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    Added 6 new features to Android from this summer
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    Android 12 is unlikely to be officially released before this fall. But about a week ago, Google announced the launch of a new feature for Pixel phones. Also, the company unveiled 6 new features in Android on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 (June 25, 1400) by publishing news on its official blog. These new features are not limited to Android 12 or Pixel phones, and all Android-powered devices (apparently 6 and above) around the world will be able to take advantage of them soon this summer. Apparently, this is the first time that Google in a blog post, introduces a package of new features for Android together. In the following, we will get acquainted with these 6 features. Adding 6 new features to Android from this summer Earthquake Warning Just seconds before last year, Google launched a massive project to build the world's largest earthquake detection network based on technology built into Android phones. In this way, thanks to this free system, people will be able to take the necessary safety measures just seconds before an earthquake occurs. The system - called Android Earthquake Alert System - was launched in New Zealand and Greece last year and will soon be available in Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, according to Google. . Google appears to be prioritizing countries most at risk for earthquakes in launching the warning system, and hopes to implement the system in more countries in the coming years.

    < img src="" alt=" 6 new features added to Android from this summer"> Starring important text messages in the Messages app

    Undoubtedly, in your messaging app, there are a lot of text messages sent And there is a reception from family members, friends, colleagues and others. Of course, some of these text messages are very important to you, but finding and accessing these important messages is really difficult in this situation. But with the new feature that will soon be activated for Android users, finding and accessing important text messages will be easier and there will be no need to scroll all conversations. All you have to do is tap and hold the text message and then star it. This way, whenever you want to access an important message (such as a friend's address), you can go straight to the starred SMS section. 6 new features added to Android from this summer

    Another useful feature added to the app Messages will be added, increasing the security of messages with global encryption (end-to-end). Of course, this feature only works when one-on-one conversations and when the internet is on. According to Google, in simple SMS (which do not support encryption) or group chats, universal encryption will be disabled.

    Text-based suggestions for using emojis

    "Emoji Kitchen" is the name of a feature that was added to Google's Android keyboard (called a keyboard) more than a year ago. The user in the emoji kitchen can create a new sticker by combining the emojis. In May of this year, Google added a new section to the most recently used emoji kitchen stickers, giving quick access to the most used stickers. But according to Google, a feature is to be added to the keyboard that, while typing the message, can offer the appropriate emoji to the user according to its text. This feature is now available in the beta version of Gibord, and from this summer all Gibord users (on Android 6 and above) can use it for messages written in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 6 new features added to Android from this summer Access to more favorite apps, With just a voice command

    you can soon have more control over your phone with Google Assistant. In addition to answering questions, Google Assistant will be able to perform certain tasks within the app, such as paying credit card bills (in the Capital One app) or displaying the distance you run this week (in the Strava app) with the user's voice command alone. ). To find out which apps you can control with the voice command, just say Hey Google, shortcuts (Google, shortcuts) to Google Assistant. Adding 6 new features to Android from this summer Enter passwords more easily and look at Voice Access

    Voice Access feature in Android was originally designed for people with disabilities, but this feature can also be useful for ordinary users, because the user can only use his voice to navigate the phone and Perform its applications quickly and efficiently. Thanks to a feature called gaze detection - which is currently in beta - you can program Voice Access to work only when you are looking at your phone screen. Another new feature in Voice Access is the upgrade of how to enter a password by voice. With this new feature, when a password field is detected, the user can enter letters, numbers and even symbols with just their voice. 6 new features added to Android from this summer More personal experience in Android Auto

    According to Google, more personalization will soon be possible on Android Auto (Google's Android car platform), including personalizing the launcher screen directly from the phone itself and manually setting the Dark Mode. In addition, features such as new tabs in media apps, as well as the "Back to top" option and the A to Z button in the scroll bar, make browsing content easier. 6 new features added to Android from this summer

    According to Google, charging apps Electric vehicles, parking and routing are included in Android Auto. Another point is that the user can access his favorite messengers from the launcher page. You can also read and send messages directly from the Messages and WhatsApp applications. The features mentioned in Android Auto will be provided for phones equipped with Android 6 and above (if connected to compatible cars).

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