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    Get to know Amazon's new products at the Fall 2021 event
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    On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, Amazon unveiled a new product - mainly related to smart home devices - by holding its fall event called "Amazon Fall 2021". The Echo Show 15 smart display, Astro robot and Amazon Glow interactive device - designed with a focus on children - are among the most important products introduced at the event. Smart Thermostat, Halo View smart bracelet and Always Home Cam security camera are the other new Amazon devices. Pre-order registration is now available for further purchase of these devices or will be available before the fourth quarter. Get to know Amazon's new products at the Fall 2021 event Amazon Echo Show 15

    The Echo Show 15 smart display is the largest Amazon Echo show to date, with a 15.6-inch full-screen display. Unlike previous echoes - which only stood on one surface - the Echo Show 15 can be mounted on the wall like a photo frame. Due to the large 15.6-inch display on this device, its software and graphics platform have changed slightly compared to previous echoes.

     Get to know Amazon's new products at the Fall 2021 event

    Like Nest Hub Max (Google product), Echo Show 15 is also equipped with face recognition and thanks to the calendar, note tags, Smart home controls and camera feeds are designed to be a shared digital home. Prime Video, Netflix and other video streaming services make the Echo Show 15 a full-fledged TV. You can also use this device as a display for video calling.

    Echo Show 15 can do everything you expect from a smart display (including running Alexa voice commands). You can teach this device to detect certain sounds (such as the whistle of the refrigerator when the door is open or the washing machine announces the end of the washing machine) and send you an alert if necessary. Get to know Amazon's new products at the Fall 2021 event

    Echo Show 15 smart display by the end of this year for $ 249.99 Will enter the market. Amazon Astro

    Another innovative achievement of Amazon in a recent event is a robot called Astro. For a simple understanding of this device, imagine that this time the Echo Smart Speaker can go anywhere in your home and take care of everything when you are not at home. The robot is equipped with a camera and display and can take care of a child or pet while identifying objects. During video calls, Astro follows you and keeps you in the picture frame wherever you are at home. In a word, the Astro robot can perform all the functions of Alexa in a moving appearance. Of course, Dave Limp, head of Amazon's devices and services division, believes that customers weren't just looking for the animated Alexa, so Amazon decided to give the robot a unique, independent personality. Get to know Amazon's new products at the Fall 2021 event

    Astro has a speed of over one meter per second and can play a role Also play security robot. The robot can connect to the Protect Pro security service (a product of the Ring company, a subsidiary of Amazon) and while patrolling the house, it can check for disturbances and alert the user if it detects the presence of an unknown person. Astro can be stopped as soon as it encounters an obstacle (such as a pet or stairs). The user can also define a restricted area for the robot and disable its cameras and microphones.

    The scope of Astro activities is not limited to your home, and this robot can work in other people's homes as well. For example, if you have elderly parents, you can check the status of your parents by placing an Astro in their home. Of course, to take advantage of this feature, you must register and subscribe to the new Alexa Together service.

    The Astro robot is priced at $ 999.99. Of course, this robot is in the category of devices called Day One; This means that you have to apply to buy it. The robot will be available in a wider form from 2022. Amazon Glow The new Amazon Glow device is an interactive, child-friendly product that combines video calling with physical activity. Amazon Glow can be compared to a smartphone that is embedded in a small projector and this projector allows the child to interact with family, friends, teachers, etc. This device is about the size of a Cornflex box; It has an 8-inch display and the content that comes out of the projector sits on a screen 19 inches in diameter and is touch sensitive. In this way, people can cooperate with the child in making some games, solving puzzles and other activities (such as drawing or educational activities) while making visual contact with the child. Get to know Amazon's new products at the Fall 2021 event

    If you have a subscription to the Amazon + Kids service, you can use Amazon Glow to Read books to children. It should be noted that by purchasing Amazon Glow, a free one-year subscription to Kids + is activated for you, and after one year, this subscription can be extended by paying a subscription (at least $ 3 per month). Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Hasbro and Disney are among Amazon's partners in the Amazon Glow project. At the same time, Amazon is looking to partner with independent developers who can develop their own applications for Amazon Glow.

    Amazon Glow is currently priced at $ 249.99 and is available on request only. As such, sales of this device are currently limited. The price will rise to $ 299.99 when the device launches more widely.

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