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    IDC Report on Tablet and Chromebook Market in the Third Quarter 2021 - Farewell to the Peak Era
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    The outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the past year and a half has upset the situation and imposed very bad conditions on the world. But some industries have taken advantage of the situation, including the tablet and PC markets. By 2019, the tablet and PC market was often in decline, to the point where these products were thought to be dying. However, following the closure of offices and schools, categories such as telecommuting and distance learning took their place in people's daily lives, and subsequently we saw that the demand for devices such as tablets and Chromebooks increased dramatically, so that according to the report. Canalys, the tablet release in the fourth quarter of 2020 reached its highest level ever. IDC Report on Tablet and Chromebook Market in the Third Quarter 2021 - Farewell to the Peak Era. Evidence suggests that with the lifting of restrictions, demand for products such as tablets and Chromebooks is declining again, and this could be the beginning of a happy ending. In confirmation of what has been said, it is not bad to cite a report that was published on Monday, November 1, 2021 (November 10, 1400) by a reputable authority such as IDC. According to the report, after 5 consecutive growth seasons, the market for tablets and Chromebooks finally fell. Needless to say, IDC refers to Chromebooks as notebooks running Chrome OS. </p> <p> </p> <img src= The top five tablet suppliers in the third quarter of 2021 With 14.7 million tablets in the last quarter, Apple holds 34.6% of the global market for this product and is still the number one tablet manufacturer in the world. It is interesting to note that despite the decline in the global market, the supply of Apple iPads in the last quarter was 700,000 more than the same period last year, and the company, along with Lenovo, are the only brands that have grown in this area. After Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo and Huawei ranked second to fifth, respectively.

    According to IDC data, Lenovo should be called the largest Chromebook supplier in the third quarter of 2021. The company tops the list with 1.5 million Chromebooks and 23.1% of the market. Acer - Lenovo's closest follower - comes in second with a shortfall of 1.4 million Chromebooks. Dell, HP and Samsung are next in line. IDC Report on Tablet and Chromebook Market in the Third Quarter 2021 - Farewell to the Peak Era The top five Chromebook suppliers in the third quarter of 2021 (available in millions)

    Anuroopa Nataraj, Senior Analyst at IDC, on the tablet market situation and "By 2020, many schools and governments will be spending large sums of money on distance learning devices, and even consumers will be reluctant to buy these devices for learning purposes," Chromebooks said in the near future. "As a result, we expect to see saturation in the education market in the short term." According to Nataraj, this could directly affect the market for Chromebooks and tablets. This effect will be especially evident in developed markets (such as the United States and Western Europe) due to the high volume of devices purchased in previous seasons.

    Of course, the situation will be different in emerging markets. Chromebooks will continue to grow in emerging markets such as Asia/Oceania (excluding China and Japan), Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, Nataraj said. However, it should be noted that sales in these areas account for less than 13% of total Chromebook sales, and therefore no matter how hot the Chromebook market is in these areas, it can not have a significant impact on the global market.> IDC Report on Tablet and Chromebook Market in the Third Quarter 2021 - Farewell to the Peak Era

    In the past, tablet sales have grown for a number of reasons. According to IDC experts, these reasons include high user diversity, shortage of parts in the PC manufacturing industry, and relatively low prices for these products. Despite declining demand for tablets, commercial use of the product is expected to continue in sectors such as the logistics, healthcare and banking industries, as Corona has changed the way work is done in many of these areas without these devices. The work is not going on.

    It is true that the major decline in the tablet and Chromebook market is due to declining demand for these products, but IDC Research Director Jitesh Ubrani believes that limited supply is another factor. Which has not been ineffective in eating this drop. According to him, the combination of these two factors can create a good opportunity for PC makers, because common components, production capacity and portability can be used in favor of the production of other devices (such as Windows notebooks or perhaps gaming PCs).

    In the end, it should be noted that tablet manufacturers have experienced a decline in supply of this product over and over again, so it is expected that they will easily cope with the declining demand for tablets. But in the meantime, this news may be the worst news for Google, because the company intends to optimize Android for tablets, clamshells and even Chromebooks by launching the Android 12L project to make it easier to work with Android on large screen devices./p>

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