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    Introducing OnePlus Watch, the first OnePlus smartwatch
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    The construction of the smartwatch in the OnePlus collection has been around for a long time, and VanPlus itself has officially confirmed it on several occasions. The news is now a reality, and along with the introduction of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, the company's smartwatch, simply called the OnePlus Watch, has also been introduced. The OnePlus Watch is a smartwatch with a circular display and a dedicated operating system that, like most other examples in this category, is equipped with sports and health facilities and is placed next to mobile phones as a complementary device. The OnePlus Watch is also reasonably priced and is a competitor to other counterparts in this category. �

    OnePlus Watch at first glance is not much different from a normal watch where ‌ The large circular display and two not-so-prominent buttons on the right side also look familiar elements for a typical watch. The case and case of the watch are made of stainless steel and are only available in a version with a diameter of 46 mm. To the right of this watch, as mentioned, we find two buttons at the top and bottom, one of which has the OnePlus logo on it. The watch is available in silver and black and is not unlike the Samsung Active Watch experience. The dimensions of the watch are 10.9 × 46.4 × 46.4 mm and it weighs 45 and 76 grams with and without strap, respectively. �

    The OnePlus Watch uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, which creates a density of 326 pixels per inch. This screen is protected by a ruby ​​glass cover. An example for comparison is the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, which is equipped with a 1.4-inch display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. �

    Like all other watch clocks, the OnePlus Watch also allows you to follow sports activities It offers a variety of up to 110 pieces and includes water sports due to the watch's resistance to water penetration to a depth of 50 meters (bearing 5 atmospheres of pressure) and the IP68 standard. Heart rate measurement, the possibility of measuring blood oxygen, monitoring stress levels and sleep quality are other notable features of this watch.


    The OnePlus Watch is standard and acceptable for wireless communication and supports GPS routing in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The device has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, of which about 2 GB is available to users and can be used to store nearly 500 songs and listen to it through Bluetooth headphones. OnePlus Watch follows the practice of most other smartwatch makers, using the company's proprietary operating system and user interface, and does not include Google's Wear OS. This news will implicitly mean that side programs are not available and watchfaces are limited to the official ones provided by OnePlus. �

    VanPlus did not mention the exact capacity of the battery at this time, but once it was charged Considers it appropriate and sufficient for 14 days under specific and defined conditions. This duration is reduced to 25 hours by constantly turning on the GPS, which still seems like an acceptable time. The watch battery is charged via two connection pins on the back of the watch, which, although this time does not mention the power and speed of the charger, but only 20 minutes of charging through this, is considered suitable for a week of use. �

    OnePlus Watch only allows you to connect to Android phones with Android version 6 and above And Apple devices are not on the list of devices supported by this watch at least until now. The OnePlus Watch also has the ability to control OnePlus TVs, and as an interesting feature, it automatically shuts off the TV after detecting users falling asleep.

    From this watch, a special version of cobalt alloy is also offered, which, according to the manufacturer, is twice as strong as the stainless steel version. The Cobalt Limited Edition is not yet available and its price has not been announced. �

    The OnePlus Watch has a base price of $ 159 in the US market and has 14 April 2021 (April 25, 1400) will be available on the OnePlus website. The watch is priced at 159 euros in the European market and 16,999 rupees in the Indian market.

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