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    Abandon app tracking - a feature that Google will add to Android 12 by the end of 2021
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    Google recently announced in an email to Android app developers that it will allow users to stop sharing their ad ID. Advertiser ID is a unique identifier for each device that can be reset, and marketers use it to track movement between apps by users. Google's move comes about six weeks after Apple introduced a similar change in its new iOS 14.5 update to boost user privacy. In fact, given the upcoming Apple Developers Conference, Google intends to stay ahead of the competition with Apple by giving users tracking control.

     Abandon app tracking - a feature that Google will add to Android 12 by the end of 2021

    American supercontroller on one of its website support pages, details and how users cancel tracking by apps Describes non-Google, which of course has caused controversy. According to the news published by the Financial Times, Google will offer this feature to its users by the end of this year, and will allow turning on or off the ad ID subscription. In addition to advertising tracking, the ID was also used as a tool to track device owners during COVID-19, which was associated with some security issues. Android users will not only be able to restrict this tracking feature with the Play Store Store's new privacy policy, but will also be able to block access to other device identifiers used by developers to track user activity.

    According to Google, those who use this method to access the ad IDs of those users who have been denied access will see only a "multi-zero string" instead of the ID. They will. Of course, to help developers and providers of advertising and analytical services, in addition to respecting the user's choice, they can receive a notification to choose the option to opt out of the advertising ID. In addition, applications based on Android 12 must list the permissions used in the Google Play service in the application file (manifest file).

    Of course, Android users can now access the "Uninstall Ads" option via Settings> Google> Ads, but apps can still bypass the user's selection to get their ad ID. Because this ID is also used for analytical purposes.

    Unlike iOS, it is not yet clear what Google's new tracking feature will be like by default, and Google will offer it as an active option. Or will include a large volume of settings. The answer will probably be revealed by the time the final version of Android 12 is released. Abandon app tracking - a feature that Google will add to Android 12 by the end of 2021

    In fact, privacy issues have become a pervasive practice in the company, including the creation of a new user tracking system and restricting the recording of activities to the company's own servers. In this way, the more features are created for the security of the operating system and its integrated services, the more customers' trust will increase and the company's position and market share will be maintained.

    Google's new policy is very similar to the App Tracking Transparency procedure on Apple devices. However, in the Google Ads ID help page, the change is described by the user as a kind of "cancellation", while the method used in iOS is more of a "choice". Because when you open an app for the first time, the user is explicitly asked if the app wants to track him or her.

    Of course, if the way the new Android feature runs is similar to Apple's approach Otherwise, a large number of users will not be allowed to track, and this may prevent apps from collecting and selling user data. Conversely, if the opt-out option is hidden among many configuration menus, it probably won't have much of an impact on advertisers and the way data is used by applications.

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