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    Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system
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    Google unveiled the beta version of Android 12 on Tuesday, May 18, this year (May 28, 1400) during the Google I/O 2021 event; The product, although still a relatively long way to go, is able to provide users with an overview of what can be expected from the latest version of Android. Of course, Google had already introduced the first preview version of Android 12 in February this year, which will be installed on only a few models of Pixel phones, including Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5 and Pixel 3a XL. There have also been speculations about the capabilities of Google's new platform, some of which are now being implemented. Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system

    Android Design Group believes that version 12 of this operating system is the most serious and largest redesign since the release of Android 5. The reason for this becomes clear by looking at the different features of the new version. The design language of this platform, which Google has called Material You, can be considered a continuation of Material Design, which Google introduced about 7 years ago in order to integrate the user interface of its products on all devices. Changes to the new operating system cover everything from the lock screen or lockscreen to settings, the pattern of encryption and unlocking the screen, and Google claims that the platform is fully tailored to the user's characteristics. Experts have looked at the menus of the Android 12 beta and concluded that the operating system has been influenced by the Android One UI shell in some design cases, especially the strong focus on one-handed operation. Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system

    One of the most important features of the beta version of Android 12 in the personal settings section is that after the user selects the phone background, the system, based on which color in the selected background is dominant and which is complementary, will display those colors in all sections, including the screen lock. Applies volume control, notification shade and widgets. Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system

    Of course, according to people who have practically worked with this version of Android on the Pixel 5, the colors of the user interface still do not change according to the background image. However, the color-matching feature based on the predominant colors is one of the main aspects of the Material You design language and will apparently be used in Pixel smartphones and possibly other phones by the end of this year.

    Animations are an important part. They make up Android 12 and new examples of animation have been added to the user interface of this operating system. By tapping on certain components in the user interface, their icon appears in the form of animation. There is also a volume control bar on the side of the screen that allows you to switch between mute, vibrate and ringtone in a new animation format. New animation templates have also been used to turn the screen on and off.

    According to Google, Android devices will run faster with this operating system and can run longer without having to recharge. This is done through some internal optimizations and can reduce the time required to run basic system services on the CPU by up to 22% and the use of large cores by the server system by up to 15%.

    Among the changes in the beta version of Android 12, we can mention the new design of the "quick settings" section, "notification shade" and "power button". The number of icons in the Quick Settings section is reduced to 4 options, and a short text appears next to them. In the notification shade section, there are live and dynamic options that clearly show the notifications related to each app. Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system

    The Google Pay and Home Control sections are now integrated with the Quick Settings section, and Google has apparently included controls for the smart home. . Also, according to some sources, there is a feature to hibernate applications that will delete temporary files of unused applications to increase storage space. Another feature of the new version of Android is that the user can hold down the power button to call Google Assistant for a variety of purposes, including making phone calls, opening apps or reading articles aloud; However, according to the same sources, to experience these cases, we will have to wait for further updates.

    Android 12 introduces new features that bring greater transparency in applications' access to personal data. In this way, more controls are provided to the user to make an informed choice about the amount of access to information. The newly designed Privacy Dashboard provides a complete overview of user-issued permissions as well as data that is being used consistently. This dashboard will also allow you to quickly revoke any of these permissions. Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system

    By installing the beta version of Android 12, a new indicator can be seen in the upper right part of the phone's status bar (staus bar), which the user can use to be aware of the apps' access to the camera and microphone and disable this access if necessary. In addition, a notification banner will probably be added to the next beta for when it reads your clipboard.

     Familiarity with Android 12 beta - revolutionary redesign in the new version of the operating system

    Also the amount of information shared with applications can be adjusted by the user. For example, approximate location permissions only allow applications to view the user's location, and in applications such as the weather app that do not require accurate location information, this information can be stored in the user's privacy.

    Apparently, some of these features are not yet enabled in this version of Android 12 (at least on the Pixel 5), such as the privacy dashboard in the "Settings" section and redesigned widgets.

    In addition to the new privacy features, Google has made some changes to protect the privacy of the operating system directly, including Android Private Compute Core, through which users' personal information is used more securely. will be. The system includes features such as Now Playing, Live Caption and Smart Reply, and according to Google, all audio and language processing is done entirely on the device itself and isolated from the network so that users' privacy is not compromised. Like other parts of Android, the protection in this new tool is open source, and the community of security experts can evaluate it.

    All of these features can be found in the final version of Android 12, which will be available on Pixel phones by the fall of this year, but it is currently not possible to test them. In fact, it seems that the first beta version of Android 12 has been released more with the aim of using the developers and unveiling the new user interface.

    This version of Android can now be installed on Pixel phones and several other smartphones from other smartphone makers. Overall, people who have worked with the beta version of Android 12 find it usable, but apparently it still can not be considered a complete operating system. Because users have reported problems using the Twitter app in Android 12 beta, some other apps are likely to have similar problems. Another group of Pixel 5 users also reported that black mode is not black in the beta version of Android 12, which apparently the screen color is a kind of gray spectrum, and users hope that by modifying this color and making it black, it will be easier to use it. Provide the phone in low light conditions. Of course, there is a new option to adjust the screen brightness, which allows you to adjust the screen brightness below the minimum. So it seems that the right thing to do is not to install it on your phone until this version is completed.

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