aviation called Pixel Buds A. Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    The suffix A in the name of Google's new headphones indicates its lower specifications and lower price compared to the previous generation (just like Google's policy of naming pixel phones with the suffix A). As such, these new headphones may be very similar in design to the previous generation Pixel Buds, but Google has been forced to ignore some features to reduce the price. In the following, we will get more acquainted with this product. As mentioned, Google's new airbags are very similar in appearance to the Pixel Buds 2, and the similarities are so great that only colors can distinguish the two products. This time, Google has chosen White (Clearly White) and Dark Olive (Dark Olive) colors for its headphones. The so-called flush-to-ear design, the silicone tip of the headphones in three different sizes, and the presence of an arch clamp behind the ear (stabilizer arc) are some of the factors that make these headphones fixed in the ear, not moved by the movements of the head. Do not bother your ears with long-term use. Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    Pixel Buds A headphones They have IPX4 degree of protection and are resistant to water and body sweat. In this way, walking in the rain and doing training sessions with a lot of sweat will not be a problem for these windmills. Of course, this resistance is not permanent, and according to Google, over time and due to depreciation, repair, opening and closing or damage, the resistance of this product to water and sweating will decrease. Needless to say, the charger case has no water resistance. This is actually the elliptical charger case we saw in the previous model. This charger case is almost the same size as the AirPods Pro charger case and fits easily in your pocket. The USB-C port is also visible at the bottom of the case. Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    Pixel Buds A It lasts up to 5 hours when playing audio and up to 2.5 hours when talking. Of course, if we add the battery in the charger case to these figures, the battery life will increase to 24 hours for audio playback and to 12 hours for calls. It should be noted that just 15 minutes of charging these airbags will provide the energy needed to play audio for up to 3 hours or talk for up to 1.5 hours.

    Google's new headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. According to those who have worked closely with the Pixel Buds A, the Bluetooth connection in these headphones is relatively strong and moving from one room to another does not cut off the Bluetooth connection. Pixel Buds A is compatible with Android devices running Android 6 and above and Apple IDs. To connect to the device, the user must use the pairing button, but apparently it is easier to connect these headphones to Android phones and tablets through Google's Fast Pair service. Direct communication with Google Assistant and Google Translate is also possible only through Android devices. Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    Each of the headphones It has a capacitive touch sensor that the user can use to control the music playback (including playback, stop and go to the next track) as well as call. These functions are achieved by tapping (once, again and three times) on the touchpad. Long press also calls Google Assistant. Here your voice commands are transmitted through the microphone to the smart device connected to it. It should be noted that the ability to swipe up and down to adjust the volume is not available in Pixel Buds A, but the user can do so with a voice command to Google Assistant without manual intervention.

    Another sensor used in the Pixel Buds A is the infrared proximity sensor, which can automatically detect or pause audio by detecting whether or not the headphones are in the phone. According to Google, when the user switches between quiet and noisy environments, a feature called Adaptive Sound detects this and automatically adjusts the volume of the headphones to suit the environment. Other interesting features of Pixel Buds A include the Find My Device feature. That way, if you forget where you put your headphones, if the headphones are near you, you will hear a gradually increasing ringing sound from the headphones using this feature. Otherwise, you can see their latest location on the map.

    In terms of sound quality, Google's new headphones are no different from their predecessors, as the Pixel Buds A uses the same 12mm dynamic speakers that some experts believe are of mediocre quality. The speaker quality is undoubtedly higher on headphones like the AirPods Pro (Apple product) and the WF-1000XM3 (Sony product). According to Google, the Pixel Buds A dual microphones - which use beamforming technology - focus on the user's voice, making loud and clear sound reach the other party. Needless to say, here, like the previous model, we see a valve that causes external noise to flow through it and avoids the condition called "swimmer's ear". Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    It is interesting to know Google The Pixel Buds A uses an upgraded chipset that allows each of the airbags to connect to your phone or tablet independently. This is while the chipset used in the previous version of Pixel Buds first connected one of the airbags to the phone or tablet, and then in the completion of this chain, the second airbag was connected to the first airbag. Another benefit of this upgraded chipset is that it establishes a more powerful connection between the headphones and the phone (or tablet).

    In addition to the various features and capabilities of Pixel Buds A, it must be acknowledged that Google's attempt to lower the cost of this product deprives the user of some advanced features, the most important of which is the deprivation of "active noise cancellation". "(ANC). Of course, the previous model Pixel Buds did not have this technology, but given that this technology is increasingly pervasive, we can expect the next generation of Google headphones (possibly called Pixel Buds 3) to be equipped with this technology. Other features not found in Pixel Buds A include wireless charging, noise reduction for call and wind, and finally an Attention Alert (temporarily when the siren sounds, the baby cries or barks). The dog lowers the volume of the headphones). Introducing Pixel Buds A - Google's new headphones at a better price

    US and Canadian users can now pre-order their Pixel Buds A headphones. The sale of these headphones will officially start on June 17 (June 27). The price of this product is announced to be $ 99, which is much cheaper than the previous version of these headphones - priced at $ 179.

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