• - Apple to increase investment in Corning and speculate on the possibility of releasing curved iPhones by 2023

    Apple to increase investment in Corning and speculate on the possibility of releasing curved iPhones by 2023

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    Apple, which reportedly invested $ 450 million in its Advanced Manufacturing Fund with Corning over the past four years, reportedly invested more than $ 45 million on Monday, May 10, this year. In this company has reported. According to the American company, the new investment is aimed at expanding Corning production capacity in the United States and directing research and development to new and innovative technologies that support the durability and longer life of devices. <b>Apple</b> to <b>increase</b> <b>investment</b> in <b>Corning</b> and <b>speculate</b> on the <b>possibility</b> of <b>releasing</b> <b>curved</b> <b>iPhones</b> by 2023

    Apple Advanced Production Box to help US manufacturers operate in the form of initial purchase orders and investments. Apple, for example, recently announced a $ 410 million investment in VCSEL laser maker II-VI, which is a key component of the TrueDepth and Face ID camera system.

    Corning manufactures glass for a wide range of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, and collaboration between the two companies goes back many years. As you know, the first iPhones were shown with plastic screens, but Steve Jobs found that prototypes of this product are easily scratched when in the pocket. So, a few months after the release of the iPhone in June 2007, Apple partnered with Corning to produce the famous Gorilla Glass protector and replace it with a plastic iPhone screen. Since then, all iPhone models have been equipped with different versions of this protective glass. Last year, Apple and Corning partnered on Ceramic Shield technology and use it in the iPhone 12, which Apple says is the "toughest" protective cover available on smartphones and the company's latest flagship in It protects four times as much against fall damage. Of course, in addition to the iPhone, Corning Gorilla Glass has also been used in a wide range of Android devices, including Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra. <b>Apple</b> to <b>increase</b> <b>investment</b> in <b>Corning</b> and <b>speculate</b> on the <b>possibility</b> of <b>releasing</b> <b>curved</b> <b>iPhones</b> by 2023

    Apple CEO Jeff Williams has spoken of a long-term partnership with Corning. "Apple and Corning have a long history of working together to make the impossible happen, [from] the first iPhone Glass to the revolutionary Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12," he said. . Ceramic Shield is a clear example of the technologies that have been made possible by the profound innovation and productivity of American companies. We are proud to partner with Corning; "A company whose 170-year legacy is a testament to the genius of the United States workforce." It is not clear, however, whether Corning's supply of Ceramic Shield is a monopoly deal with Apple, or whether the results of its research will be shared with other handset makers in the future; However, Apple's press release states that the ceramic shield was the result of a collaboration between Apple and Corning experts.

     <b>Apple</b> to <b>increase</b> <b>investment</b> in <b>Corning</b> and <b>speculate</b> on the <b>possibility</b> of <b>releasing</b> <b>curved</b> <b>iPhones</b> by <b>2023</b>

    Apple has not specified exactly how Corning will use this $ 45 million investment. But the timing of the investment, along with speculation about Apple trying to launch curved iPhones by 2023, has raised the possibility of a link between the two. As before, in 2019, Corning published news about the production of flexible glass samples, and last February, the company announced the possibility of launching this technology on smartphones in the next 12 to 18 months. This protective glass, if successful, can make curved smartphones more durable and eliminate the need for a plastic protective layer, as seen in Samsung's latest clamshell products.

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