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    Combining Apple TV with HomePad and iPad with HomePad - Possible Apple Ambitious Plans
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    For most users of the digital world, Apple's name is associated with the most popular and advanced iPhones, various Mac computers, and related software services, and despite Apple's efforts in some other areas, the company has not yet had much success. Is. Smart homes are one area where Apple's presence to date has been limited to things like the HomePod speaker and Apple TV video box. Now, according to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is testing new combinations in this area, combining Apple TV with homepad. These include the iPad with the homepad. This news, of course, has not yet been confirmed by Apple, but it looks interesting to review. Combining Apple TV with HomePad and iPad with HomePad - Possible Apple Ambitious Plans Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini According to Bloomberg, news sources close to Apple, speaking on condition of anonymity, spoke of the company's efforts to integrate the Apple TV‌ set-up box with a homepad speaker, which results in a new camera device from which to conduct video conferencing. Can be used via a TV connected to the device or other smart home functions. Other functions of this device, apart from its main function of watching videos and games, should be mentioned its smart speaker capability, which will be able to play music and summon Apple's digital assistant, Siri. Bloomberg cites the device as the most ambitious piece of hardware associated with the idea of ​​a smart home if worn in reality; Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Combining a speaker with a set-up box, while not really a reality to date, is not uncommon for some developers, and some major brands have come a bit closer to the idea, including Facebook's Portal video chat device (with He mentioned the use of the TV as a display) and the Amazon Fire TV Cube with a small speaker. Combining Apple TV with HomePad and iPad with HomePad - Possible Apple Ambitious Plans Amazon Fire TV Cube < Another point mentioned in this report is the idea of ​​combining an advanced speaker with a touch screen, which, if realized, will put Apple in direct competition with the leading brands in this market, namely Google and Amazon. The idea, known as the Smart Display, has appeared repeatedly in the list of products of various brands, and although examples such as Nest Hub and Echo Show have been seen by Google and Amazon, respectively, more than others. Many other companies, from Facebook to Lenovo, have introduced models with the same idea. Combining Apple TV with HomePad and iPad with HomePad - Possible Apple Ambitious Plans Google Next Hub Max < Apple's possible solution in this case is to combine the homepad with an iPad tablet, which is also equipped with a camera and can be used for video calling. The idea is not much different from most other smart displays so far, but according to Bloomberg sources, the difference starts when the iPad is connected to the speaker via a robotic arm, thus, similar to Amazon's recent echo show, allows people to follow people on the go. Room space is provided.

    The ideas mentioned this time, of course, both seem to be in their infancy, and apart from the possibility of changing their key features, none of them may enter the consumer market as a real and final product. However, a look at Apple's market position for such products speaks volumes about the need for change. According to Analytics Strategy, Apple's share of TV streaming platforms in the first quarter of 2020 in the market, which Samsung and Sony have 14% and 12%, respectively, was only 2%, and homepad is often less than 10% of the market share. It has dedicated smart speakers.

    Meanwhile, some indications are that Apple is willing to make a change in this situation; The company unveiled the early and more advanced version of the HomePod at March, and the latest Apple TV hardware update came nearly three years ago. Last year, the company introduced the new HomePod mini‌ smart speaker, which has a much better performance than before due to its lower price. Another highlight in this regard is the integration of the HomePod and Apple TV engineering team into 2020, which has led to the unification of software to run on both products.

    Finally, we should mention Apple HomeKit‌ software, which allows you to control non-Apple devices with the app or Siri via iPhone, iPad and homepad. The number of devices supported in this collection is much smaller than competitors such as Amazon and Google, but the possible devices mentioned in this article alone may change this equation and provide a strong reason for Apple and its potential partners to invest heavily in the ecosystem. Put smart homes.

    Source: Bloomberg

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