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    Apple's new agreement with developers to change some rules of the App Store
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    On Thursday, August 26, 1400, Apple announced that it had reached an agreement in a lawsuit filed against it by US developers over App Store practices. In the agreement reached between the Cupertino giants and the plaintiffs, Apple also agreed to launch a $ 100 million Apple Small Developer Assistance Fund to help small developers, and for alternative payment methods, more communication between developers. And consider customers. In fact, after a year of scrutiny, Apple has agreed to make key changes to its AppStore policies.

    Complaints against Apple claim that the US tech giant is using its monopoly power to impose commissions and impose heavy costs on the App Store.

    Among the amendments awaiting court approval, the most prominent is that developers are allowed to inform customers about payment options outside of the iOS app, thereby reducing some of the popular commission fees. Escape the "Apple Tax". "In order to give developers more flexibility in accessing their customers, Apple makes it clear that developers can use the information gathered from within the app," Apple said in a statement. "Use communication methods such as email to share information about payment methods outside of iOS apps." Developers will not have to pay a commission to the Cupertino giant for such transactions; Of course, as long as users are satisfied with the information outside the program and the ability to unsubscribe from this connection is considered for them.

     Apple's new agreement with developers to change some rules of the App Store

    Apple sees this agreement as a way to provide more business opportunities to developers, and not just keep the App Store safe for consumers, It also reduces charges related to the company's monopoly. This is a significant change from Apple's previous tough stance, but it's probably not what the developers hoped for. Prior to the agreement, developers could not reconcile payment methods with user-specific contact information (obtained from within the app) outside of the app provided in the App Store, and their in-app transactions were subject to a 30% Apple fee. Now the new change has at least removed this obstacle; But it is not yet possible to inform users in the form of in-app.

    Apple, of course, changed the rules of the App Store, which was updated in June this year, regarding rules governing how developers and customers communicate outside of their in-app apps, but developers were still not allowed at the time. Inform users of alternative payment options using contact information obtained through in-app apps.

    As noted, Apple has created a A $ 100 million fund has been agreed to help small American developers. The fund will pay developers between $ 250,000 and $ 30,000, according to court documents. Among the developers are those who earned less than $ 1 million a year from June 4, 2015 to April 26, 2021 for all of their published apps. According to Apple, the group comprises 99% of app developers in the United States, with companies such as Netflix and Epic Games among the remaining 1%.

     Apple's new agreement with developers to change some rules of the App Store

    The world tech giant has also agreed to increase price points related to subscriptions, in-app purchases and paid apps. , Sort user search results by "objective features such as number of installations, star ratings, text relevance, and user behavior signals" and keep the system stable for the next three years. In addition, the App Store Small Business app, which allows businesses earning less than $ 1 million a year to pay 15 percent less in commission, will be active for the next three years.

    Also under the agreement, Developers will be able to have more than 500 price points in subscription purchases, in-app purchases and paid apps, while the maximum is currently limited to 100 price points. Therefore, it will be possible for developers to offer a wider price range for production applications.

    Finally, Apple has agreed to release the App Store's annual transparency report as part of the agreement. According to Apple, the report covers "significant statistics on app reviews, including the number of apps rejected for various reasons, the number of inactive user and developer accounts, the number of apps deleted from the App Store," and the like. . It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. "We want developers to work together to support the goals of the App Store, the interests of all users, and to reach this agreement," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing. "Thank you this way." "We are really proud that the case, first filed by two developers, is in the best interests of tens of thousands of iOS developers in the United States," said Steve Berman, an attorney and representative of iOS developers. "And can help make important changes."

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