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    Introducing Huawei Band 6 - Bracelet the size of a watch
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    It has been more than a year and five months since the last time a Huawei Band 4 health bracelet was introduced to the industry. Now, apparently, Huawei has decided to update its series of bracelets. Huawei recently unveiled its latest health bracelet called Huawei Band 6. At first you may wonder why the company left the number 5 and chose the number 6 for its new product. But when we realize that the Huawei Band 6 is actually the rebranded Honor Band 6 - which was introduced in early January 2021 - this way of naming becomes somewhat meaningful. In the following, we will get more acquainted with the new Huawei product. Introducing Huawei Band 6 - Bracelet the size of a watch

    One of the highlights In the design of Huawei Band 6 (compared to its previous model), the screen size is increased from 0.96 inches to 1.47 inches. In other words, the display of this new model is 148% larger, so you may confuse it with a smartwatch at first glance. This bracelet is somewhat similar to the Watch Fit smartwatch, although the Band 6 is slightly smaller and has a longer battery life. Also, unlike the LCD panel on the Huawei Band 4, the Huawei Band 6 display is AMOLED and has a resolution of 194 × 368 pixels, which increases its density to 282 pixels per inch. According to those who have worked closely with this product, this display has a high readability in direct sunlight. This display covers 64% of the surface of the body and therefore, its peripheral edges are relatively narrow. According to the manufacturer, this screen-to-body ratio has increased by 42% compared to the previous model. Introducing Huawei Band 6 - Bracelet the size of a watch

    Length and width of the device body It is 43 and 25.4 mm, respectively, and its thickness is 10.99 mm. This way, it will not be a problem when wearing or taking off a shirt or long-sleeved sweaters. Like most smart bracelets, the Huawei Band 6 has silicone straps (under ultraviolet light), and thanks to the large number of holes that are placed close together, the bracelet fits snugly. There is a physical button on the right edge of the device. The Huawei Band 6 weighs 18 grams without the strap and is available in Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Forest Green. Introducing Huawei Band 6 - Bracelet the size of a watch

    big body Band 6, It is also possible to allocate a large battery. The battery capacity of this bracelet has not been announced, but according to the manufacturer, the Band 6 battery will last up to two weeks in case of normal use and up to 10 days in case of heavy use. Also, according to Huawei, just 5 minutes of charging the battery via a magnetic charger will provide the energy needed to work with the bracelet for two days.

    Huawei Band 6 meets almost all your fitness and health expectations of a smart bracelet. TruSeen 4.0 process with the help of an optical sensor and data processing algorithm based on artificial intelligence, can monitor the user's heart rate around the clock. The user is alerted if the heart rate is lower or higher than normal. Another important quantity measured by Band 6 is SpO2, or the degree of oxygen saturation of the blood, which, of course, is mainly found in more advanced devices and is therefore one of the strengths of Band 6. A severe drop in blood oxygen saturation can lead to weakness, memory loss, and even brain or heart damage. For this reason, in the event of a SpO2 drop, the Band 6 bracelet alerts the user with a vibrating alert so that he can reach the desired position by going outdoors and breathing deeply. Introducing Huawei Band 6 - Bracelet the size of a watch

    Process TruSleep 2.0 Sleep or Detects the user to be awake and can determine which of the 4 modes is deep sleep, light sleep, REM phase or nap. According to the manufacturer, the accuracy of this application has increased by 96.3% and not only can announce the amount of sleep the user has, but also measures the quality of his sleep. Based on this, this bracelet can identify 6 sleep problems in the user and offer up to 200 different suggestions to improve his sleep quality. Stress tracking (using TruRelax) and tracking women's menstruation are other features of the Band 6 health bracelet.

    The user can measure how active he is during the day using three popular color rings. These three loops indicate the number of steps taken, the amount of exercise and the amount of standing of the user. When each of the above activities reaches the level predetermined by the user, the bracelet sends a notification, notifying the user of the realization of its purpose in this area. Band 6 can support 96 different sports, 6 of which are automatically tracked. These include indoor and outdoor running, indoor or outdoor walking, skiing and rowing. It goes without saying that due to the resistance of this bracelet to water (up to 5 atmospheres), the user can also use it while swimming.

    To launch Huawei Band 6, the user must pair it with the Huawei Health app on their smartphone. The Huawei Health app is well-used; Its user interface is easy to use, it displays vital data in a simple and digestible way, and according to the experts who worked with it, the way Huawei Health syncs with the bracelet is far better and faster than Fitbit services. For example, suppose through Huawei Health we choose a new watch (among the many options available in the Huawei Watch Face Store) for the Huawei Band 6 bracelet. Within a few seconds, the desired change is applied to the bracelet and the new WatchFace replaces the previous one. While the same process in Fitbit Sense takes between 3 to 5 minutes.

    Smartphone notifications also appear quickly on the bracelet display, but the downside is that these are just static notifications; This means that the purpose of displaying these notifications is only to inform the user and it is not possible to respond to notifications from the bracelet. Of course, this is almost the case with most health bracelets, and you can not expect unreasonable expectations from the Huawei Band 6, but for those who have already worked with devices like Fitbit Sense or Applause 6 and responded directly to WhatsApp and Telegram notifications from their wrists. Working with static notifications on the Huawei Band 6 will be a bit tricky. Needless to say, the remote shutter for the camera and the music player control of the smartphone are other features of this bracelet. Introducing Huawei Band 6 - Bracelet the size of a watch

    Huawei Band 6 smart bracelet It is compatible with Android phones running Android 6 and above, as well as iPhones running iOS 9 and above, and supports Bluetooth 5.0. The bracelet has been on the market since April 4 (April 15) with a price of about $ 53.

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