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    Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet
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    Since HMD Global acquired the Nokia brand, numerous smartphones and feature phones have entered the global market with the brand, but no tablet with the Nokia name has ever been introduced at this time. Finally, the Finnish company decided to make a tablet and on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 (October 14, 1400) unveiled its first tablet called Nokia T20. Seeing the NOKIA logo on the back of a tablet is encouraging, and this product is worth buying with its quasi-pure Android and competitive price. Of course, if you are looking for a special innovation or a unique tablet, you should not buy it, because the Nokia T20 is by no means a flagship tablet.

     Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet

    As mentioned, the Nokia T20 is HMD's first tablet. Interestingly, a week ago, Motorola - which has been making tablets again for years - also unveiled a new tablet called the Moto Tab G20. There is no better reason to justify the re-emergence of tablet companies than the spread of the corona virus and the prevalence of new conditions in the world; Where in many cases, work, education and even entertainment must inevitably be confined to tablets. This is why the global supply of tablets in 2020 (for the first time since 2014) will grow.

    Here's a look at the specs and features of the Nokia T20:


    The Nokia T20 is a beautiful tablet that only comes in one blue (Deep Ocean). There is no other element on the back of the device except the camera module (top left) and the NOKIA logo (in the center), so we see a smooth and clean appearance. The back of the device is made of sand-coated aluminum (called sandblast), which is very noticeable in its kind, because most tablets in this price range, mainly have a plastic body. According to the manufacturer, this tablet is resistant to water droplets with IP52 protection.  Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet

    The dimensions of the tablet are 247.6 157.5 7.8 mm and it weighs 465 grams in the Wi-Fi version and 470 grams in the 4G version. As such, the Nokia T20 is about the same size as the ninth-generation iPad. Of course, despite the lower price, the Nokia T20 (compared to the 9th generation iPad) has a more modern design and with its smaller bezels and cleaner appearance, reminds the viewer of the recently released iPad mini 6.

    Display and Camera

    The tablet's LCD display has a 15: 9 aspect ratio and a diameter of 10.4 inches. Of course, in this category of tablets, we should not expect AMOLED panels, but the 2K resolution (equivalent to 1200 2000 pixels) seems satisfactory. The display has a brightness of 400 nits and a brightness mode - called Brightness Boost - is also provided for it. According to HMD, this display, with the approval of the reputable company SGS, greatly reduces water radiation. Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet

    Sturdy glass is responsible for protecting the Nokia T20 screen. Of course, without specifying the name of the glass company, HMD only mentions the phrase Toughened Glass. Needless to say, like most tablets, we do not have an advanced camera set here. The Nokia T20 optics department case closes with an 8-megapixel camera (with autofocus) along with an LED flash on the back of the device and a 5-megapixel selfie camera on the front of the tablet.

    Processing and Memory

    We do not have a very powerful processor in terms of processing. HMD has chosen the not-so-well-known Unisoc Tiger T610 chip for this tablet. Built with 12nm lithography, the chipset consists of two Cortex-A75 cores and six Cortex-A55 cores (up to 1.8 GHz) and a Mali G52 GPU (614.4 MHz). Depending on the configuration, the user has 3 or 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of storage space, which can be upgraded to another 512 GB by adding a microSD. Some news sources have also mentioned the 5G version of this tablet with Snapdragon 480 processor, about which information has not been officially released yet.

     Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet Battery and Audio System

    The tablet needs power through a powerful 8,200 mAh battery. This battery - apparently the largest battery used in all Nokia devices - lasts at least a day (work or training) when used normally. The Nokia T20 battery can power up to 15 hours of web browsing, up to 10 hours of video playback, and up to 7 hours of video calling.

     Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet

    This battery supports the 15 watt charging standard (which HMD considers fast charging!). But the disappointing thing is that the power of the charger in the product box is only 10 watts. HMD has guaranteed pandemic sound for this tablet. This sound is played through stereo speakers equipped with a powerful amplifier and OZO Playback Panorama settings. Two microphones and a 3.5mm headphone jack are also provided for the Nokia T20. Operating Systems and Communications The Nokia T20 operating system is Android 11, and since the manufacturer did not mention a specific skin in introducing this product, one can almost expect a pure Android experience. Services such as Google Kids Space and Google Entertainment Space are some of the useful features in this device. The same support that we saw in Nokia G series devices is also present in the Nokia T20 tablet. This way, owners of this tablet can enjoy operating system updates for up to 2 years and receive monthly security updates for up to 3 years.

    Corporate customers of this tablet can continue to receive security updates for up to 4 years if they wish. The Nokia T20 does not have any fingerprint sensor and the user's biometric authentication is done only through face recognition. Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 5 and USB-C port are the communication options of this tablet. As mentioned earlier, the Nokia T20 comes in two versions in terms of connectivity; One version is only equipped with Wi-Fi, and the other version, in addition to Wi-Fi, accepts a SIM card and can also connect to a 4G network. It should be noted that only the 4G version is equipped with a GPS router. Introducing Nokia T20 - HMD Global's first tablet Price and release time

    Global sales of the Nokia T20 tablet will begin on November 17 (November 26). The base price of this product in the Wi-Fi version is 179.99 pounds and in the 4G version is equal to 199.99 pounds. HMD has also produced a variety of accessories for this tablet, including a simple protective case, a protective case with a cover and a stand, and wireless headphones called the Nokia Micro Earbuds Pro.

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