• - Introducing Galaxy Tab S7 FE - Samsung's latest tablet

    Introducing Galaxy Tab S7 FE - Samsung's latest tablet

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    In early August last year, Samsung unveiled the flagship Galaxy Tab S7 and its Plus version. These two devices - with their flagship chipset, high-speed display and other advanced features - are at the top of the list of the best Android tablets in the world right now. As you know, the Android tablet market has been booming for a long time and the first choice of many users when buying a tablet is the iPad. But to be fair, Samsung tablets, while far from ideal, are better than many of the world's current options with their high specs and convenient features (including DeX functionality). <b>Introducing</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Tab</b> S7 FE - <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> tablet

    Samsung Company on Monday 24 May 2021 (June 3, 1400) unveiled its latest tablet in the Tab S7 series. The leaked news of the last few days called this new tablet Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, but Samsung intends to put this tablet next to phones like Galaxy S20 FE by choosing the FE extension. Devices manufactured by Samsung with the FE extension are actually very similar to their flagship model, but have been downgraded in some specifications to lower the price. However, the FE can be interpreted here as a "valuable version" or "flagship killer".

    The Galaxy Tab S7 FE - apparently with a metal body - according to unofficial sources, measures 6.3 . Designed 185 x 284.8 mm and weighs 608 grams. The LCD display of this tablet is 12.4 inches and its resolution is WXQGA (equivalent to 2560 1600 pixels). The update rate of this 60 Hz display has been announced, which is halved compared to the 120 Hz rate on the Galaxy Tab S7. Support for HDR10 + is another feature removed from the new tablet display. <b>Introducing</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Tab</b> S7 FE - <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> tablet

    Samsung's Snapdragon 750G chipset for this Has chosen the tablet (the same chip used in the Galaxy A52 5G and A42 5G). This chipset consists of 2 2.2 GHz Cortex-A77 cores and 6 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55 cores and its Adreno 619 graphics processor. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes in a single configuration with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which can be upgraded with built-in microSD support.

    Like other tablets, you can't expect a powerful camera set. The new Samsung tablet has an 8-megapixel camera on the back and a 5-megapixel selfie camera on the front. A large battery with a capacity of 10,090 mAh is provided for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. This battery supports 45 watt charging technology, but it is interesting that the 45 watt charger is not in the product box and is sold separately. According to Samsung, it takes about 190 minutes to fully charge the battery using this charger. <b>Introducing</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Tab</b> S7 FE - <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> tablet

    Thanks to the built-in modem in the chip Snapdragon 750G, this tablet is equipped with fifth generation communications. Of course, the current tablet only supports the spectrum below 6 GHz. It is possible that in more advanced models that will be made of this tablet in the future, we will also see support for the millimeter wave spectrum. Not to mention, the operating system of the tablet is Android 11 and its internal menu has been developed based on the proprietary user interface of One UI 3.1.

    The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is compatible with the S Pen stylus, and it comes with the tablet. Clip Studio Paint professional painting application is installed on this tablet by default and its use will be free for the first 6 months. Thanks to the Samsung DeX feature, the user can increase their productivity by simulating the desktop environment on this tablet. Not to mention, the tablet's audio system has also been optimized by AKG (a subsidiary of Samsung). <b>Introducing</b> <b>Galaxy</b> <b>Tab</b> S7 FE - <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> tablet

    Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet in colors Black and silver has been produced and is currently priced at 649 in the Samsung online store in Germany (at the current exchange rate, the tablet is priced at around US $ 792). The official sale of this product has not started yet and those who are interested can now only reserve it for themselves. The tablet is expected to be available in other parts of the world after Germany.

    A non-5G version of the tablet will likely be available in the future for between 50 and 100. On the other hand, the production of more advanced models of this tablet (with more RAM and storage space) will not be unexpected. Finally, some experts believe that the current price of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE - with a non-flagship chipset and a simple camera set found in low-cost tablets - seems a bit high.

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