• - Counterpoint report on China smartphone market in June 2021 - Honor strong return

    Counterpoint report on China smartphone market in June 2021 - Honor strong return
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    After unprecedented pressure from US sanctions, Honor officially parted ways with Huawei last fall and resumed normal operations with new, modern processors and access to Google's software package. With the normalization of conditions for Honor and the introduction of new models of this company, the process of its revival has accelerated and according to a report published by Counterpoint on Friday, July 6, 2021 (August 15, 1400) has a promising market share of China's competitive market. . According to Counterpoint, Honor gained 8.4% market share in China in June, a significant change from only 5.1% in January.

     Counterpoint report on China smartphone market in June 2021 - Honor strong return The amount of sales and market share in the Chinese smartphone market from September 2020 to June 2021

    The turning point of the activities of Honor and The positive start to the company over the past few months should be traced back to mid-June and the launch of the Honor 50 series, where the three Honor 50, Honor 50 SE and Honor 50 Pro models rely solely on attractive hardware such as 108-megapixel cameras and displays. 120Hz was quite eye-catching, but the presence of Google's software package and new, modern processors once again drew buyers' attention to this part of the market. According to Counterpoint, in the current situation and in the competitive market of China, while the brands Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are fighting for the remaining market share from Huawei in a fierce battle, now it has been added to this group, especially in the price range between 2,000 and 4,000. The yuan (between $ 300 and $ 600) and above is expected to see a significant change in the top brands in the market in the second half of 2021. Counterpoint report on China smartphone market in June 2021 - Honor strong return Honor 50 on the right and Honor 50 Pro on the left

    Honor market share of 8.4% in June, despite only 5.1% January is a big achievement, but still a long way off with the company launching 4.55 million in August 2020. June sales are just over half of last year's figure, according to Counterpoint, but the monthly growth rate, which Counterpoint calculates at 39 percent in May and 27 percent in June, is strong enough to predict a bright future. . Looking at this statistic, we can speak with a high degree of certainty that Honor is out of the downturn due to Huawei-related problems in both market share and final sales.

    A shorter period, from June 21 to July 4, was also covered, with sales up 36 percent in the two weeks compared to the previous two weeks. The reason for this increase should undoubtedly be sought in the introduction of the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro, which became available for pre-order in the Chinese market on June 25. This tremendous growth is likely to continue in the future, given the general popularity of the series, and the imminent introduction of the Magic 3 series will also play an important role in accelerating this process. Counterpoint report on China smartphone market in June 2021 - Honor strong return

    Counterpoint the positive performance of Honor in this period apart from the cases mentioned in The above relates to the brand's popularity among Chinese customers on the one hand and the R&D capabilities of the company on the other; The company says it has hired more than 4,000 R&D professionals since leaving Huawei, who are considered by CEO Zhao Ming to be the company's "most valuable" assets. This approach is likely to attract more and more loyal Huawei users (who have not chosen other brands in the last six months).

    Other key points in Honor's success in this regard, from Counterpoint point of view, belong to the two issues of parts supply network and distribution channels of the company, where in the first case due to the general shortage of parts worldwide access to a distribution network Sure, they are the first step in restoring market share. The Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro are the world's first smartphones with the new Snapdragon 778G processor; Which clearly shows that it has overcome the problem of supplying parts. The situation in the field of distribution channels also looks promising, because with the presence of Digital China, China's largest distributor of electronic gadgets among the company's shareholders, the availability of Honor products in offline distribution channels and access to the largest segment The Chinese market is well guaranteed. This advantage comes at a time when most of the company's other competitors, after years of investing in online distribution channels, are now focusing their efforts on more offline channels (which are very important in China). "Thanks to the declining supply of Huawei Mate and P series, there are [many] opportunities in the advanced and premium category for companies like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and Honor," Counterpoint added at the end of its report. The first three are desperately looking to expand their market share, but there are still no widely recognized successors to Huawei. "With its [positive] brand image, it is expected to change its R&D capabilities in the advanced [competitive] market with the introduction of the new Magic 3 in August."

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