• - Huawei wireless handsfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?

    Huawei wireless handsfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?
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    Huawei is one of the major manufacturers of headphones and earbuds and has launched a variety of products under the FreeBuds and FreeLace models. Huawei wireless handsfree is one of the most expensive and high quality products on the market; But which model of FreeBuds or FreeLace wireless headphones is right for you and fits your budget? A significant portion of users think that Bluetooth or AirBad headphones are just a simple wireless handsfree with which they can listen to music. But in addition to high battery life, Huawei wireless headphones have other outstanding features such as ambient noise cancellation, ergonomic design for ease of long-term use, high sound quality, fast charging and even a dust-resistant structure. Huawei wireless handsfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?

    Huawei with a variety of headphones It has launched various functions and in different price categories; So when choosing the best wireless headphones, you should choose according to your needs and budget. Here are some of the best Huawei wireless handsfree models at different prices so you can answer the question of which FreeBuds or FreeLace is right for you.

    FreeBuds Pro as a high-end headphone , Features a sleek design, durable battery, intelligent noise cancellation, high-quality sound and of course an advanced touch sensor for quick and easy control.

     Huawei wireless handsfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?

    In addition to its sleek appearance, the Airbag FreeBuds Pro uses a variety of technologies to create high quality, rich sound. Is. This wireless airbag uses an 11mm hybrid driver with high sound quality, making it a great choice for music lovers.

    Another outstanding feature of FreeBuds Pro is intelligent dual microphone noise cancellation and intelligence technology It is artificial. In fact, this wireless airbag has Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology that detects noise inside and outside the ear through an internal microphone and an external microphone, and then the device's intelligent processor sends special signals to the speaker that are able to neutralize the noise. ; In this way, the user can enjoy pure music free of ambient noise. The technology is also capable of neutralizing annoying noises or wind noise with a maximum power of 40 decibels.

    With FreeBuds Pro, you no longer have to turn off the airbags to talk to someone or listen to subway and airport announcements. Pull out your ear; All you have to do is hold down the touch button and switch to Awareness mode to reconnect your voice to the surroundings and hear the ambient sound.

    Overall, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro Airbag is priced at around $ 3. 3.5 million Tomans is suitable for users who are looking for high-end and luxury products, and the experience of high audio quality while listening to music or talking is on their waiting list.

    Huawei Freebuds 3 is designed for young music lovers who also care about being stylish. This product has an eye-catching and beautiful design that can make the appearance of young people more unique.

    FreeBads 3 has a very high sound quality and with large 14 mm drivers along with the ability to remove noise, listening Makes music more enjoyable; If deep bass is important to you and you can't enjoy music without a loud beat, Freebuds 3 is for you.

     Huawei wireless handsfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?

    Freebuds 3 with a price range of 2.5 to 3 million Tomans, available in three attractive colors black, red and white It is and is a suitable choice for young people who love music. At the same time, thanks to noise canceling technology, you can open an account on the Huawei FreeBads 3 Airbag to make calls in any situation.

    If you want a Bluetooth headset that has beautiful, high-quality sound at the same time And for longer battery life, look no further than the Huawei Freelace Pro. Comes with a sporty and youthful look, this product has significant features for listening to music and talking.

    Free Lis Pro headphones feature powerful, large 14mm drivers to produce clear, high-quality sound. It also has noise canceling technology to make music and conversation more enjoyable. With a pair of microphones on each phone, the technology detects and modifies ambient sounds. The artificial neural network-based algorithm of these headphones is also able to distinguish the human voice and improves its performance for a clear conversation with minimal noise.

    With Freelace Pro wireless headphones and activation of Awareness mode, there is no need anymore Remove headphones to hear the voices of others and the environment; Just tap and hold the left button of the phone.

    The battery of this Huawei headset has a brilliant performance and lasts up to 24 hours of uninterrupted music playback. It is also interesting to note that with a five-minute charge, you can use it for 5 hours. Huawei wireless Handfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?

    Finally, Freelace Pro is a good choice for users and athletes who wear cordless headphones for reasons such as losing airbags and battery life. They prefer airplanes. This product is currently one of the most popular Huawei products with a price of about 1.5 to 2 million Tomans.

    Huawei FreeBuds 4i; Huawei's latest product at a reasonable price

    If you need a modern, youthful wireless airbag with high sound quality, a durable battery and noise canceling technology that is not large or heavy at the same time, look no further than Handsfree Turn on the FreeBuds 4i wireless.

    This product, with its small and light design, has a rich sound and a durable battery to enjoy music for hours. The FreeBuds 4i battery lasts up to 10 hours of uninterrupted music playback (without noise cancellation enabled at 50% volume), which comes with up to 22 hours with a small charging case.

    Very important point The importance of the FreeBuds 4i is its lightweight design and ergonomics for the comfort of the user's ear, which does not tire the corners. Also, the ANC (Active Noise Elimination) feature in the FreeBads 4i allows the user to enjoy clear music and phone conversations, regardless of the location and intensity of ambient noise.

    In short, FreeBuds 4i is a good choice for lively young people and users who are accustomed to high quality music. This Huawei airbag, as one of the newest Huawei products that is also available in the Iranian market, is priced at about one million and five hundred thousand tomans.

     Huawei wireless handsfree in the Iranian market; Which Huawei Airbag is right for you?

    What was mentioned is just a part of the features of Huawei wireless airbags and headphones. These products have become a best-selling competitor for expensive brands by providing high quality audio and functionalities.

    Considering your budget and type of user, you can choose the best Huawei headphones from the list above and buy it through this link at a reasonable price.

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