• - Counterpoint announces: Vivo's first lead in the Chinese smartphone market

    Counterpoint announces: Vivo's first lead in the Chinese smartphone market
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    Following the recovery of the Chinese smartphone market from the COVID-19 crisis, this market has risen again. For the first time, Vivo became the largest smartphone supplier in China, according to a recent report by Counterpoint. In the 11th week of this year (March 8-14, 2021), Vivo surpassed its nearest competitor in the Chinese market (Oppo) and took the first place with 24% of the Chinese market share. . Vivo's closest follower - Oppo - came in second with 21% market share, followed by Huawei with 15%. Counterpoint announces: Vivo's first lead in the Chinese smartphone market Weekly chart of smartphone market share in China from February 15 to March 28, 2021

    The battle for supremacy It rises in the Chinese market and ranks first among brands quickly. According to Counterpoint experts, following the powerful performance of the new and affordable Y3 and S9 models, Vivo managed to take the lead for the first time in the 11th week and again in the 13th week of this year, beating Oppo. It is interesting to know that compared to the previous Counterpoint report, Vivo has managed to increase its market share in China to 4% since January this year. Vivo was one of the first brands to launch fifth-generation devices with the NEX 3 5G in August 2019 and the iQOO Pro 5G in September 2019. Vivo quickly filled its 5G product portfolio to the point that in February 2021, more than 76% of the devices sold by the company were equipped with 5G (while in August 2019 only 0.5% of the company's handsets were equipped , Were the fifth generation). Counterpoint announces: Vivo's first lead in the Chinese smartphone market

    Counterpoint Experts, Vivo Success Attributed to the clear positioning of the company's products. Vivo's product portfolio includes NEX, X, S, Y series smartphones as well as the iQOO sub-brand. The NEX and X series smartphones are Vivo flagships with powerful cameras, while the S and U series smartphones are smartphones that, despite their high specs, are reasonably priced and, so to speak, well worth the purchase. The Y-Series includes Vivo low-end handsets, and the iQOO includes gaming handsets that are mainly distributed through online sales channels. Interestingly, Vivo intends to further enhance the camera capability of its products through its strategic partnership with the German company Karl Zeiss.

    In January and February 2021, Oppo renamed itself the number one smartphone maker in China, rebuilding the Reno Series brand and accelerating the strong growth of the A-Series mid-range handsets. Ever since US sanctions pressure on Huawei emerged, other Chinese brands have sought to take advantage of the situation and establish themselves in the Chinese market. "Vivo and Oppo have adopted aggressive strategies in the market and products, and we expect the two brands to continue to compete for the top spot in 2021," said Yang Wang, senior Counterpoint analyst, describing the dynamics of China's smartphone market. In the end, it should be noted that Counterpoint, in its recent report, has included iQOO (Vivo sub-brand) phones in the total number of devices offered by Vivo. However, Riley and OnePlus products are not included in the Oppo handset, which seems a bit unfair. Similarly, in calculating Huawei's share of the Chinese market, Honor phones (which have been separated from Huawei for some time) are not taken into account.

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