• - Exynos chips likely to double in production and use in Samsung products by 2022

    Exynos chips likely to double in production and use in Samsung products by 2022
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    According to the latest news published on October 12, 2021 (October 20, 1400) on the Korean website ETNews, the System LSI division of Samsung Electronics will more than double the supply of Exynos mobile processors next year. The Korean giant, meanwhile, has struggled to function in recent months despite having an international chip-making infrastructure, and is now seeking to improve its market position through an aggressive strategy. Although Samsung's new curved phones are reported to have outperformed older models, this alone will not offset the drop in sales of the company's flagship smartphones.

     Exynos chips likely to double in production and use in Samsung products by 2022

    In this program, Samsung Electronics is looking for a general change in the parts supply strategy. According to the plans, the use of Exynos chips in Galaxy smartphones will increase from 20% to 50 to 60%. It seems that a cooperation agreement has been signed between the IT & Mobile Communication department and the Device Solution department, of which System LSI is also a subsidiary, to increase the production ratio of Exynos processing chipsets. In order to expand the production of mobile processors, Samsung has increased its facilities for testing and packaging partners. For example, Hana Micron, a semiconductor testing company, decided to invest $ 150 billion in the project at the end of August this year, and Nepes Ark announced that it would invest $ 99.5 billion by the end of September 2021.

    As you know Exynos is a proprietary brand of mobile processor manufactured by Samsung. Although the chip is partially available to Chinese smartphone makers, its main application is in the Korean company's own products, especially the Galaxy series smartphones. Now, with the increase in production and the ratio of the use of this chipset in Galaxy devices, we will soon see an increase in the supply of Exynos mobile processors. Also, according to some marketers, the problems associated with fifth-generation technology and heat generation, which were a major obstacle to Exynos chips, have been resolved in the next production period.

     Exynos chips likely to double in production and use in Samsung products by 2022

    Samsung Exynos chip was a processor that once competed with the products of the market's top manufacturer, Qualcomm. He was famous. But now, according to a research institute, the share of this Samsung product in the products of other companies has reached single digits in the range of ten to twenty percent in 2019.

    According to the news, Samsung's LSI System division has partnered with AMD to enhance the graphics performance of its products, as well as improve heat generation and 5G connection quality. In-yeop Kang, head of the Korean giant's business division, said at an event in January this year, referring to the next generation of the company's processing chips: "The next flagship product is the next-generation GPU. AMD will be equipped.

    A new processor, possibly called the Exynos 2200, the graphics part of which is a collaboration between Samsung and AMD, is scheduled to be present in the Galaxy S22 series, the next flagship of the Korean supercomputer. According to news sources, this smartphone will be offered in three models, but Exynos will be used on all of them. Of course, Qualcomm's Exynos rival chipset, which rivals Exynos, is expected to be used alongside Samsung's proprietary processor in some smartphones (based on area of supply) as usual. Exynos chips likely to double in production and use in Samsung products by 2022

    The Galaxy is not present, while it has been used in Vivo products such as the Vivo X70 Pro. This 5-nanometer product is equal in performance and performance to chips such as Snapdragon 780G and MediaTek 1200 Dimensity 12, and even appears more powerful in some areas. Samsung now appears to have plans to increase the use of Exynos in mid-range and low-end products, trying to expand the use of Exynos and overcome the shortcomings of the semiconductor market. The Korean company is considering the supply of 320 million units next year, which shows an increase of 50 to 60 million units compared to this year's supply. However, company officials have refused to officially confirm the figures.

    In addition, the new Exynos processor, which is a joint venture between Samsung and AMD, is said to be manufactured with a 5-nanometer process. According to rumors, the version to be used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone will include a 2.9 GHz Cortex X2 core, three mid-range 2.8 GHz cores and four low-end cores clocked at 2.2 GHz, with a GPU of 1250 MHz.

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